Is The Biggest FBI Sting Operation In History- Alex Jones Has Warned You...

In a recent discussion about guns and crime with a Alex Jones of supporter I was emailed back with a simple statement saying that: 'The U.S is not the only country with problems-' and that Britain 'is full of surveillance cameras' .  I wrote back a lengthy reply on guns and crime in America compared with Britain, but also delved into how I believe that people who support guns and drugs and who email or call Infowars with their views are being monitored and arrested in FBI stings.  Here is the full reply. It's worth reading because many people are just hot-heading their opinions and beliefs across the internet without thinking of who is collecting their opinions and views, and are blissfully unaware of how close they are coming to be the next one to have their guns and drugs taken away and ending up in jail.

Alex Jones of Infowars is the biggest sting operation in history, and you'd better read it to be sure.

Here it is:-


Most of the surveillance is just in London...not that surveillance did any good on 7/7/2005 , because we all know that it was 'allowed' to happen, much like 9/11.

But Britain is a more dumbed-down nation, generally most people watch t.v , sit indoors cause the weather is shit most of the time- that's probably why so little serious violence happens here.  plus there are no real gangs in Britain that Police can't handle.  We're lucky that Britain is the way it is- boring but a hell of a lot safer. Knives are the real problem here among kids- one in 3 kids over the age of 10 carries a knife (but the stats are worked out by focusing on probelm areas, many areas have no serious crime and a bunch of dippy kids playing at parks without parents...hell the kids around my neighbourhood here walk the streets art night until 11pm during summertime, no parents worry because nothin bad has ever happened to one single kid or young person ever...

I can't say the same for London or Manchester (nicknames Gunchester and Glasgow,Scotland (Glasgow has the most amount of guns and crime-related to guns, but relatively few innocent people end up in a crossfire...
I heard that Beverly Hills in the U.S has the most amount of gun shootings that actually don't involve any killings- people just drive around popping guns off in the air for that true?

Britain is way behind on other issues like racial integration, we got a lot of old fashioned people here who want to see a white Britain, but they're a dying race of their parents before them.  Personally I grew up with multi-culturalism and have a wide range of friends over the years.
But none of them were violent or had a gun.

No the World is not all like America- most countries don't even have 1 percent of America's gun crime- Britain is one of them. What you have in America is a gun trend that started back when black people got their right to be treated as humans and not slaves, and when that happened the Southern States became armed to the teeth, expecting a racial gun war, which was just paranoid and over-hyped.
The trend caught on, and the black and latino community realized that their 'freedom' to be treated as equal humans in America was under threat by the Southern States and their mad gun-buying paranoia,  and so everybody started arming themselves after the days of the KKK.

Check the history of gun-related deaths in the U.S.  I checked it out a few years back, and the number of gun deaths in the 1960's was virtually zero.  By the 1970's the gun deaths suddenly started, and 45 000 people were killed by someone else's gun or by gun suicide...
The number of deaths has dropped by 30 percent since then, but think about it...each year 15 thousand American killed by a gun, another 15 thousand take their own life with a gun.

Do the killers get caught?  Most of the time...So each year another 15 thousand people are killed by another person's gun- that's 15 thousand new crazy killers taking the place of the 15 thousand before them to kill 15 thousand inncoent people...I guess cops account for some of the craziness...

So over the last 10 years one hundred and fifty thousand people have been murdered by a gun in America, and the same number have taken their lives.  That's 150 000 crazies locked up, but the problem never goes away, another 150 000 crazies will be out in the public over the next 10 years to kill another 150 000 people.  And 150 000 people will have taken their own lives by a gun.

Guns end up in the wrong hands, kids get hold of guns, guns misfire and blow people's fingers or balls off!
Guns are used as trade in cartels who deal in drugs and human trafficking.
Guns are used in hundreds of thousands of robberies and intimidating assaults in America each year.

If only America could do an experiment and magically make all guns disappear for one year, the deaths caused by crime would be equal to Britain's - which are caused only by knives and serious physical assaults.

Guns as a sport- well there are most who feel they are in control.  But many murders and suicides by a gun happen because of personal problems, family problems, love affairs and money owed.  Sorting out problems with a gun is just gangster and pathetic.  Sort out problems with the fists, with the brain, with words-  but only cowards pick up a gun and kill someone...
But it's too late for America, having said all this.
You guys are really up against a brick wall- with no way out but to either destroy all guns or buy a shed load of them.

I can't stand how Alex Jones talks about guns like they were his precious babies- most people just wouldn't bother talking about them, better not to encourage others to have guns at all, but just let people figure out if they need them by themselves...

Another thing Alex Jones never points out is the millions of times cops have saved lives by being there for activists at meetings and rallies- because if the climate change and anti-gun brigade went to Texas without cop protection, they'd probably be gunned down in their masses. Cops protect businesses and famous people who make music, movies and generally bring big money into the economy. They protect politicans too.  Everybody has the right to live in safety, and police provide a lot more safety than they do pain and death.

Without Police we'd be in a lot worse situation, with militia's at war with one another.

On a different subject, don't you think Alex Jones spews a lot of anger- even if he's making a valid point his anger and rage is too influential.  He'd best tone down the noise and keep to the facts.  Imagine the millions of people who follow his show and are subjected to the anger, and end up in a rage...don't you think Jones could do a better job of keeping a balance between pro-gun and anti-gun activists, and the pro and anti-climate activists?
Jones always says Government are doing their best to make us hate and attack one another, but because Jones only sides with the gun owners and climate deniers, he peps up his side in violent speech, and that is a fusebox waiting to blow...

Jones should have climate people from NASA for example on his show- but he'd never have them on because he only sides with the anti-climate...just like the gun owners...

One other thing.  I recall that Jones said that authorities listen to and monitor all communications with Infowars.
He's actually doing the job of the FBI by roping in the patriots and the hothead gun owners by getting them to write in and call into his show... That would include the Microsoft haters, the Bill Gates haters, the Al Gore haters, the Obama haters...

The FBI have a really long list of millions of people in America and across the World of who loves guns, who is anti-climate , and from that list they deduct who is the biggest threat to the country and a threat to politicians, famous people in the climate camp or the anti-gun camp. is a sting operation like no other man- the only thing I can't do is prove whether Jones collaborates with the authorities or whether he is 100% genuine and doesn't give a damn if he's encouraging hate and anger and potential violence, because he can't stop the FBI monitoring his station and communications anyway.  Even letters posted to Jones can be opened, scanned and sent to Jones by the FBI , and it wouldn't surprise me if that is exactly what is happening there.

I grew up around theatre actors, and I can tell when someone is genuine, and I hate to say it but Jones is not very good at acting when he 'cries' on air - crocodile tears they are called- fake tears.  He's an entertainer, a media person who focuses on multiple genres, and that is controversey, patriotism, the right to bear arms, anti-climate, pro-oil industry...

His other side is that his information is his own analysis, trying to tie anything in the news as being 'New World Order' , because it is such a popular theme.  People buy it hook, line and sinker each time. He's a millionaire, and could quit anytime, but I guess his work alongside the FBI prevents him from quitting. He's the number one conspiracy D.J, the one who all conspiracy nuts go to, and some of those conspiracy lovers are actually really violent with a history of wife and kid bashing, bad drug problems and do actually cause a lot of trouble.   The Police or FBI won't publicize if they arrest a conspiracy nut who beat his wife, because his internet history might include Infowars, Karate and buying guns,  and the authorities don't want to broadcast the links between the nuts and Infowars, because Infowars is their number one sting operation, with or without Jones's knowledge or co-operation.

If you post this to Alex Jones (as from yourself and not me), it would be interesting to hear his response on the FBI keeping lists and the arrests made over the years of people who follow Infowars and committed serious crimes.  I'm not saying Jones tells people to commit horrible crimes, but many of those conspiracy nuts are pepped up for a fight anyway, and when they write into Infowars they get tracked, and found easier.  If you could find out how many people have had their guns taken away or busted with drugs, you might find the majority follow Jones's show on a daily basis, and their emails to Jones about their love of guns and skunk or ecstacy is what got them busted....

Man people had better wake up.  Want some advice, don't write into Alex Jones.  Listen to him, watch his show, but if you're supplying information to Alex Jones at , let's say tips on how to hide guns and drugs, or that you support guns and smoking weed, then you're on a FBI list.  They do a sweep of specific communities to remove those guns and drugs in a bust...and take down multiple Infowars supporters at the same time.

The same goes for sending information into any website about your support for guns or drugs. You gotta be bloody stupid to do it, and if you do, that's it,  they have you on a watch list.
Even more seriously, people who display open hatred for Obama (or any President or leader of a country), then they are enemy number one and who knows what they might do to you one day when the hammer comes down on the President haters.

I bet nobody seems that concerned that by being a patriot, Obama hater, anti-climate or a gun-lover that they are on a terror watch-list.  Those Feds are not joking around, they're not stupid, and they don't sit around picking their noses or with their hand down their pants !
I think it's a bit unfair that Jones peps people up, but if my theory about his FBI connection is right, then he does it to purposely rope in the people who write in to him, until the Feds have a list of specific people they want to watch or arrest. It's called crime fighting dude, it's called a sting operation, covert-ops , D.E.A and F.B.I run his show.

Just thought you should know. Read between Alex's lines.
I like Jones's stuff on economics- but even that draws in the Bilderberg haters, the Goldman Sachs haters, and the F.B.I now know who all those people are, and placed them top of the terror-watch list...
Don't get caught up in the theatrical hate and anger that Jones gives out, it's done to draw in the partiots and people who finally get put on an FBI list because of their extreme views and actions. I guess you probably realized this at some stage, but like me you're not a crazy person and so you've not much to worry about.

Other people though, the game is almost up...the FBI will get the ones that worry them the most.  It's sort of wrong to push people towards extreme actions,  like CIA ops who infilrate a small Muslim community and talk young men into an act of terrorism to later bust them,  but that's what they do to make it look like they get results.
Alex Jones is not much different- he ropes them in with his lassooing tongue and sets them up, pepping the anger into people until BINGO...the Feds have a monthly list of drug busts and gun busts to follow up.

Alex Jones is not a bad man.  It's just I know more than most people about internet surveillance.

Honestly-  everyone is being watched on the web

I actually believe in Alex Jones information- not 100% of the time, but the majority of the time...
I've sent him tips and he's mentioned that the FBI have requested information of his contacts, including the listener who made threats to a police officer..remember that?

Alex Jones himself agrees with me- you can email him and find out yourself.  One more thing.  Don't forget that one million people in Washington D.C alone are employed as spies by the CIA to spy on Americans under the anti-terrorism operation.  Alex Jones has more information on that at

Also Google 'ICANN'  which stands for Internet Connection Address Names and Numbers... they assign your P.C a unique code each time your P,C connects to the web, with the unique code being identified to your ISP and IP address.

If Alex Jones was a Muslim, you can bet he'd be dead by now, and his Infowars team in Guantanamo, his offices destroyed just like Osama Bin Laden's hideout in Pakistan.
He is allowed to operate so the real crazy people write into his office or email him or call him on the phone to speak live on his show, and they are dangerous and have to be tracked, because so many guns exist in the wrong hands...
I removed all links to Jones because of his pro-gun, anti-climate views, his anti-immigration stance and his latest attack on Trayvon Martin, which Jones has twisted around to make it sound like President Obama wants a race war due to his stance in defense of Trayvon Martin.

That look in Zimmerman's eyes tells me one thing. Cold killer.
The tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin is not a surprise. White politics rule America. Obama knows it, like he knows his hands are tied by the white politics that founded and dominate America.  
Forget human rights and equality in USA- it's always been white man's country.
That's what the 'founding father's' wanted, that's the way patriots want to keep it.
Unfortunately popular people like Alex Jones of Infowars have jumped on this to twist the tragic shooting into a chance to attack Obama, as usual. Alex Jones calls Obama's siding with Trayvon an attack on white people, and Jones claims that Obama is trying to set black America against white America.

It's people like him I have learnt, that you cannot turn to or pay attention to. Alex Jones claims to be 'red-blooded' (which is American slang for a Republican). Jones's ongoing vicious attack on immigration and the black issue has gone far enough.
It's people like Infowars' Alex Jones that scream hatred and anger, which other right-leaning 'patriots' aspire to and adhere to. But it is no wonder that Alex Jones is not taken off air, because the laws protect him and the Zimmermans of USA.  
If a black man kills a white, then he gets executed.  If Alex Jones was a Muslim he wouldn't be on air, he'd be at Guantanamo Bay, or dead- and Infowars twisted whiteman propaganda would be banned. R.I.P Trayvon Martin- ignore the twisted whites.

Finally to conclude:-
You are being watched, you are being monitored- across the Web and beyond. The British Government have announced that they will be demanding access to everybody's emails and internet friend connections.  Like as if they weren't already...So if you lean right or far-right, and publicize it through the internet, then you will be on a F.B.I list.

Gun-owners who have extreme views had double be careful about their views, especially hot-headed remarks about President Obama and black people. I guess that goes for most Republicans.
You have been warned...

Bill Approved To Create Massive Surveillance Database Of Internet U...

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