Our World is a myriad of different cultures and different beliefs, and our lives and minds have been shaped by centuries of systematic authoritative controllers.  Call them Kings, Presidents, prophets- the hierarchy of different societies in countries across the World and their expectations for their future and the future of people differ completely.

The collective ambition of people is to succeed, to be better at something than anyone else, or just to be richer. Usually people know their limitations, and only a few generate a monopoly of financial profiteering.

It is those few who make their way into politics, either buying into Government, affecting policy making decisions and becoming the 'hierarchy'. In each country a hierarchy exists, and in a few regions of the World we have unions of hierarchy, some richer and more powerful than others. The Anglo-American hierarchy was the most dominant, with new unions of hierarchy now competing in Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.

Rather than comparing the unions as being the good versus the bad, or the powerful versus the not so powerful,  let's put them all in one basket, and think of that basket as the World, with the majority- the 99 percent at the bottom of the basket, and the most powerful and most corrupt at the top. In every day that passes by those at the top of the basket become more rich, more powerful and more corrupt or corruptable. Until one day we awake to find that the top of the basket has become so heavy that the World underneath it becomes squashed, finds it hard to move, to breathe or to break free. Of course the people at the very bottom of the basket are the most poor, the most squashed, the least free- and are trapped by the incredible and increasing pressure from above. There are some people in this World who believe that the people at the bottom are placed there by fate- and that fate is the decider. 

The real deciders are the people- all the way down to the bottom.  Nobody should be forever imprisoned by the poverty and hopelessness, and the people of the World have reached out to help other nations over and over again. What we have to remember is that the people paid for others to have a better life, and still pay for others, but the real wealth of the World is not money, it is willingness. If the World has plentiful resources, then it is possible to build up our different countries by sheer will. Money is really the secondary issue.

The real money is not in the control of the people.  The real wealth is held by the monopolies of hierarchy and the monopolies of business. 

Where once the top job in the biggest company earned ten times more than an average wage, today the top jobs in those biggest companies pay one hundred times or more than an average wage. To get to the top means treading on smaller companies, finding ways to exploit them to serve the bigger company, if necessary to steer a company towards financial ruin. Those at the very top see it as a necessary evil, to make sure they get the customers from the smaller companies. From this we deduct that their is no silver lining to their cloud. They fight to be at the top, sometimes appearing to be united in business at expensive private luncheon business meetings, rubbing shoulders and pretending to like each other, but behind the smiles is the viper, waiting to strike.

That is who run our World today- and they brought the World to the brink of severe financial collapse and near to economic depression. The people under the top layer of the basket fought back, demanding more equality in pay, less billionaire monopolies and more control over how business bully their way into politics. The hierarchy in each country noticed the shift in people's acceptance of corrupt business and of oppressive authority, and we see people bullied by increasingly violent tactics by oppressive Governments and authorities. The bottom of the basket will fall out eventually. People have not come this far in human existance just to be subjugated as slaves or cattle. People do not accept that the meek will inherit the earth.  Instead what we notice is that if as people we do not fight then we will join the meek if we accept less and earn less.

Hierarchy have developed new ways to follow and track our moves, new ways to determine our most likely reactions, to identify and prevent the stronger in society from reaching out and educating others to be more in control. Hierarchy constantly tries to steer resistance down narrow paths where the majority are scared to tread, and to be a frontman in a World which has been swamped with corruption is like a computer program  trying to run on a computer which has new viruses implanted in it every day. You can try to keep up with removing the viruses, but eventually a collection of bad viruses will crash the program.

In a computerized World we are all mostly the 'user'. Some people are the developers. Some users are not so strong at resisting the viruses, and their program crashes, some developers create something great just to see it corrupted later on, or develop something which is rotten from the start. So which side do you consider yourself to be on?  Are you a casual user of our World?  Do you understand the levels to which technology controls the human race today, and how the hierarchy are learning from our own intelligence to find new ways to control our individual programming?  The virus is not with conscience- it seeks to dominate, control and either destroy or corrupt the way the computer operates.  Authoritive and hierarchy figures are often the virus, people are infected with fear and poverty, too scared or worried to find ways to fight, and are controlled by an infection of corrupt programming. 

Become a developer, a frontman or a leader, and reach out to the people- the users of the World, educate them in new ways of thinking, to build courage within society. We cannot accept a World where the same corrupt developers find new ways to exploit people over and over, nor should we allow them to keep empowering themselves with wealth of the World which they desperately require to control the 99 percent majority forever.

New ways to corrupt the system are being exploited every day, and we have to keep a close eye on the hierarchy and the corrupt business circles to notice when they are about to implement new horrors, and to fight that horror before it infects the system again. There is no real win scenario, but instead a fight for equilibrium, to ensure that the bottom of the basket does not fall out and to ensure that the top of the basket does not grow to be too heavy. That is why people must keep fighting the corrupt circles. 

So many people have worked for their successes, but the trend in today's era is that if people have a little bit more then make them pay more tax, or give more to others in need. The truth is that the World's biggest corporations are the huge wealth baskets, and alongside their political masters have they created a World where billions of people still live in poverty, and billions others are being pushed into hardship and poverty.

The hardest workers are not immune from the money grabbing at the top of the basket.  The majority of the World's money is not in the hands of the people but in the controlling hands of the biggest corporations and but a few countries hold onto the wealth without seeing much fault in their greed. 

It is inconceivable that money is in short supply. A World which is expanding in population has created so much more wealth that the biggest corporations and institutions have made far greater profit and continue to push up prices and find new ways to absorb more wealth for themselves. Is it really the fault of any one nation that corruption and greed exist? The answer is no. We can expect any country to harbour the sorts of people it takes to dominate other business circles, until one side wins...and that is where the trouble lies.

They will win nothing more than a brief fleeting gaze at wealth and power. One nation sucks up the wealth, others collapse.  Then people fight back to reclaim their wealth, but to no avail. No amount of people in the streets protesting will sort this out because the World's biggest financial games and deals are done fifty feet above ground in skyscraper buildings, and it's really the top companies fighting each other over and over who have changed the World to become the one percent taking all, regardless of the effects on the 99 percent.

Do you really think a big company or corporation cares that much about economic recession?  They simply restructure their business to operate in different parts of the World, hiding money and commodities in tax havens and secret locations and start their infighting game all over again. Take America as an example of a nation which has created, manufactured and built up over five decades to become super-wealthy, just to let greed and corruption come along and stick a spanner in the works. Some say America did it to themselves, others say it's a combination of self-destruction and outside exploitation.  If history is a lesson, then emerging super-power nations should take a step back. Do you really want to ruin the competition just to take it all?

Just as America and Britain have seen the trouble and problems that incredible economic growth has brought, other nations should be even more careful not to cut off the hands which fed them in the first place, and to be careful not to allow the majority of the wealth to be absorbed by a small circle of players- otherwise the people will revolt. 

There is such thing as equilibrium- but not utopia. Utopia is perceived to be owned by the hierarchy, but in reality it is a path to ruination. The systems and chains of hierarchy swell greater in their pursuit for more wealth and more power, because they are well aware that by controlling the wealth of the World will control the ability of people to excel in life, and many people in the World who are leaders against oppression and greed are often silenced, locked up or removed from society so that the hierarchy can dictate to the people without opposition. During times of recessions the circles of hierarchy resort to infighting to be the most powerful, and people are seen as machines to function for their own purpose and gain. If the most wealthy still want more of the World's wealth, then we must identify and oppose those most wealthy, because they do not need the wealth, they just want the power to control the people and the World's economic systems. And we see the problems that the banksters and hierarchy have created. Do not ever forget that the people are the true wealth, and people mostly share the monetary wealth, but if the hierarchy take more from the people of the World, then soon we'll be left with begging bowls, unable to build lives and care for others. 

Indeed taking back power from Government and big corporations is a fight that never ends, and only true commitment to revolution by the majority will steer the World towards a more fair equilibrium of wealth and opportunity for all people. 

Russell S.Wyllie.

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