Powerful regimes and previous empires tried to control the World, and many have made themselves rich from the process- but inevitably the power struggle ends. The will to command and conquer other nations slowly fades away to nothing, leaving behind broken lives and broken economies. Maybe what America is doing now will soon end- but it's obvious that history never teaches those in power to stop their conquest plans- because the temptation of making a lot of money from wars and occupying countries always re-emerges.

Millions of lives are lost through war, yet somehow the few power-mongers make their money from the horrors and then disappear into the horizon, never to be seen again.
There are many nations who have never been part of the command and conquer strategy- mostly the African nations and Islamic nations, South American countries and many others. The European/Caucasian countries Britain, Germany,America, Spain have historically been the main culprits who have killed the vast majority of people in their command and conquer warfare- and each time it was done to try to make their own nations richer and more powerful- a superiority complex that leads to the poorest nations being preyed upon.

Today the U.S is losing ground, but picking on Iran, who have lost more than 80 percent value of their currency this year alone from American economic sanctions. There are some very reckless and destructful people in high places who believe that America's new war should be to economically destroy oil rich nations if possible- and Iran doesn't deserve that. No country does. For example, what does Mitt Romney mean when he said recently that he wanted to take on China, and go to war with China? It's words like Romney's that will lead us back down the empirical route.

I firmly believe that a new international organization has to be started, one separate but similar to the United Nations, for all nations primarily to have power to vote and sign petitions on ideas and decisions which can then be sent to the United Nations itself. For example- if we could create an international organisation called 'The Independent Nations', one good idea would be to suggest that all nations sign a petition to get America to back off being the 'Police' of the World and to not have the power to implement sanctions without hard evidence at hand to justify their sanctions. In the case of Iran, the World has never been presented with evidence such as photos, schematics, insider statements that Iran is a threat to other nations, nor have any plans to attack or destroy any other nation- yet America has been able to convince the United Nations to vote for sanctions against Iran which has fast destroyed the Iranian currency and potentially might wreck their economy in a very short period of time.

Veto powers in the hands of the few permanant super-power countries is also a disastrous idea, and should be scrapped totally.  If the United Nations can't come to a majority decision on a policy then the policy is obviously not right for this World. A veto totally destroys the main purpose of the United Nations, which is to get nations together to discuss and vote on actions and policies.  

An Independent Nations Committee could allow smaller nations to have their say without the super-powers taking the limelight and media attention. The United Nations should be revamped to give countries the right to vote on actions and policy ideas without the super-powers getting the last say and being able to veto the majority decision. Surely the human race is smart enough to be able to work out problems without resorting to threats of sanctions and war? After 65 years we can conclude that the United Nations today is not working properly, and for many decades the few members of the United Nations shaped the World to become the imbalance of wealth and poverty that it is today. That has to change. If only all leaders of all countries could read this article, and see that if they choose to make enough fuss about their lack of power at the United Nations, then perhaps the veto power could be removed from the United Nations.

Should countries intervene with other nation's internal struggles? I don't believe that should be a decision made at the United Nations- because countries can choose to intervene with or without United Nations approval- but the countries who decide to intervene with other nation's internal struggles should accept the possible consequences.

We cannot pretend that nobody knows how to fix the economic crisis- because I believe that the people who made it happen can somehow find a way to use the World's wealth to build up nations without greedy financial empires trying to cash in. If somehow money can be manipulated to change the imbalance of wealth and poverty, then surely wars won't happen? Attacking Iran won't save America's economy- America just needs to start manufacturing everything for itself, which is not an impossibility. In just one century America has gone from boom to bust, and now would be a good time for America to employ their own people to build their own economy back up. But perhaps it's too late. The grip of the financial elite and the mega-corporations has taken America's wealth. The financial elite and mega corporations don't really care that much about poverty and unemployment if they can just compete with rival financial elite and rival mega corporations to get the most profit year after year.

Let's just hope that Iran can avoid America's wrath any furthur- but as I pointed out, there is an agenda against Iran that is truly horrible. Iran is being punished for a theoretical crime that they have not even been proven to have committed- America has implemented the trial and verdict of Iran without evidence, and if anybody has noticed, the Western media is not attacking America's stance.

It seems everybody is too scared to turn away from America- which might be the only option that countries have to stop the empirical stance of America. And would America enjoy a sudden loss of business ties, leaving America with no option but to build their own cars, make their own electronic goods and produce all their own food? The U.S has dug itself into its own deep grave- and many nations are following the same path. The idea of exporting jobs and importing goods surely was an idea conjured up by a really stupid person, who wanted to get rich quick regardless of what it did to their own country?

Historically empires have crumbled, and countries under occupation have been freed- but at a great cost to their people and economies. If taking away all veto powers at the United Nations is the only way forward- then perhaps that's what should be done first, and then countries who have been oppressed or disadvantaged for many decades can put forward their own ideas and become what they want to become? Perhaps it might be a good idea that the United Nations should never be used to decide on whether a war should be started- but only whether wars should be ended- because at least then the business that is warfare could be ended or at least reduced to virtually nothing, and then American taxpayers could see their taxes being used to build America up rather than see 700 Billion Dollars go to defense each year ???
Give thought for the country of Iran- because it seems to be in the crosshairs, and only the war industries and profiteers have pushed things to this point, just as they pushed for war in Iraq. There are other voices in the media calling for an end to the Euro- but money issues can be fixed within time. The wars against smaller and more vulnerable nations are what we really have to stop. As far as empires go, America has had its attempt and has created a very unstable World. At least previous empires collapsed, and occupied countries mostly recovered- but with America's dominant firepower and control over the United Nations, we seem to be forever in the grip of an empire that won't accept it has failed to create a utopia.

A utopia is impossible- we have to let countries develop at their own pace, to be allowed an equal say in the United Nations, and to be allowed to defend themselves with their own armies if needed- and with America acting as World Empire and doing most of the attacking, no country should be without adequate defense.

America can no longer 'Police' the World, and something has to happen to make the politics of America drastically change.
Having written all this, we can only hope that politicians and financial elite see the World in a different light, and put an end to this empirical nonsense once and for all- but even if the American Empire was to crumble tomorrow, then another empire would probably be born and try to do the same as previous empires, because history seems to have taught our political and financial leaders absolutely nothing.

by Russell S.Wyllie of http://Youtube.com/GlobalPrison , http://Youtube.com/RealClimateNews and http://facebook.com/groups/beforeyouconsiderarmyrecruitmentconsider...

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