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The anger of the World it swells,
to the loud ringing of elite hell's bells.
Roots of political chaos grow.
Only time will tell and show.

That the meek are made to suffer-
be it babies, sisters and brothers,
at the hands of the oppressor class,
that is why we must wear a mask.

Dead faces that are never seen,
and Government wipes their hands clean.
With words they try to jail ya-
but it's the rhetoric of failure.

Outnumbered and fleeing are the elite,
as people take to the street.
Only time will show and tell.
It's time the oppressors fell.

Blood on their hands and face,
they'll sink without a trace,
under the stamp of a million feet.
It's time to take to the street.

Put an end to their political game.
They bring the World so much pain.
The oppressors have been kept in check.
They'll sink in their rotten wreck.

Let them drown in their power and wealth.
Let them kill with impunity and stealth,
but the evidence is clear as day-
we have seen through their evil way.

Nations at the end of the road,
all carrying a too heavy load.
Slaves to the fatcat machines-
living the nightmare in dreams.

Metaphors are there for a reason,
to best explain Their treason.
People stamp on the oppressor's wake-
it is time for the oppressors to break.

Governments break all the rules,
trying to take us for fools.
With blood on their hands and face,
watch them sink without a trace...

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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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