You think you are part of a country, something unique and different, living a way of life in this World that is superior to another country- and perhaps you think 'God' made it happen that way.
You are wrong. You live in a scientific experiment gone wrong, because the human race was headed for extinction a very, very long time ago.

So the scientific community decided to recreate the human race, by using mind control, slavery and poverty to place the majority in living hell, to serve the extreme minority of Monarchs, Lords and Baronesses, Prime Ministers and Presidents, big business and other authoritive controllers.

You fear authority because you know they are highly paid thugs with nasty, violent attitudes, paid to strike you down and intimidate you, hurt and steal from you at their own discretion. The 'authority' is often just a section of society, mainly men- who have decided that they want to be part of the control-freak society who are employed by Governments- to shut you up, shut you down and bury you before you can influence or teach others to be independent, to speak up and to not fear the hellish controllers.

The authority that are often called the police. They are often the traitors, the ones who swell with pride when they baton your face to the ground, smashing your limbs with their authoritive anger. Who knows what causes their desire to join police and armies? Was it a violent upbringing? A past drug habit that is hidden behind their police or army uniform? A failed marriage? Or just pure frustration that they are under-achievers, not content with their inability to get a well paid career?
What a simple way out of poverty- join an authoritive band of thugs, get given a uniform and then agree to grab, oppress and beat the life out of fellow men and women. Even people in wheelchairs are not immune from being dragged and beaten to the ground by police, as we saw in the U.K protests and riots in recent years.

So, if a cripple with a life-threatening spinal condition can be indiscriminately grabbed and thrown to the ground, and jumped upon by a group of angry, young police- then what hope does humanity have?
The scientific experiment was to create a way to keep people trapped in their oppressed part of the World, but at the same time reward and give legal immunity to the most violent and thuggish of people, or to reward the most loyal to the elitist system, who are simply picking and choosing their own small World to exist within, a World where they get paid up to a million dollars or more per day, and where you cannot even afford to survive with you and your family battling to pay your way on two wages. A family with two wages was once considered to be lucky, because those families would have far more money and could afford to live in a reasonably comfortable way.

But not today. Two wages are barely enough, and the extremely wealthy circle of elite grows to only those who are part of the long line of rich families, business-people, politicians, Lords and Presidents.
'They scratch each other's backs -' That's how the old saying goes...
And as the extreme wealthy elite grow in number, so does their desire to compete with themselves to 'earn' as much money as possible. But we the people have learnt that the elite rarely do a hard days work- it's money that is virtually scammed through clever manipulation of stocks and shares, limited housing availability, limited food and limited fuels, which all push the costs up for the hard working people.
The circle of elite suck the money out of the World. The numbers of elite that grow and grow might only be a few thousand in total, but they are a large enough circle to have taken control over your wealth, your future and your very soul.

Through history the elite have oppressed the masses of people, be it white or black, yellow or brown.
There is little you can do to earn the real money that you and your family will need to exist, because wages are kept artificially low, while costs rise. It is a slavery system created for mainly people who live outside of the Monarchial and elite circles, which encompassed Africans and Asians, but now exists in a different form. If protestors in the 18th Century thought their elite controllers were overly benefitting or profitting from their power and business positions, then they would be wretching the black bile from the bottom of their gut if they could see the elite greed profitteering today, a hundred times or more wealth is being taken by those very same elitist swine.

There is another section of society who will not speak up, who are conditioned and scared of what might become of them if they try to be heard. Some use false names, some live in virtual fear of the power of the State, becasue they have also seen the crippled man being torn from his wheelchair to be beaten by a group of large, angry, violent authority called the police, who hide behind uniform and legal immunity, who can physically beat you down at their own discretion and walk away to be rewarded, promoted and paid more money by their controllers- the Government.

The section of society who are scared are also scared to associate themselves with people who are brave, who stand up and try to reach out to others with the resistant independent power that they have taught themselves.
If you do believe in 'God', then use your faith and power to stand up and be heard. Don't fear what might happen if you try to resist, fear what might happen if you don't try to resist.
Although you have been conditioned to believe that resitance is futile, you still have the choice to get up from your safety zone and dare to be heard. In large numbers the protests are successful. A few might get beaten down, but the majority will remain standing, victorious and correct, with the ability to stare authority in the face to enforce the fact that united we stand stronger than the few authoritive men in uniform, stronger than the elite in suits with large bank balances.

We live in a time where the experiment to condition and control the impoverished and weak has failed.
we are already victorious. We are the awake and powerful. we have backed a horse called Independent Freedom, and the horse won the race. It surely is time now to cash in on that horse, or to put it simply, to take advantage of the success that resistance has grabbed hold of. In 2011 there was the start of the Occupy Movement, and now it is 2012 and the awake resistance is stronger, more informed and educated than ever before. To let go of such a power of resistance would be failure, when people in their numbers can win over the evil virus of greed and profiteering that the extremely wealthy elite have contracted and want to spread to their own clan.

The elite have forever attempted to control the people, but their experiment has failed.
They consider money to be the way to strangle the people, but in the process they have created a resistance more educated and powerful- the people who have blocked the mind control and the conditioning to become leaders and teachers of humanity and respect.
Very little respect is given to the elite, and the elite know that they have lost the race, failed in their experiment, and can only hide in a Palace of fake gold, hiding behind their authoritive sheeple in black and blue uniforms. The armies fight for a cause that they don't fully understand, because they are often the young men who did not have enough time to learn that they would be used to fight a war for profiteers. They were picked at an early age to be pushed into a corner and bullied into becoming the next controlled killers, fighting against other controlled killers. When the battle ends, the survivors go home empty handed- but their controllers roll like swine in swill.

The elite believe that wealth, equality, humanity and power should only apply to their closed circle of elitists. It is an ideology that has existed for centuries, which people have tried to overcome, and it is an ideology that must be applied to all people, and it is up to society as a whole to forget their fear of authority, and for authority to forget their false position of power and rejoin the people.
There are real criminals within the richest of circles who beleive that they are untouchable- but only their body-guards, security and legal personnel shield them from arrest, prosecution and imprisonment.
The people have been imprisoned too long in fear, poverty and depression- but the horse called Independent Freedom is one for all, and the riders are the resistance.

by Russell S.Wyllie - 04/08/2012

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