Digital TV Transition Discussion


Digital TV Transition Discussion

Don't have a converter box? Still want to keep your old TV? Join us here for the FCC mandatory digital TV transition. HDTV is too expensive! HDTV is suppose to be a luxury item not a mandatory thing.

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Big Brother is Watching Digital TV - Please Remove Cam and Mic from Box!

Here is the real circuit board for the converter box in the first photo. Sorry there is no camera or microphone in there. This story is a hoax, we need to address this as soon as possible. Magnavox does not appreciate the consumer taking apart their DVD recorders, converter boxes, Doing so will VOID the warranty and we don't want that. Digital TV is a way to get a better signal and improve picture quality than just watching a snowy TV channel on your own TV set. I have talked to Radio Shack there is chance that they will come out with a "audio only" version of a digital TV receiver for people on the go. It will take time. The second photo is just a patent prototype design of a camera of a fake camera this is actually a mockup.

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Comment by revolutionist on May 17, 2010 at 7:31pm
I hope that the signal that it is putting out is as bad as the one it is receiving.
Comment by revolutionist on June 28, 2009 at 11:21pm
I knew that there was some reason behind the transition but thats crazy. Does it still work when it's turned off? Is there any way to deactivate it like or use a scrambler or do you just have to remove it? For now I just have a peice of tape but that doesn't do anything about the microphone.

Keep Fighting!
Comment by WTRH-AM-AE on March 10, 2009 at 6:14pm

Good and Bad News, I have got my converter box from Comp USA for $44.95 with a remote control. The converter box is very small and I might find a way to power it up by a battery. The adapter is a 5.5 volt AC/DC adapter, but I have not found out what the current is for it. The converter box works well just like having digital cable except its through an rabbit ears antenna, not through the cable company. I see that the cable company redistribute cable signals in digital format instead of analog and will be received by a simple litlle ATSC tuner. The channels will end up in the UHF regions and VHF regions. Also with the ease of transmission for ATSC format which will be another 5 years there will be digital ATSC low power transmitter kits and other sources in ATSC format.
Comment by WTRH-AM-AE on February 22, 2009 at 3:20pm
Good comment there, I have plans on getting a converter box for my portable DVD player that has a input jack for an A/V source. I am glad that portable DVD players are a great source for connecting a digital converter box. Now I can get a battery operated converter box and charge up the battery for the portable DVD player and watch TV when the lights go out.
Comment by B on February 22, 2009 at 7:59am
With all the hype and rumors its simple. If you have a analog TV with a picture on it odds are you will get a digital signal by adding a box or getting a digital ready TV. The converter box connects to the TV like a VCR (with no tape) Then go to the boxes on screen menu and let it scan for the channels. Thats it.
The only problem will be the digital TV signal. You will not have snow but if the signal gets weak the picture will freeze. That is why its important to have a good atenenna. Currently the TV broadcasters are using different channels to broadcast digital TV till they turn off their main analog TV transmitters. (TV stations tell your digital box to show you their channel number) These tempary digital channels are not as strong so their signal is weaker till the change in June.

Don't worry about "big brother" Digital TV only works oneway like analog TV and radio. Now for all those people who have TiVO, Sat, or any other box you have to plug into the phone jack are the ones that "big brother" can keep track what you watch and record.
Also make sure you rescan you digital TV boxes for channels every once in a while till all you local TV stations make the switch to all digital.

Comment by WTRH-AM-AE on February 19, 2009 at 2:34pm
I called that FCC number called 1-888-CALL-FCC. The Federation Communications Corporation said they refused to reissue me a republican red coupon, so when I get paid I am just going out and getting a converter box for the TV in the kitchen on top of the refrigerator since I have no way to connect a cable to the television. $59 is still not bad, but still I hope they will end up in the Family Dollar for about $30 the same price as mp3 players. In my area there are 2 TV stations that just shut down their analog signal which is PBS and WTVZ-TV. Channel 33 that used to have WTVZ has now a educational tutorial of how to connect a converter box.

The GCC is better than the FCC when it comes to understand the American People and their needs and also the Global Communications Commission is compassionate.. The FCC cares about more about the NWO and the Rich folks and when June 12 comes around I hope the FCC can work with the Federal Emergency Management Agency and see how many people die from a storm due to lack of information from the mainstream media.
Comment by WTRH-AM-AE on February 18, 2009 at 1:44pm
Engineers and Hobbyists of Electronics, Time to get a digital TV box and remove the camera and mic from the box and keep these pieces for yourself to build yourself another camera for hobby purposes.
Comment by WTRH-AM-AE on February 10, 2009 at 10:51am
Summertime is coming for the new digital TV transition. Which means is not a very good time to switch to digital TV since there will be lots of severe weather on the rise like severe thunderstorms, tornadoes, lightning, also its its a time for hurricane season. This summer we need the analog broadcasters to stay on the air until around the fall after the storms have passed. People will be caught out in a lightning storm just to put up those fancy HDTV antennas on their houses. Its going be one hot summer this June.
Comment by WTRH-AM-AE on February 9, 2009 at 2:22pm
I think this is true too. This is something that sounds like a undercover job for most broadcasters to cease operation immediately just so they can sell the rest of the allocation to more scum bags and greedy users and corrupted police systems. I noticed that even the scanners for digital communications are not cheap, they are expensive as hell, like around $500.
Comment by Jamie on January 12, 2009 at 6:19pm
I had my husband respond:

I work for a telecommunications company, in their technical support department. What everyone is saying about the conversion and the HDTVs is wrong.

First, the government does not care about our picture quality, only our frequency bandwidth. The mandatory conversion is to digital, not HDTV. Cable companies and broadcasters currently have to maintain two types of equipment for broadcasting, digital and analog. This takes up precious bandwidth, the government wants this bandwidth. Analog, since is using variations of the sign wave, uses more frequency bandwidth than digital, which is either on or off, a 1 or a 0. This is far more efficient. Have you noticed how many channels there are now, each requires it's own section of the bandwidth, otherwise there will be interference.

Second, no the cable box does not watch your every move. We have had these boxes apart at my work, there is no camera in them, these are simple devices. The IR port only sees IR. This is for the remote.

People across the Internet are freaking out about this and what the government is doing. Think about it for a second. The government doesn't care about our picture quality, only our bandwidth. Now, they may use this newly acquired bandwidth to do some other top secret thing, who knows. Also, the subsidized cost of the conversion boxes, which only convert the digital air broadcast to analog for older TVs, were being paid for by the government to get public buy off. You know that the argument that would've come is that the American people can't afford to pay $40 that they didn't ask for. Cable companies have just had to swap out their boxes from analog to digital, you already pay for that or it comes free with your services.

The conversion is to save corporations money, give coveted bandwidth to the government, not some National conspiracy to look into your living room.

However, the NWO is real, they do want to enslave us, they do want our guns, they do want to send us to FEMA camps, and they will succeed if we, The American Republic don't stand together and tell them they are wrong we will not go along with their agenda. If saying no doesn't work, then it is time to band together and start the Revolution.


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