FCC Requirement : It's a joke!!!!!!!!!!! The Joker's laughing at me!!!

I have not got a chance to DX weak TV signals, the converter box was so junky that I am about to throw them away. I did see some decent boxes at Sears that are pretty decent and they are the Zenith brand. When I get those boxes I will make another test run. Please remember if you bought those Access HD boxes here are some things that are bad about these government approved "scam" DTV boxes. Main reasons why I never mess with them at much. DTA series suck!

Here are the 20 most famous reasons why these converters suck!

1. They are pure dust collectors, they do not pick up weak signals.
2. If you use them too much they will get very hot! Could start a fire! The connectors can burn your fingers. Not good for small childrens TV's.
3. They do not pick up desired weak DTV signals out in the boonies or Low Power DTV stations only strong digital signals, I mean extra strong stations can only be received. and drop outs still with indoor antennas.
4. If unplugged for more than 24 hours you need to run a scan again, scan takes up to 8 to 10 minutes! Skips the favorite stations if too weak.
5. Needs an outdoor antenna, not indoors.
6. DTV signals are suspectible to noise in the building and can mess up signal.
7. Does not power up using batteries for emergencies.
8. Uses special A/C connector and adapter is HARD TO FIND!!
9. Remote control is not universal, means if the dog or cat eats it then you are out of luck!
10. Signals drop out too easily
11. Volume is too darn low for movie watching.
13. Power takes for forever to turn off like up to 30 seconds.
15. Casing is bad and runs very hot if watching for more than 3 hours.
16. Requires an VHF/UHF amplifed digital type antenna with 20 to 40 dB gain for indoors. And has to be low noise!
17. Not recommended for small brick apartment and condos, houses on the first floor!
18. Red LED (turned off) looks like HAL 9000 from the movie 2001 Space Odyssey very annoying at night while in bed!
19. Made in China not our homeland called the USA!
20. Waste of government coupon money!!

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