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Facebook, the biggest social network on the planet with more than a billion users, seems to want to know even more about you. More precisely Facebook seems to want to track you at all times.

At least that’s the gist of a report from Bloomberg that came out on Monday and says that Facebook is working on a smartphone application that would track users’ location even when the app isn’t opened. According to this report the app itself would be used to track a user and alert him whenever friends are nearby but the actual use of the app is so that Facebook can serve you localized ads.

Facebook has been struggling for a long time with their mobile strategy and this app, if it actually comes to market, is just the latest effort by the company to try and monetize its huge user base and mobile presence.

The social network has already come under heavy attack amid privacy concerns for its users and launching an app that continuously tracks users’ location is definitely not going to help. Similar products from Apple and Google have failed to gain any widespread adoption due to the same privacy concerns Facebook will now face.

According to Bloomberg the app is set to be released sometime in March of this year though an exact date has yet to be set.

Source: Bloomberg


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Tomrrow night - "Person of Interest" is on CBS - basically the template showing when they are looking for something is for real. There are 5 software inhancements to add into it which would achieve what Facebook is attempting to do PLUS, BUT FOR ALL THE WRONG REASONS. If a member of Facebook if you look at the pictures of friends etc. you may notice a "meta-data tag" with their name, location etc. Person of Interest does not display all of that, BUT could. Since there is security, red light, and other camera's everywhere, software does exist to afford tracking of a given subject anywhere they go. Then with other software anyone that in any way interacts with them, which sets up a second, third or more "Person of Interest" with all the same features. Facebooks activities appear a little "shaky" in lots of ways, it could be just not realizing, or greed for the advertising etc. There are some close connections with certain Government also, which does not imply the best intenstions for the Population in general. Add in some of the other activities going on and anyone would wonder what team is what person really on and for what purpose. The reason this is all important is ONE FACT there is a WHOLE lot of MONEY - MISSING across the board, their are "shootings" going on that do not fit normal, there are drug deals, prostitution of children and others - ALL of WITCH with proper Identification and TRACKING could be addressed in REAL TIME. NOW THERE WOULD BE REAL VALUE for EVERYONE. The problem is many in POLITICS would NOT WANT that to HAPPEN - SO THE CHALLENGE is to TURN ALL of this into a SOLUTION rather than a problem. That will require a whole lot of interested parties addressing the issue and demanding correction of the situation at hand.

Not my movement, I don't have a smart phone. Don't want one either.



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