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You can't eat gold and what if no one wants it,gold is not things like food ,and a safe place to live etc. I'm sorry you probably hate my comment,you may feel that it's impropriety,and I know a lot of you want to get the hell out of Dodge City, but, my point is that, what if you have a mountain of gold,but you can't even buy food with it.

People who buy gold/precious metals are very often the same people who tend to hoard food/water and survival essentials.

Yes but I' not talking about them hoarding food,I'm talking not about them at all; I'm talking about,that it would be better to be on a barter system that a gold system.

One does not exclude the other.

Nikki have you ever read a book named Utopia,by a woman,I can't remember her name right now but,I t was a new country formed by California,Oregon,and Washington;They had succeeded from the United states and formed a new country called Utopia. A "green" train brought you from the borders of the US to the different stops in Utopia,and then either went by foot or you used the bicycles provided for all, that were free of charge a part of the Utopian life style. You did as you liked,you got paid in things like a good conversation or a good loaf of bread,or a good hike to the nearest mountain,or a part of a group of people who say, give out their information on their accounts for their point system,everyone had one, that's how you got paid, there was no need for taxes,or government for that matter,they didn't need armies,there was no one they wanted to fight. They were a free society.That's what I would like to see,something like that, in fact many type places,in fact the whole freaking world for that matter. What do you think of them beans sis!

Ah, if only we lived in a perfect world.



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