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Excellent site I visit everyday.  Gives me lots of raw and refined information and your doing a fine job.  Not a chatroom person.

Cudos for keeping 12160 going.


I enjoy this website, although I haven't been posting here as often as I'd like.

The discussions are interesting and I hope James will keep the site going.

Been here for a while and i really like this site. I came from another site, Liberty Tree, total neo-cons and you weren't even allowed to mention AJ/Infowars or anything out side the R/D sphere, so please don't go away. I love it here! J.L. 

J. L. Lucas, I haven't been to Liberty Tree, but thanks for the warning. I may go there just to complain about their Un-American hatred of free speech.

Did you mean ?

www.The Tree of click the graph to enter


I sure hope you decide to "keep" 12160 "online!"  Am not able, personally, to justify participating in chats, here (sorry!), consistently, though I did once.  Am also not able to put time into signing in, every day (or evening) to 12160.  I interact with quite a few people, through the web, but honestly there are several other networks I am on, which do not have the focus you have here, and ... frankly, I "do" very much appreciate what I have been learning, while on 12160.

Hope to continue to learn more from all who share helpful info. here!  And, I hope you will keep this site "running!"  Am still learning more, here, and ... am a bit behind.  Keep it going for those of us who do live lives outside of being online every day.  okay?  (just a request; you may respond in whatever way you need to)

By the way, our family is currently seeking employment (that will pay the meager bills we have).  We have not yet found any that will pay us a good wage (more than $7.75 per hour; for a family of over 4 people that does not cover meager costs of living; we live in a rather low-cost area), nor a means of income that will give us work that continues.

There might be a blessing in our no longer working in the corporate world, eh?  But, honestly, it would be nice to be able to know that we will get paid for the work we do for others!

For now, we serve in ministry (as believers in Yeshua, God's Son), and as those who do that know, ... it often does not pay at all (our case), or ... only sporadically, as YHVH moves the hearts of others who are also believers in His Son!  The only reason we have internet & computers is because we already had the computers on hand, back when there was some savings left, and ... someone else is covering our internet, when we cannot pay it through earnings of ours.  Pretty sad!

Am ashamed to say we've had to apply for food stamps (to me, it is something I never figured I'd ever have to do).  Don't see a way to avoid it, for now.  But, I do hope to eliminate that option, as soon as we are able.

All this to say:  James, some of us are doing well to just get through each day, and are gleaning all we can, during times when we can get online, ... from what good folks like you are doing to try to "get the word out" ... about information more people "need" to know! (and pass on to others)

I have shared links to various posts here in 12160 on twitter and on Facebook.   I hope that encourages you, James!



K. Aprile


I just haven't been able to spend much time on 12160 or any site for the past few months.   There are several reasons for this but I won't go into all that.  I miss it.  Keep up the good work.  I do check the videos almost every day.  I have to download them and watch them on my lunch hour so I rarely leave comments.  You might as well keep this site going, you're on the watch list already anyway. HA!

I'm with Barry on this one James....I didn't even realize that I have not logged in since March.

I have been busy working my ass off to make other people rich while I barely get by and wonder how I'm going to clothe my kids this winter.

I sincerely wish I had the time to do anything other than work or drive to work but unless my business takes off soon or I happen to win the powerball, I'm looking for a third job soon.

I have been checking in from time to time and my e-mail box is always full of updates so you can count me as half-ass in....LOL

Maybe you need a 12160 android app......That would make it a whole lot easier for me to post and respond to things on here.

I wouldn't take the site down. The traffic may be low right now but people are still reading..I think that a lot of folks are in the same position as me right now...Who knows? This place might be exceeding it's bandwidth inside of a month again.

my purpose on the face is nearing it's never wasted anything on me my brother....i have to write for myself to myself by myself and no one will like it...not one......i don't even like it......but it must come out and be's not about me...and keeping this inside only increases the bleeding and shortens my time......i love you be ready to be pissed at me......i never cared for the squabbles or arguments here...i have no pride and no can a shit worm........thanks for the poke......needed love to all members....

Man, talk to me and tell me the problem.  I'm a good listener and sometimes I may even have some good advice.  Friend request sent...

if you are a member of this site the feel priviledged that you were able to find it.  just  remember to vote the correct way in the next elections to get the son of a bitch out of office.....i have no complaints with this site except i do not have a lot of time and visit when i can.  as far as the chat rooms, dont need them.....if you are a true patriot you do not need the chats, you already have your allegiance to this great country and do not need to be convinced and do not need instigators of problems, which i am sure if it is similar to the other chats there is always someone that wants to start a war, even here.........just remember "UNITED WE STAND"..............

I'm  not  a  Chat  room  person  myself!!!  I'd  rather  read  the  comments  and  reply  to  one  or  two  of  them  than  chat.  I  enjoy  it  here  and  the  people  have  been  very  helpful  when  ever  I  have  had  a  problem,  so  why  leave?   The  people  are  great  and  the  subjects  are  excellant  and  it  keeps  me  updated  on  current  events.

Keep  up  the  good  work. 


"Destroying the New World Order"


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