Rather than make a public statement, this message is just for you, James, from me. Forgive me for my blunt directness, but this is how I think about this issue.

Alex Jones has his own shows, channel, and staff, and his following is quite large. If I want AJ's interpretation (or more likely his handlers' instructed interpretation), a lot of which is fear porn in my opinion, I will read/watch/listen to his articles at his site(s).

If one sticks to the very base bare facts, oftentimes AJ presents material that other sites don't. The problem is the manner in which he presents the information, continually editorializing and sometimes lacking verification and leaving out significant facts, intending hopeless dismay at the very least, and fear-based insurrection at the very worst.

This style does not present both sides; it presents one side, as well as how his handlers want the public to think. Fortunately, people are continually waking, and this transparent "tell them how and what to think" style is less and less acceptable to critically thinking people.

Every time I see another AJ article on 12160's site, I see more pollution of the purer alternative view that was once present here. Yes, it is my choice to skip the AJ articles here and I do skip them, but I do wonder why anyone feels the need to repeat articles here that already have a well known setting.

Thanks for listening.

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No I think in fact the reverse is true, people who go on about Alex Jones having handlers which is total fiction should be encouraged to quiet down. AJ does not have a personality type that would allow someone to tell him what to do the man shoots in all directions including at patriots occasionally (Debra Medina...) It really is just astounding how much this viewpoint that Zionists are running everything has grown lately on this site especially. I'm not saying they don't have great influence and are i know they are one of the top factions in the "NWO"

Honestly just ignore the infowars.com in the article if you hate jones and read it for content. This shouldn't even be an Issue... I'm sure it will be though.

I'm sure this thread will now turn into the following

1. why Alex Jones is bad (he's not just has his own opinions you might not agree with)

2. Zionists run everything and are hiding under my bed

3. demands for censorship (which I highly doubt will ever happen "12160" the sites name, AJ's Freq on SW)

4. the usual banter between people with a disagreement that goes nowhere and wastes page space.

Let it begin once again..............

Ok I'm not calling for censorship I'm saying if anyone should quiet down it's people who make untrue accusations like Alex Jones is taking orders from someone aka has 'handlers' should stop posting it or post REAL evidence along with it. And yes the people who post planet-x/reptile BS should quiet down as it makes the site look bad as that stuff is blatantly untrue and discredits the whole site.

My #2. Zionists run everything and are hiding under my bed, comment is sarcasm and funny as what I predicted would transpire happened in the first response to my post lol

Uh, TLS, you're welcome to skip over the planet x/reptile BS, lol!

Q: Why do I want people who say Jones is a puppet to be silenced?

A: I don't want them to be silenced at all I just want them to provide proof which I don't believe they can as it's not true from what I've seen and can discern about the man.

And I'm pure Vulcan Logic I KNEW this would be debated I'm rarely illogical. Debates can be fun, also nice to beat the bushes and see what shakes out every now and again.

Wheres the proof? wheres the proof? wheres the proof?

Read it and weep


I really dont know why Im reduced to being your googlebitch.

Good truthseekers QUESTION EVERYTHING with a critical mind.

From your comments all i see and hear is a sheeple in truther clothing.

EMMIS corporation out of israel controls the Alex Jones ":TRUTH" message.....

Try and refute that.....

I am one of the last ones here to defend the guy generally , but I don't think he is an agent of Zionist. Your link certainly doesn't convince me.

I only reply because I thought you were more of a critical thinker

google that : )

Hard to buy the story when the first line horribly inaccurate.
exposed Alex Jones for “being on the Jews’ payroll.”
If you follow the link, he doesn't say this, it says the sunday show broadcast is owned by a jew, that's all, this is truly pathetic.

line 2


The Sirius XM Radio Network not owned by any one man,Jewish or otherwise, its publicly traded stock. You too could loose your ass investing in them.

Why did he join XM? Ego, audience, $$, does not necessarily mean he is part of the cabal.

as for the rest Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Wow, James defending Alex Jones. Never thought I'd see that.

Wow, a reply, a year later

Precisely and well spoken there.  I wont say dont trust ANYTHING from the JONES CLONES cult movement of TRUE Infowars believers off the altar of prophet Alex.... However I will say a cursory search for ALEX JONES PREDICTS comes up with everything from Alex Predicting the mayan calendar to Alex Predicting the World cup 2004, Alex Predicting the titanic disaster to Alex predicting the JFK assassination and date of the moon landing...  The guy has predicted SO MUCH INFO.....

BY NOW he seriously should be strutting around in robes or a Jones size mumu dress...

Besides Alex Jones is just the megaphone mouthpiece.  Paul Joseph Watson, Kurt Nimmo and others are the real powerhouse behind his website stories... Any dope fiend should already know that....

I have never commented on this site, but in this case I totally agree; too much Alex Jones.

OMG!!! This member needs to get a life.  Do I read EVERY article in a magazine? NO.

Do I watch EVERY program on my favorite cable network? NO.

We have many members with varying interests as should be obvious by the many groups we have.  If you have no interest in AJ, nobody is forcing you to read it so please move on to the next article.

Many of our members have jobs and busy lives and simply don't have the time to surf the internet and they appreciate the fact that we include a few of his most popular articles here.



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