The timing of the release of Red Dawn, a remake of the 1984 film based on the invasion of the United States, right as the police state apparatus ostensibly creeps in under the corporate controlled media's radar is uncanny. Clearly there is a foreshadowing element to the release of this film that cinematically parallels the reality of the all enveloping militarized police state at the behest of offshore banking interests hell bent on the all out destruction and domination of America.

Despite the predictive programming aspects of this film that were likely intended to condition Americans to accept the inevitable future looming on the horizon, the spirit of liberty in the Red Dawn movie trailer can not be denied and remains strong. With quotes like, "We inherited our freedom, now it’s up to all of us to fight for it", and "I can't... yes you can. Just relax, and squeeze.", clearly director Dan Bradley and screenwriters Jeremy Passmore and Carl Ellsworth have tapped into the crucial elements of sustained liberty that compel us all to a new day in the face of a Red Dawn.


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y'all need to think.RED DAWN is coming,but it ain't the russians or Chinese we're gonna be's our own government.and it looks like that's what they want,not us.

WoW @ David Sommerfield!

Sorry about not being there for you when you needed me / us.  Honestly, your comments disturbed me, but I didn't find anything wrong with what you said.

Good Luck!

Well, to start with the Chinese don't need to parachute anyplace,they are most likely there just waiting for the order to either move us to camps or just plain take us out,and i don't mean Mc Donalds. I have Chinese friends not in the US. They know they will occupy the US soon,most don't really give a shit. The Chinese economy is imploding right now from their gov. doing the same ours did,spend us into oblivion. However,the US will soon be no more with impending martial law,and the illuminati handing out population reduction. I have watched all this take place for several years,I told people about my thoughts. I have been called many names,some now have a change of heart as now wake up to witness the end of our country.

None are so blind as those who refuse to see. Mr. Patriot and Mr. Somerville...I feel for you. If I had known of your plights, then would have come to your defense in any way that I could. I have been beaten, hospitalized, all but broken, thrown in jail and once put in a Mental Hospital for observation for 24 hours. (I came out astonishingly enough, as "depressed"). I have been in court and fought with all my might and wound up thwarted, laughed at, belittled and un-employed. Then I was burned half to death over my body....yet I survived, and perservere.


I have not given up on my fellow man, and neither should you. There are so many who just want to be left alone. Dammit, that is what all the suffeing and fighting and bickering and arguing was all for...for the last two hundred and fifty years. The right to be just left the Hell Alone!


I understand this, and I know that the incremental encroachment has been just a tiny pin prick one at a time into the side of all the full grown American People, who normally would not take even a modicum of discomfiture within their sacred lives of privacy...

Yet..they only wanted to be left alone, much as it was just prior to WWI, and WWII. Especially WWII. Although tricked into said WWII by FDR and the Conspiracy, the fervor with which Americans waged it was fearsome indeed. America is a sleeping GIANT, and is much more powerful as a citizenry than any other Country upon this planet.


The time is coming, and we may not even live to see it, altho' I hope I will, that America rises as a people again, and none will stand against us...especially the Conspiracy.... That is the whole of the Federal Govt. Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, UN, etc..., etc..., ad nauseum.


I taught my children well, and although they have no reason at this time to give a damn, when the axe falls...I promise you they will rise. Even the die-hard sheople will aid us in over-powering the current administration with over-whelming bleating for help and benefits, then turn upon all of the distribution points that will be unable to fulfill their wants and needs.


All is not lost, and don't be afraid to die... We all have to sometime, and now is just as good a moment as any other.


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