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Geneva (AFP) - The United States said Saturday it was "deeply concerned" and committed to defending Japan after China announced an air zone in the East China Sea that includes disputed islands.

In a move that US ally Japan branded as "very dangerous," China said it was setting up the "air defense identification zone" over the islands administered by Tokyo to "guard against potential air threats."

In similar statements, Secretary of State John Kerry and Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said that the United States was "deeply concerned" about the moves by China, which also scrambled air force jets to carry out a patrol mission in the newly declared zone.

"This unilateral action constitutes an attempt to change the status quo in the East China Sea," Kerry said.

"Escalatory action will only increase tensions in the region and create risks of an incident," the top US diplomat said from Geneva, where he was taking part in talks on reaching an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program.

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  Priapism. Every time Bush41, Bush43, and Obama think of desperate sweaty soldiers living together and sometimes crying or committing suicide, the blood leaves their heads and goes some place else. See 'The Franklin Cover Up', Conspiracy of Silence', and visit Johnny Gosch's mother's website This is sickness in YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD that you must cooperate to rid our nation's capital of, at least. Watching the videos and seeing photographs of Obama or Bush43 evincing symptoms of their disorder convinces me that the military is right in banning gays from the military. The bloody aggression from these three is psychopathic and can only be tolerated by swine.

We don't need to get involved in this mess and we sure can't afford it. You would think with all the radiation floating around that region, China would head in the opposite direction. 

Surely some govt idiots see this as an opportunity to "wipe out the debt." We've been seriously stewing over things in the South China Sea for a couple of years, our defense systems in the Stans,the way we've been sucking up to Japan, (China containment and the Asia Pivot) and our new Arctic roll-out, I think this might be China's line in the sand.

Not looking good at all.

Perhaps Israel should be making known their opinions on this one too?



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