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But such as in Life, it's not always Peaches & Cream, or Royal Crown and Purple Haze Sativa!(I'm currently @ the Boone's Farm "Tickle Pink" & Mexican Dirt Weed level) Nobody likes doing the dirty work but it's necessary in order to rectify the problem it's creating. So the time has finally come, both to Save America's planned & engineered demise from these evil delusional globalists and their cast of Pathetic Puppets, AND also to help continue to be a daily part of contributing to feeding the Truth and "What's really going Down" to Hungry & Awake Minds. All we ask is for whatever a Deplorable Debt Slave, can afford to throw into our meager "basket"  for monthly/yearly expenses 2$, 5$, 25$ $200 will all be appreciated with equal enthusiasm.. We will always be sincere, & eternally grateful with ANY amount,

Thank You & Take Care to you & yours! Good Luck to Everyone in the next couple scary, unpredictable, upcoming weeks! Who knows what these Sinister, Soulless Criminal Bastards will do? And you know they are going to do SOMETHING! They are petrified and unbelievably desperate right now. They smell their demise and are not sitting down for it. Like Venomous Vipers backed into a corner.

 We could be in for one helluva Spooky Be-all, end-all,  All Hallow's Eve,"Trick".....or maybe a well deserved "Treat"?? Let's pray for the cooler, rational heads overseas & abroad to prevail so a WW3 excuse can't be manufactured by Obozo,"The Impostor Usurper" Sotero and his Cheery Choom gang of Chumps, Thieves, Liars & Transtesticles. Then focus on putting the Criminal Clinton Mafia Family where they truly belong, .....In A Federal Prison on Death Row, awaiting an Execution Date from indictments including Espionage,Treason, Collusion, Bribery, & Turncoat Communist Traitors to name a few! By then the Bush clan and the yellow-bellied cowards they are, will have all left to their vast acreage retreat in South America, Good riddance, and Don't let the door hit ya in the ass on the way out!

Long Live Our Republic!

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2 Gun Manual For Nearly EVERY Firearm On The Planet

Hosted on Steve's site.

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 Survival & Health Groups

Gun Bans? Then Make Your Own!



Tanfoglio P19, P38, P40, P45

Tangfoglio MAP1 Semi-Auto Pistols

Tangfoglio TA90

Tangfoglio TZ75

Tantal Sporter Rifle

Taurus 800E

Taurus Pistol

Taurus Pistol Update

Taurus Polymer Pisols

Taurus PT22 & PT25

Taurus PT24/7 OSS

Taurus PT24/7 PRO DS

Taurus PT1911

Taurus Revolver

Taurus Revolver Update

Taurus Rifle

Tavor Assault Rifle Armorer's Manual

Thompson Tommy Gun (2000)

Thompson Tommy Gun Full Auto (1927)

Thompson Tommy Gun Full Auto (1993)

Thompson Center 12ga Muzzleloader Supplement

Thompson Center Black Diamond

Thompson Center Contender

Thompson Center Encore Muzzleloader

Thompson Center Encore Pistol

Thompson Center Encore Rifle

Thompson Center Firehawk

Thompson Center Firestorm

Thompson Center G2 Contender

Thompson Center G2 Contender ML

Thompson Center Hawken

Thompson Center Hunter

Thompson Center Icon

Thompson Center Impact

Thompson Center Northwest Explorer

Thompson Center Omega Muzzleloader

Thompson Center Patriot Supplement

Thompson Center R55

Thompson Center Scout

Thompson Center System1

Thompson Center TCR

Thompson Center TC22

Thompson Center TD22

Thompson Center Thunder Hawk

Thompson Center Triumph

Thompson Center Venture

Thompson Center Warlord

Thompson Center Wildcat Muzzleloader

Thompson Center Woods Muzzleloader

Tikka 558/658

Tiger Head Shotgun

Tikka Master LH

Tikka Master RH

Tikka Popular LH

Tikka Popular RH

Tikka T3 LH

Tikka T3 RH

TISAS Kanuni Pistols

TISAS Zig-M Pistol

TISAS Zigana Pistols

Tokarev Rifles And Carbines

TTN (Now CFA) 1878 Coach Gun

Traditions ALS-2100 Shotgun

Traditions Black Powder Revolver

Traditions Buckhunter Pro Pistol

Traditions Buckstalker Rifle

Traditions Crockett Pistol

Traditions Crockett Rifle

Traditions Deerhunter Rifle

Traditions Double Barrel Shotgun

Traditions Evolution Thunderbolt Tracker Rifle

Traditions Express Double Barrel Shotgun

Traditions Hawken Rifle

Traditions Inline Rifle

Traditions Lightning Ebolt Rifle

Traditions Muzzle Loader

Traditions Outfitter Rifle

Traditions P1381 Derringer

Traditions Pursuit Rifle

Traditions Tip-Up Rifle

Traditions Turkey Pro Shotgun

Traditions Vortek Rifle

Traditions Yukon Rifle

Tristar 1874 Sharps

Tristar Over/Under Shotgun

Tristar Pump Action Shotgun

Tristar Semi-Automatic Shotgun

Tristar Side/Side Shotgun


Uberti 1860, 1858

Uberti 1866

Uberti 1875

Uberti 1876

Uberti 1885 High Wall Rifle

Uberti 1885 Low Wall Rifle

Uberti Black Powder Revolvers

Uberti Henry

Uberti Single Action Revolver

Uberti Top-Break Revolver

Unique Alpine TPG-1

United States Fire Arms Automatic

United States Fire Arms Lightning

United States Fire Arms Single Action

United States Magazine Rifle 1898 Krag Caliber .30

Universal M1 Carbine

Universal Wings Shotgun

U.S. Ordnance MK43

U.S. Sporting Goods EZPA

U.S. Sporting Goods SAB92SF

U.S. Sporting Goods SARPA

U.S. Sporting Goods SARSA

U.S. Sporting Goods SC2010

U.S. Sporting Goods SUNPA

U.S. Sporting Goods Z5

U.S. Sporting Goods Z98, Z99

U.S. Sporting Goods MP94

U.S. Sporting Goods MP220

U.S. Sporting Goods MP221

U.S. Sporting Goods MP300

U.S. Sporting Goods MP453

U.S. Sporting Goods Series 18


UZI Semiautomatic Carbine 9MM Model B

UZI Semiautomatic Carbine .45ACP

UZI Semiautomatic Pistol

UZI Submachine Gun



V22 AR-15 22LR Dedicated Upper

VZ-58 High Capacity Sporter

VZ-58 Military Folder

VZ-58 Military Folder Polymer

VZ-58 Sporter

Valmet 412

Valmet M76

Valmet M88

Valtro 1998-A1

Vector AK-47

Verney-Carron AZUR

Verona O/U Shotgun


Vostok MU, MUY

Vostok TOZ 35

Vostok TOZ 35 Parts


Walther G22

Walther GSP

Walther KK

Walther KSP200

Walther Models L and S

Walther OSP

Walther P5

Walther P22

Walther P38

Walther P88

Walther P99

Walther PA63

Walther PK380

Walther PP-PPK

Walther PPK-PPKS

Walther PPS

Walther Small Bore Rifles

Walther WA2000

Weatherby Athena Orion O/U (Italy)

Weatherby Athena Orion O/U (Japan 1)

Weatherby Athena Orion SxS (Italy)

Weatherby Centurian II Model 82

Weatherby Centurian (Japan)

Weatherby Mark V (German)

Weatherby Mark V (Japan 1)

Weatherby Mark V (Japan 2)

Weatherby Mark V (USA)

Weatherby Mark V Silouette Pistol

Weatherby Mark XXII Clip

Weatherby Mark XXII (German)

Weatherby Mark XXII Tubular

Weatherby Mauser (Belgian)

Weatherby Model 92 Pump

Weatherby Olympian O/U

Weatherby PA-08 Pump

Weatherby Patrician Pump

Weatherby Regency O/U

Weatherby SA-08 Semi-Auto

Weatherby SAS (Italy)

Weatherby SAS (Japan)

Weatherby SxS (Spain)

Weatherby Vanguard

Weatherby Vanguard (1975)

Weirauch 660

Whitney Wolverine

Wildey Survival

Wilkson Sherry

Winchester 52B

Winchester 59

Winchester 61

Winchester 63

Winchester 70

Winchester 70 Supplement

Winchester 88

Winchester 96

Winchester 97

Winchester 100

Winchester 101

Winchester 190

Winchester 270

Winchester 1200

Winchester 1300

Winchester 1400/1500 (USRAC)

Winchester 1400 (Winchester)

Winchester 1885 Centerfire

Winchester 1885 Rimfire

Winchester 1886

Winchester 1886 Supplement

Winchester 1892

Winchester 1894 Crossbolt Safety

Winchester 1894 (Pre-1992)

Winchester 1894 Side Ejection

Winchester 1894 Tang Safety

Winchester 1895

Winchester 1895 Carbine Supplement

Winchester 1895 Takedown Supplement

Winchester 9410 Crossbolt Safety

Winchester 9410 Tang Safety

Winchester 9417 & 9422

Winchester 9422

Winchester Boss Supplement

Winchester Creedmoor Sight

Winchester Select

Winchester Super-X1

Winchester Super-X2

Winchester Super-X2 Practical Supplement

Winchester Super-X2 Sporting Supplement

Winchester Super-X3

Winchester Super-XR

Winchester Supreme

Wyoming Arms Parker



Zastava M57, M70A

ZKK 600, 601, 602


Comment by krys on November 14, 2012 at 1:08pm

Love this page of info - congrats 2 those who put it 2 gether. Really nice.

Comment by truth on November 14, 2012 at 9:26pm

thanks goes to  Kryptonite


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