White House Denies Secession Petitions, Cites Civil War Deaths

Director of Public Engagement for the White House, Jon Carson, finally responded to secession petitions on the White House website.

Instead of addressing each of the state petitions, of which there where several that met the 25,000 signature response level, he responded to an anti-secession petition titled “Deport Everyone That Signed A Petition To Withdraw Their State From The United States Of America.”


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easier to deport the actual 800-1000 real criminals on the Hill than it is to deport 3 million patriots.

We're headed for a clusterfuch boys & girls,

"Let these murderous traitors take the 1st shot.....then give em hell boys": ~Eisenhower

God said He created our US Constitution. We do not want to walk away from the Constitution, but feel the government now in place is unlawful, irresponsible, oppressive, and lawless, refusing to right or hear the legal matters vital to true constitutional government. We refuse to cooperate; and we spiritually withdraw if unable to do it in the natural.    http://www.divine-way.com/withdrawing_from_government_of_united_sta...

God revealed in D&C 98 & 101:77-80 that He created US Constitution. Second Amendment right to own guns means we are America's unpaid army, protection from oppression and take-over.



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