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Picture of DIY carbon tape Taser-proof jacket
I'm sure you're strong enough to protect yourself and your loved ones from the bad guys. But what if a criminal suddenly attacked from behind? And what if he had a Taser?

You can in just one hour make a high-quality Taser / stun gun proof clothing fromyour jackethoodie, trousers, coat or gloves.
All you need to do is just to fix a carbon tape inside your clothes.
Tape is very good conductor of electricity, so the electric current passes through the tape and your body will not cause any harm, you will be perfectly safe.
And most importantly, your clothes appearance did not change, apparently they will remain the same as they wereThey will be as soft and comfortable as they were bacause the carbon tape to the touch like a simple ordinary silk clothBut now they will have a new, unusual property - electroshock weapon proof!
taserDon't tase me, broWikimedia

We've all been there. Right in the middle of a civil disobedience when a law enforcer comes at you with a taser gun and you realise that not only are you about to get neuromuscularly incapacitated, but you look like shit, too.

Hackaday, an internet collective for hackers, have come up with a pretty cool solution: they've discovered that clothing lined with carbon fibre enables you to shrug off those violent electrical currents. They cut open the lining of a coat and attached strips of no sew hem tape topped by carbon fibre tape so that the coat remained flexible. The fibre conducts electricity extremely well, and as the strips were placed close enough together to let the current flow between them, the 'target' was able to absorb the charge without so much as a whimper.

If you wanted to be entirely taser-proof, you could theoretically do this to all your clothes – but maybe it's best to just have one outfit for partaking in activities where you think you might get a good old tasering as a result.

You can check out the hack here

Taser proof jacketA Hackaday user demonstrating the taser-proof jacketVia @shenzhen / Hackaday

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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...

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