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Bob the Super Hamste writes "The St. Paul Pioneer Press is reporting that Andrew Henderson was recording Ramsey County sheriff's deputies frisking a bloody-faced man, who was then loaded into an ambulance by paramedics. Then sheriff's deputy Jacqueline Muellner approached Henderson and confiscated his video camera, stating, 'We'll just take this for evidence,' which was recorded on Henderson's cell phone. On October 30th, Henderson went to the Arden Hills sheriff's office to retrieve his video camera, where he was told where he would have to wait to receive his camera back. A week later, Henderson was charged with obstruction of legal process and disorderly conduct, with the citation stating, 'While handling a medical/check the welfare (call), (Henderson) was filming it. Data privacy HIPAA violation. Refused to identify self. Had to stop dealing with sit(uation) to deal w/Henderson.' In mid November, Henderson went back to the sheriff's office to attempt to retrieve his camera and get a copy of the report when Deputy Dan Eggers refused. ... Jennifer Granick, a specialist on privacy issues at Stanford University Law School, states that the alleged violation of HIPAA rules by Andrew Henderson is nonsense, stating, 'There's nothing in HIPAA that prevents someone who's not subject to HIPAA from taking photographs on the public streets, HIPAA has absolutely nothing to say about that.'" The article notes that the Deputy in question basically told the guy he was arrested for being a "buttinski" and recording someone in the midst of a violent mental health breakdown. Supposedly the footage was deleted from the camera while in police custody.

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I guess, soon it will be against the law to carry not only a gun, but any recording device, to protect the police. We have lost our nation, to Tyranny, we are a Police State already. We have millions of laws, and the cops tell you any resistance to their demands is a felony. Either you totally submit and surrender or you have interfered with the officer. Well I guess it's time for me to buy a gun, a big gun and to carry it openly. Ready to use. It worked in 1776, now we have to enforce our Rights, or die. The Homeland Security is buying millions of rounds of Ammo, to use against WHOM? Certainly not to protect our borders, maybe it's that part about reducing the population of the world to 500 million TOTAL. So I guess that will mean only about 30,000 in America. 15,000 cops,and 15,000 politicians. IF you want to Restore not Change America Google my name, and pick the first link listed.



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