Radio Rights Performance Act - More Repeats From Yesterday and Today!

There is a new bill that congress is trying to pass, that may bring radio stations off air if they cannot pay this tax.   This is bad for many public, school, and commercial broadcasters.    Please tell congress "no!"      It's a tax to restrict the play lists from being expanded.   Means if this bill passes there will be a such thing as repeats, and variety of music will go downhill.   I guess congress likes musical repetition and same song played over and over again. I have heard about this on my local FM station, and I want to share it with everyone here who probably is in the radio broadcast industry.   Now its going to be 5 songs in a row if this bill gets passed.  And thing called "song requesting" will be history.   This will make the program director pick and choose songs that will be played so many times and then pay a huge tax after so many plays.    Radio will suck!     And get this too,  one day DJing will suck, professional mobile DJ's will fall under this same rule and will restrict their playlists.  Partying will become hell.    Stop this tax!  No need for repeats on your favorite local radio station.   Do you want to hear from the DJ.sorry, but I cannot play that song.      

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If you’re one of the 235 million people who listen to radio each week, a tax could reduce the variety of music radio stations play, and all but eliminate the possibility of new artists breaking onto the scene. The
tax could particularly affect smaller, minority-owned stations, some of
which may have to switch to a
talk-only format or shut down entirely. 

Do you want radio to sound like a blah-blah-blah format??   Or can you do something about it.   The bumper music will be suppressed as well from the Alex Jones Show,  AM and FM radio will soon sound like talk radio with annoying commercials.  

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