Files FOIA requests for security footage and threatening emails

Steve Watson |
March 16, 2012

Jon Corbett, the engineer turned blogger who recently exposed critical flaws in the TSA’s body scanners, has filed three more lawsuits against the agency in a bid to bolster his position.


Following the release and subsequent viral spread of Corbett’s video demonstrating how the TSA’s radiation firing scanners can easily be bypassed, when carrying metal objects, the TSA reportedly threatened mainstream media reporters and “strongly cautioned” them not to cover the story.

Corbett explains on his blog TSA Out of Our Pants!, that feedback he received from readers indicate that they wish to see a whole video of Corbett walking through the checkpoints, as well as the full text of the threatening e-mails that TSA Spokeswoman Sari Koshetz allegedly sent to journalists.

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A mini story for future use as proof someone warned them but no one believed.

The date is June 3rd. 2029.

Somewhere in Region 1 of the OWG.

Mother, " Honey, why are you crying, its the third time this month."

Daughter, "Its ok, mother, I'll stop in a minute"

Mother, "But why are you crying, tell me"

Daughter, "its..Its because... because the Doctor,,,, he says he doesn't understand why I can't get pregnet.

He says I'm healthy and he did all the tests and he just says to keep trying.

Mother, '" Does Jim have the problem, Has the Doctor tested him"?.

Daughter, "Yes mother, the problem is with me."

Mother, "What does the Doctor say is wrong with you?

Daughter, Mother we have sex two or three a week and right before my period every night for three days

and I told the Doctor that and all he says is to just keep trying".

Ding dong, Door bell rings end of conversation.

Next Day,

Daughter, " Mom can we finish what we were talking about yesterday?"

Mom, "sure Honey,,were where we,,, you know I'm not all that up on all this modern medicine stuff.

Your father, would have been the one to tell you what to do".

Daugher, "Mom there is two girls in my class at nightschool who have the same problem and we got to talking about it, and one of them says she knows why we can't get pregnet.

Mom, "Well,,, tell me what she says, why?"

Daughter, "Mom, Do you remember when dad was alive and we had to fly all thoes times to Denver so we could visit him at the airport, you know when I was 9 and 10 and daddy was so happy we could come and we maybe,, went 20 times before the accident in the Lab and dad was killed, you remember mother?.

Mom, "Yes I remember".

Daughter, Well, do you remember the first time we flew there... and that man wanted to feel my body and,, and I slapped him on his face and we nearly got arrested and missed the flight and daddy was so mad at those rude people that he flew to Washington and had a meeting with that terrable lady from the Government and came home and almost quit his job at the research labritory over it,,, and the government sent him letter saying they were sorry and suggested we use the Body Search Machine in the future.

Mother, "You Mean the Full Body Scanner that they used in those days, They call them Body Search Machine now."

Daughter, "Ok the Full Body Scanner, whatever, and you made me use them so the men or ladys never touched my body again. you remember?"

Mom, "Yes I do remember, that was a horrible day, I didn't like that, being put in that room with no windows and them threating to give you over to the CPS because you slaped the man when he pulled down you panties to look at your bumb. I,, I was so scared,,, and very proud of you, and"

Daughter, "Mon I was so scared, too" I dream about it once in a while you know".

Mother, " No dear, you never told me that".

To be continued... there is alot more to the story. Its not just fiction, 'you know'.....



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