The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has successfully recovered personal and work emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, according to a new report.

Sources told Bloomberg News that some of Clinton’s emails have been extracted from the server, thus disproving the claim that Clinton managed to wipe her server clean after she deleted all of her emails earlier this year.

Therefore, some of the emails that Clinton deleted — the ones that she determined were NOT relevant to federal investigations — are now in the hands of the FBI.

The federal investigation, therefore, is now out of Clinton’s control.

Breitbart News has extensively reported that Clinton’s server, which was managed by a handful of companies including Denver-based Platte River Networks before it was turned over to the FBI in August, might have contained data relevant to the investigation.


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What are we to expect from this alleged recovery of personal and work emails other than a drawn-out series of narratives as a continuation of the seemingly perpetual control dramas?

Is the story of their deletion just made up?  Surely, there has been enough time to 'manage' the email content--deleted or not deleted--to do damage control for the cabal and the big lie machine.

Have the insiders who covered-up the JFK assassination evidence, OK City bombing evidence and the 9-11 evidence been purged from the FBI?  Hardly.

Stay tuned.  "They" have it all planned out and know what is best for all humanity.

Edward you have nailed it!

It is comforting to read posts like yours because it shows you've done your homework for a while now and have probably exposed many of your friends to the real news which I have also done. Eventually there will be an exponential increase in the number of people in the know which will trigger the masses to push back.

In my case though, I have only succeeded in alienating literally everyone I know. They all think I'm completely out to lunch with 911, Sandy Hook, and the Boston Bombings.

Is my lack of success in bringing people to truth because the majority of people in the DC outskirts are so completely brainwashed that they are irretrievable or is it more likely to be as the result of a poor delivery?

Do you still have all or most of your friends? 

There are two conclusions to be reached from this announcement. Hillary could not be exonerated unless the FBI claimed that all emails were recovered. This is the requisite to clear her of all charges. Conversely, the federal government elite based upon the polling (Trump, Fiorina, Carson) are terrified that the public has woken up. Exposing a 1st term congressmen from Hooterville for corruption will not suffice. They need to prosecute someone of the highest profile to prove that they are not criminals. In short, the Clintons may be sacrificed in an attempt to convince the sheep that the government is not a criminal enterprise.

Excellent speculation BJ.

The long and the short is that we know their plan is still working on the majority of Americans and that is not good.

Nothing to see here. Psychopaths and terrorists are inside the Beltway. They don't punish themselves. The system is set up to punish "Joe Sixpack" not war criminals, mass murderers and traitors.

It's just another day of "The air is safe to breath and the water is safe to drink" FDNY, first responders, and everyone else not in their cabal.

Guess who was taking Cipro as a precaution for Anthrax BEFORE the antrax spores were sent in the mail?

You got it now?

I knew a long time ago, that she may have deleted them from her computer or phone, but that they would still be in the server's system, ha, ha.

I have this strange feeling, that the so-called files which the FBI have recovered, will prove nothing - and Hillary will come out of this...looking like an honest candidate.

"What remains to be disclosed is the number and nature of the emails they're able to extract from the server."




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