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"Kyle Martin (cabin owner's son) told Anderson Cooper live : "the cops had actually searched the cabin about two days ago" #Dorner

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN ANCHOR: OK. This press conference is ending with San Bernardino local authorities and the word is basically the most we know right now is what you see. For the last several hours, police have had a coordinated response between local, state and federal authorities. They believe in the cabin that you see engulfed in flames was a suspect named Christopher Dorner.

That has not been confirmed even in the most recent press conference. They believe it because people who had a pickup truck stolen earlier in the day identified the man who was stealing the vehicle as Christopher Dorner. He was pursued into this cabin that is now on fire. There was a result in gun battle between him and two deputy sheriffs from San Bernardino, one of them wound up losing his life. The other we're told is going to be OK.

From that point on, all we know basically is what you see. CNN has been on the story from the beginning. We will continue our coverage. I'm going to hand it now to Anderson Cooper -- Anderson.

ANDERSON COOPER, CNN ANCHOR: Chris, thanks very much. A lot to talk about, obviously, the story is what is happening right now in the woods in Big Bear. There you see the fire that has been raging now probably for at least half an hour or so.

Joining me on the phone is Kyle Martin who's the son of the woman who owns the cabin where this tactical operation is under way.

Kyle, as you see these -- I assume you're watching these images of this cabin up in flames. How big a cabin is this?

KYLE MARTIN, CABIN OWNER: It's pretty big. It's actually more than one cabin. It's actually got five smaller cabins and she -- my mother rents them out.

COOPER: I understand that you were watching TV or your mother was watching TV when she saw her cabin basically surrounded by authorities. What happened?

MARTIN: I wasn't with her. I was actually talking to my sister. She was with my mother. And she texted me and she's like, oh, the cops had actually searched the cabin about two days ago. And then she texted, she's like, oh, that looks like our -- mom says it's out road. And then it ended up being our cabin.

COOPER: Now this cabin, I understand, did not have -- according to your mother, from an earlier report, did not have phone, did not have television, did not have Internet. Is that correct?

MARTIN: Yes, that's correct.

COOPER: Were there any -- (CROSSTALK)

MARTIN: It has in the past, but yes.

COOPER: Does it have electricity?


COOPER: Was there anybody in the cabin? Was it being rented?

MARTIN: No. No, there was no one there. There shouldn't be anyone there.

COOPER: And you said the cabin was searched about two days ago?

MARTIN: I think it was, yes, about two days ago. I guess it wasn't -- they just kind of looked around. It wasn't a real thorough search from what I hear. Obviously, I wasn't there.

COOPER: When you see -- I mean, I assume you've been to this cabin. When you see what's happening right now, what is going through your mind?

MARTIN: Yes, well, I actually just got home. I've been hearing about it on the radio in the car, and then when I got home, we turned on the TV. And actually see it burning, it's kind of like a shock. It's like, whoa, I mean, you know, memories are burning right there.

COOPER: Was there anything in the cabin that could have contributed to a fire, to your knowledge, ammunition, firearms, propane, anything?

MARTIN: I know it was run by propane. So -- but I believe the propane was off. No ammunition or firearms that I know of. It also has a basement, though, so --

COOPER: How big a -- how big a basement?

MARTIN: Probably about 800 square foot.

COOPER: And it's a basement you can actually stand up in? Or is it sort of a crawl space? What? How big is it?

MARTIN: No -- no, yes, there's stairs that lead down to them, and yes, once you're down there, you can -- then, you know, it's high, 10 feet high, eight feet high.

COOPER: Kyle, I appreciate you -- talking to you. I know it's got to be surreal. If you could just stay with us on the phone, I also want to bring in former FBI assistant director Tom Fuentes.

Tom, you have been helping us through this operation. As you see this cabin now, what is going through your mind in terms of where this operation may be?

TOM FUENTES, FORMER FBI ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: Well, I have the same question everyone else does, where's the body? Is he still inside there or is he out? Did they actually go in and search it to make sure -- including the basement out to make sure that there's nobody else in there that we don't know about that's innocent?


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