Person in Cabin Tried to Escape out the Back When Fire Started. He was “Pushed” Back in !!! - #Dorner

SBPD: We didn't mean to burn the cabin down,

but we were using the same pyrotechnic tear gas as the FBI did at Waco. (Video )

by Scott Creighton

UPDATE: Watch the San Bernardino sheriff’s press conference. “uncomfortable” is an understatement. The deputy asked to answer the questions about Dorner being across the street from their headquarters makes it clear that he was there from Thursday, the start of the investigation in Big Bear. In other words, he seems to have moved into that location around the same time the investigation moved to Big Bear.

UPDATE: While the cabin was burning and they were “pushing” the suspect back inside to burn, the president was defending the use of drones and other “capabilities” in his extra-judicial assassination program, claiming the authority (based on secret letters) to continue to kill those deemed hostile to our “national interests” anywhere in the world at anytime… including San Bernardino California according to the NDAA 2012.

"I Don't Know How To Respond To The Recordings" Frm FBI Dir On LAPD Tapes Saying BURN IT DOWN

"I Don't Know How To Respond To The Recordings"

Frm FBI Dir On LAPD Tapes Saying BURN IT DOWN


Christopher Dorner , Shoot Out ( Big Bear cabin ) Raw Footage

Shoot Out ( Big Bear cabin ) Raw Footage



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Comment by apeman2502 on February 14, 2013 at 3:10pm

  All for Molloch. 9-11, Sandy Hook, Fukushima, the DH oil well in the Gulf of Mexico. Coincidentally, that is Bush41's name at the Church of England's Skull and Bones Society out of Yale college. Nothing here? I think there is. he was #1 in deregulation of the stock markets and banking so it could be looted by forces friendly to The City of London, but that takes some study to see clearly. War is war and it is not pretty nor does it taste good to sane people. I do what I can. Duh..........LIBOR. Watch what happens after the novelty of throwing Benny the Rat under the bus wears off. LIBOR still is the biggest news as of the past year or two. Papal leaders have been raping and murdering children for centuries. It doesn't bother catholics except for the slow children among them.


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