Pete Santilli Framed:Vinny Eastwood/Susanne Posel Dis-Information Circus Dupes Anonymous

Pete Santilli Framed:Vinny Eastwood/Susanne Posel Dis-Information Circus Dupes Anonymous

It’s time to take out some Fake Socialist Journalist’s

Here’s a 1 hour summary by Pete Santilli on Thursday November 14, 2013 

The life of my friend and fellow American Patriot, Radio Show Host Pete Santilli has been turned upside down by  false or fabricated claims as of late ….

So what’s  really going on here? Who’s keeping score? Ladies and Gentlemen, I will right what’s wrong in this sick and twisted screwjob/conspiracy of defamation. Pete Santilli is the most controversial, articulate and passionate patriots in all of radio.  His show broadcasts daily at 10am-2pm PST / 12pm-4pm CST / 1pm-5pm EST, and you can join him in his private chat during the live show.  Pete is a former U.S. Marine, corporate executive with Bell-South and Coca-Cola, and a small business owner as a professional Consumer Advocate. If you have made an enemy in Pete Santilli you can bet you deserved it.

He is not one to mix words and if you are trying to mess with him he will defend himself. He will tell you exactly what he thinks of you and with the same passion he goes after the scumbags in government, he will go after you.  If you don’t want to be called a name or two and told to go fuck yourself, it’s best to not ever try to co-opt him. He will get in your face if you deserve it, male or female.

He can be your best friend or your worse enemy. He has been known to spend hours helping other journalist get their websites up and running and host dozens of people on his network who have new radio programs. He never charges them a dime for promotion and boost their careers.

Even Posel was a recipient of his generosity. Pete Santilli got her her first radio show on RBN and AFR by insisting to both John Stadtmiller and Danny Romero he would not join their networks unless they gave her a radio show too.  He selflessly gives money to journalist in need and even Eastwood took advantage of that generosity when he was down to his last penny and didn’t have money to pay his rent.   Santilli wired him the money. When Susanne Posel had an axe to grind with other alternative media outlets and journalist she readily used Pete’s friendship and nature to protect his own to go after her enemies. It’s well documented the people he went after on her behalf.  And now that he has isolated himself against those people they are the very ones picking up her banner and running with it.   Eastwood now claims Pete Santilli stole his idea of Guerilla Media Network, and I for one, being around when the whole thing went down, can tell you that is another lie.

After Pete was fired from AFR for going after a well deserving asshole named James Fetzer, he tried for months to contact Eastwood.  Eastwood refused to speak with Santilli who had been in talks with the NZ Pedo lover to join forces to create a network.  After Pete had spent thousands of dollars and put in months of work on the network Vinny Eastwood disappears and refuses to discuss the matter.  Pete decided he was moving forward with the project with or without Eastwood.  When he asked Posel to quit AFR and help him by relocating her show exclusively with GMN, Posel refused and a few days later left GMN to go work with Vinny Eastwood.

She lied to Santilli and said she was quitting because her husband was going back to work a real job because they were about to go on food-stamps if he didn’t. Pete was gracious and even told his listeners to still read her work until she and Vinny came out with a youtube video slamming him and his network and accusing him of stealing Vinny Eastwoods intellectual property. Vinny Eastwood walked away from a project —- refused to talk to Pete Santilli —– and then blast him months later saying he had stolen from him.  What a load of garbage!!!  Vinny Eastwood is a baffoon who has never stepped foot in America and is now trying to say he owns the idea of Guerilla Media.  Google guerilla media and see what happens — Eastwood will be suing a lot of people.  At one point Santilli offered to give  the web-site to Eastwood only to get a letter from Posel’s so called attorney Rachel Hunter threatening him to which Santilli responded Fuck you Eastwood I’m going to keep it just to piss you off.  End of story.  And thats why Posel and Eastwood justify this criminal attack.  Oh and Pete called Posel a cunt to her face. True story.

Pete is a fearless Constitutionalist and exercises his First Amendment rights in his personal life as well as every on-air presentation and that’s why they want to shut him down!! He came under attack starting a month ago on October 13, 2013 and the attack still continues.  It has resulted in death threats against himself, his family and close associates, including other alternative media personalities.  Hackers who teamed up with Vinny Eastwood and Susanne Posel even threatened to rape his daughter.  Some went so far as to suggest everyone print off her photo, jack-off on it and mail it to Pete.  How sick is that shit.  The scumbags of alternative media perpetrated the hate crimes against Santilli and now you’re going to learn what real pieces of shit they really are.

This all came about due to the Ride for the Constitution truck rally which took place in Washington DC October 11-13th of this year. Santilli’s own Guerilla Media Network promoted the event 100% and it was wildly popular nationally in the main stream media … and what does Pete get in return for his kindness?   Nothing but blatant lies on cheap internet radio and YouTube smear campaigns by socialist scumbags not only who hate America; one wanna-bem hacker/journalist is from New Zealand. Blanket statements with no evidence to prove that Pete  Santilli had stolen $500,000.00 in donations that were meant to fuel trucks for the protest….there is no evidence of this ever happening. It is all dis-information being put out by Susanne Posel and Vinny Eastwood; Fake AM/FM Internet Radio nobody’s. Frankly, I’m calling these chumps out because I and other journalists in AM radio have sacrificed everything to get to where we are today and haven’t taken any shortcuts. I am a respected broadcaster on NBC KCAA 1050 AM,  and on LA Talk Radio which is ranked  # 8 on Talkers Magazine.

I, like others in alternative media, still operate with integrity. What I’m saying is; I have enough experience to say that from the looks of things  (Posel and Eastwood) planned this character assassination campaign against my pal Pete Santilli.  It has become malicious and actually crossed the line into outright criminality. I do my own thing as you all know, but this matter has become so big that I must interject. I’ve been watching this unfold from afar waiting for the right time to respond and to bring some well deserved justice to our network throughout all this defamation blatant defamation and slander. I can honestly say that Pete and the rest of the GMN Staff’s tireless work ethic is not only valiant but honorable in these dishonest times, a work ethic that helped bring the Ride for the Constitution protest into mainstream consciousness.

Is Pete Santilli FBI? These claims are nothing but outrageous blatant lies with no evidence to support such an allegation. Pete being accused of working as an informant for the FBI is laughable and  flat out defamation! Eastwood should be embarrassed. There is “NOTHING” but fraudulent and manufactured evidence to support these phony AM Radio Station wanker’s propaganda.  The fact of the matter is that the integrity of Anonymous should be questioned if they are so easily swayed by Eastwood — the socialist pineapple chucker ! Now ask yourselves, how credible are these attackers ?  Why do they hate Pete so much?

These rumors were spread by a Socialist dirtbag and a gaggle of failing radio show host like Vinny Eastwood, Susanne Posel and some hacker named Evan Koser. Posel and Eastwood among others go on these two-bit rinky dink radio broadcasts to spew their bullshit story that Pete Santilli stole $500,000.00 from the truckers all over the web until it infected the Internet like a spreading virus —– and they did it without any proof. This smear campaign against my Brothers and Sisters over at GMN must stop!!!  Thats why I am devoting 110% of my time and I’m just the guy to set the record straight. Punching the loudmouth metro-sexual, freeloading pig vomit, scum sucker Vinny Eastwood, right in the mouth with truth.    

Here is the slanderous interview Eastwood posted as a special report on Sunday October 13, 2013 that got the lie started:

Eastwood Interview with Fleming:

Eastwood:  There was $500,000.00 in the account and it is all gone and it appears that Pete Santilli might have been the one to steal it?

Fleming: Yes Sir, (PAUSE) Well …. that’s what I’m asking here … where the money is.

Fleming does not accuse Santilli of stealing anything she asked where is the money?  She gives no explanation as to why she is asking or where she even got the $ amount … She simply continues on that she is suspicious of everyone especially Pete Santilli because she doesn’t like him.  Fleming a volunteer who connected with Zeeda Andrews on face book, was left in charge of the Trucker twitter account.  Zeeda herself said she had no idea who Dena Fleming was … she was someone who volunteered and seemed okay online.

Fleming talks about tweeting the info and spreading a rumor without facts:

Fleming: I got on there and started tweeting away: Pete Santilli Where’s the money? And they started calling me a troll a hacker and everything else.

Eastwood:  He just instantly starts accusing everybody  of the things that he is. (Note Pete Santilli was not even paying attention to the chat room)

Fleming: Exactly and everybody knows that when you start pointing the finger at everybody else you’ve got three pointing back at you. So boom there ya go. (Note: Fleming was banned by a moderator not Pete Santilli … Many people were banned that day … Pete didn’t even know who Dena Fleming was until after the event and Eastwood posted that ridiculous interview)

Eastwood I hope there are now currently 300 million American fingers pointing at Mr. Pete Santilli.  And lets hope it’s the middle finger.

Fleming: Yeah I hope so …(nervous laugh) Eastwood: How many truckers got betrayed here?

Fleming: There’s no way of knowing unless you’re in DC right now

Eastwood: Because we’ve heard reports that there was only about 65 trucks that turned up …. This could be because of the fact that all of the money got stolen.

FlemingThere’s something shady going on I’m not 100 percent sure … I’m just asking questions:

Eastwood:  And the fact that those questions aren’t being answered is deeply concerning.

Fleming: Exactly Sir … (nervous laugh) Whatever … they’re … obviously somethings going on that they’re trying to cover up …. a lot of people have been deceived including myself … and I feel horrible for my role in that maybe I should start listening more to know what I know is right and wrong.

EastwoodWell this actually makes me feel really bad because I’ve had a personal history with Santilli … Susanne Posel included … We really wanted to see him stumble so massively that he would fall forever … And now we potentially have that opportunity … to see this person who has done us wrong and so many other people wrong … actually go down and be black listed forever …. and we’ve been kinda celebrating … and I kinda forgot for a moment that he really hurt a lot of people here. 


Dena Flemming

Who is Dena Fleming:  Dena  Fleming from Ft. Worth Texas age 40, is the woman Vinny Eastwood brought to his show to level the accusation that Pete Santilli had stolen $500,000.00 of donations meant to fuel trucks for the protest.  But even though Vinny used that to headline his video is that really what Dena Fleming said?  No it is not. Right from the beginning Ms. Fleming says she is just asking IF money was stolen.  She back peddles on the number and  instead of questioning her about her motives, Eastwood immediately goes into his usual diatribe about Pete Santilli being a psychopath and Ms. Fleming —who doesn’t even know Santilli —- robotically agrees. In that interview Dena Fleming says over and over ”I don’t know about the money” and ”that’s what I’d like to know, I’m just asking, where the money went.”   Never at any point did she give any proof about what she was saying nor did any organizer accuse Pete Santilli of stealing any donations and still haven’t to this day. Pete Santilli was not the only person Dena Fleming was accusing in that interview.

Fleming also accused Zeeda Andrews one of the original organizers of also of not answering her question of where is the money, a fact Vinny Eastwood now easily glosses over in his recent interview with Zeeda once again using his bias against Pete Santilli as a platform for his ongoing defamation.  For Vinny Eastwood and Susanne Posel it either didn’t matter that this woman had no proof of what she was saying or they were clearly setting the groundwork of a future media campaign that they hoped would end the career of Pete Santilli. Every person associated with organizing that protest has said Pete Santilli never had a thing to do with any money and stole nothing, but Posel and Eastwood rage on and on for over a month now.  Not because they want you to know the truth but because they have a personal vendetta. It went from, Santilli stole money from the truckers, to hijacked the truckers, to FBI informant in a matter of days.  How many times are these scumbags going to change their story?  What are they going to come up with next?  Will anyone ever believe anything these two have to say again?

These low life scum suckers along with low level hackers fueled by the hateful lie posted by some unknown troll named Evan Koser —- who as far as I can tell has no ties to Anonymous —hacked into Pete’s E-fax account and faked a fax they say was sent to the FBI by Santilli begging for help. Now they want you to believe that, okay well,  Santilli didn’t steal any money but you can believe us when we use the same kind of journalism to say he’s an FBI Agent?  They waste all of our time stalking the guy and making shit up just to get clicks.  Evan Koser reported a lie about the money, do we really think it is below this troll to fake a fax?   I’ve seen the screenshots of him and Eastwood planning meetings in a hacker room … I know the truth!!





Evan Koser: 24 years old from Sharpsburg Pennsylvania USA.  Works at a Walmart and claims to be a law student at Duquesne University. Frequents a notorious hacker forum where he started the attack on Pete Santilli. Printed false information and solicited the help of Vinny Eastwood and Susanne Posel. Mr. Koser along with help from Posel and Eastwood would lead to the illegal hacking of Pete Santilli’s servers and the photoshopping of a falsified fax so Posel and Eastwood could claim Santilli was an FBI informant. Koser first contacted Eastwood via twitter:  This was on Saturday, October 12, 2013,  during the trucker protest.Price of Liberty: Evan Koser Guerilla Media: Vinny Eastwood T2SDA:  Dena Fleming Koser first contact Eastwood Koser tells eastwood he will wait to hear from hear from him

 Koser invites Eastwood to Hacker Forum
Eastwood responds to Koser

Evan Koser was the first to write an article accusing Pete Santilli of stealing money from the truckers.  Evan says to Eastwood  he was in the Pete Santilli Show chat-room during the coverage of  the protest when Dena Fleming among others came in and started asking where’s the $500,000.00 and Pete Where’s the money?  He then says he immediately started searches on Pete Santilli and summarized from a video Vinny had out about Santilli that he must be a bad guy.  He says during the interview with Eastwood  ”I started looking into this Santilli guy and that’s how I found you and listened to it and was like woahhhhh” So, Mr. Koser is telling us that based on what Vinny Eastwood and Susanne Posel said in a slanderous youtube video back in March of this year, he  wrote an article accusing Pete Santilli of stealing donations without any further research?  While this kid may be naive Eastwood surely is not and there is further evidence that connects Eastwood and Posel to Evan Koser and may indicate the article written by Evan Koser was pre-planned for release before his interview with Eastwood. Eastwood  lied in a recent interview saying he  was the first person to initiate contact with people in the movement about Santilli and I think we can see from the twitter above and by listening to the interview that is simply not true.

In the second half of the article Koser wrote about Pete Santilli, Koser uses information from an article written by Susanne Posel who falsely used the name of Susannah Cole as the writer.  Susannah Cole is the co/host on The Pete Santilli Show and says she had nothing to do with that article and Posel used her name to get optimal search results when someone googled Pete Santilli. If that’s not dirty enough, in recent days Posel has gone back into that article and added more content updating it to match her recent attack on Pete Santilli on her website.  Clearly Evan Koser was being guided to evidence Posel herself had falsely planted on the web. You can find the article written by Susanne Posel (not Susannah Cole) here.All bullshit BTW.

Was Mr. Koser duped by Posel and Eastwood? Not a chance because evidence shows Mr. Koser already had an online presence and was about to show Mr. Eastwood and his side-kick Susanne Posel how to bring down a talk-show host they don’t like. Vinny has stated over and over in interviews he will stop at nothing to bring down Santilli now that he has people who back him up.

In the days following the release of his article and interview with Eastwood and Posel Mr. Koser can be seen in online chat-rooms frequented by hackers dropping links to his article and the interview he did with Eastwood — in an attempt to peak the interest of the online gang in hopes they would go after Pete Santilli.

And they did — based on fabricated evidence and allegations.

Since the release of his article and interview with Eastwood and Posel, Evan Koser has become somewhat of an enigma and as many in independent media predicted the focus would turn away from the trucker movement and the spotlight would be turned on Vinny and Susanne and their mission to rid alternative media of their arch nemesis Pete santilli. In their insane march forward to convict Pete Santilli at all costs, Susanne Posel and Vinny Eastwood turned to the dark side of the internet to assist them in collecting the bogus information needed to start a fire they had hoped would once and for all get rid of Pete Santilli.  Posel and Eastwood were willing to become criminals to make it appear that Pete Santilli was a criminal ….

Now isn’t that ironic.

Recently Koser can be seen in the hacker rooms trying to drum up some more hatred to get directed at Pete Santilli. This was posted on November 06 2013

Evan Koser trying to get momentum going again



In the early morning of Monday October 14, 2013 at 4:04 am Zeeda Andrews contacted Susannah Cole and asked her to remove her from the web-site because she feared the government had infiltrated it via Dena Fleming, Susanne Posel, Vinny Eastwood and Evan Koser. She also mentioned Susanne Posel hating Pete’s guts and that the web-site could be under FBI control by the Government.  Susannah thought this was a strange thing for her to say at the time but now it makes sense.  Obviously Posel had already gotten to Andrews and fed her the FBI story.
The web-master was contacted and was told Zeeda wanted nothing to do with the site anymore and he didn’t have to forward her any passwords.  The site was originally shut down because of accusations made by Dena Fleming and Eastwood via Koser.  There were also concerns the site had been compromised. The site was closed down and migrated to a different server in hopes ddos attacks against the web-site would cease.  As per “her request” Andrews was never reinstated to the site and all donation buttons were deactivated.
Screen shot 2013-11-08 at 2.37.10 AM
Zeeda and Posel are now claiming Pete Santilli locked her out of the web-page and replaced her pay-pal button with his own personal account. As per usual, AGAIN, nobody has any idea how much money was stolen by Santilli.   And this one gets even better!!
Talking to a reporter from we learned that  Posel and Zeeda
Approached him with a story last week  claiming Pete had stolen money from a Ben Swann fund-raiser.
Vinny even went as far as to say just that in an interview he did with some fat guy that doesn’t know shit about 911.
While Vinny removed what he said from his post of the interview (Because he slipped up and told a lie about something he might actually get in trouble for)
the fat man who doesn’t know shit about 911, left the remark in.  Quick Vinny tell him to clean that shit up. too late, we already got it.
Now the reporter from says the two woman from the internets gave him the heads up on a URL of some so called
pay-pal account that links directly back to Pete Santilli.  Imagine that ….. Almost laughable.
Now now this crazy bitch Susanne Posel, says she has yet another document that proves
beyond a shadow of a doubt Pete Santilli is a thief. Come on Posel which one is it a thief or an FBI informant?
Maybe you should go back to your hacker friends and get your story straight.  Did they post his real pay-pal account or did they  use the personal information they
took from Santilli’s server and open up a brand new for him?  Not hard to do considering your new friends roamed around in that server for God only knows how long!!
Anything a person needed to set up an account in Pete Santilli’s name was posted all over the internet.
Pete was pretty easy pickens for you whores.
I bet you and Vinny Laughed and Laughed and laughed …
SS card, address, email account, drivers license, banking information and a Posel stroked hard on for
Pete Santilli can make a lot of misguided people do some pretty shitty things on the internets.
All in the name of truth? Right Susanne?
Thank God Ben Swann is nobodies fool.  Because the frenzy you had Michael whipped up in would have cost him his job if he had printed that shit.
Ben Swann pulled the article.




In an interview I conducted with Pete over the Phone he explained to me that : 

They hacked the FTP access to one of my old backup servers, and then published a list of my passwords including to my E-FAX  in the hacker threads. Then they bragged about it along with posting all of my personal information. All of the passwords I had listed on that server were posted to the internet including the password to My Efax Account. A notification was sent to my email 10-28-12 @ 2:38pm PST that a fax had been sent.  

DOCUMENTS FAXED BY PETE SANTILLI ARE ALWAYS SENT >>>>>> “PACIFIC STANDARD TIME”. WHY IS THIS FAX STAMPED GMT (EUROPEAN) AND WHY ARE THE TIME-STAMPS ON THE TWO DOCUMENTS DIFFERENT? The screenshot taken of the original fax that was sent from Pete Santilli’s (Hacked) fax account is clearly not the same FAX shown in the story posted by Susanne Posel.  Susanne Posel posted a faked document from a hacker web-site without even looking at it. Why would she do that? Despite her pattern of plagiarism, Posel is supposed to be a world renowned investigative journalist?   The fact Santilli’s E-fax was hacked and then a fax was sent from Europe at different times than the fax was originally accessed should have been noticed and reported by Posel and Eastwood. Why wasn’t it?  Did they read the fax, or were they too busy photoshopping?

 Two documents posted to the hackers forum were used by Susanne Posel in her article about Santilli.  Note the difference in the time stamp and what time zone they are being transmitted from. Also, look closely and you will see one cover sheet says Operation Overtruck and the other says Operation Outruck Comprimised …and… Just for information purposes … Posel’s servers are reportedly now housed in the UK. TIME STAMPS_FBI FAX

AN ADOBE ANALYST Forensic Interpretation OF THE FAX:
  Shows Compression artifacts around only the text and not the background. This proves that this ‘text layer’ was added separately to the background. Unfortunately the composer of this document doesn’t understand that compression artifacts are carried with separate layers in photoshop and not just the document as a whole. Shows that although we’re lead to believe that the fax had been screwed up then photocopied/scanned, there is no distortion within the text type font and appears to only be on the background paper layer. Proving without doubt that the text layer was added over the top of the paper layer. Shows an image artifact at the bottom of the document, this is either a crude attempt to rub out something on the text layer or more likely was something they didn’t cover up when using the ‘stamp’ tool in photoshop.
This tool allows you to take a stamp of an area and replicate it somewhere else on the same layer. This would be used for example to extend a brick-wall in an image or could be used effectively to replicate paper creases ;) Although the compression artifacts around the text would suggest it came from this layer and needed to be hidden. This is speculation but perhaps the creator of the original fax then faxed it to the photoshop ‘artist’ and this area at the bottom had the time/date on it?
This shows the background creases and what appears to be the ‘smudge’ tool. This is used to smudge images and,, again speculation,, used to break the re-occuring crease pattern applied by the ‘stamp tool’ on the background layer. The Smudge tool can always be ‘seen’ as it always pulls the original color information and creates a linear color curve to the effected area. This is why it always messes the colors and therefore creates,,, in this case a ‘blue from black’ color tint/smudge. I would say these were the steps to create this Fax; 1) The text was typed by person A and faxed using a traditional fax to person B 2) Person B took the fax and scanned it into photoshop 3) Person B created a seperate background layer using the stamp and smudge tool 4) Person B placed the text layer over the top and perhaps applied a layer blend to try and merge the two together better In conclusion, its fake and not a very good fake at that!

Personal Opinion by another investigative journalist on Posel and Eastwood's video explaining the FBI document:

1st thing I noticed, look at vinnie eastwoods skype logo, looks like a masonic square and compass (just saying).... second point is;

Its not hard to find the ‘exact number’ for the Sacramento field office for the CIA so i’m not sure what he’s saying here, as anyone can find this out so its not evidence and would suggest its more likely to be faked,, but vinnie seems to suggest this is evidence for it not being fake?!

Third point is; Do you think a letter from the FBI, which this is a reply to, would mis-spell Compromised?

Also it’s not very likely if he is a FBI informant that he would use the most insecure way of transmitting info (fax machine) Whilst I’m covering this point why does the fax appear to of been screwed up like it had been put in a bin even the FBI isn’t this lax,,, they would shread stuff…! Fourth point; He (Vinny) glosses over the operation outruck bit very quickly and uses this web page from 4chan as evidence of an actual operation…. Now, 4chan is a well known b/board for anonymous and lulzsec from the old days, heres a wiki link Anonymous_(group) lulzec and anonymous at this stage was a pure hacker movement and hadn’t been taken over by the CIA (today this is not the case and anonymous is a CIA psyop,,,, Lulzec’s main hacker was arrested and therefore this side ‘shutdown’ ….( call it a government buyout).

This clearly imo points to Pete Santilli being smeared by the CIA via anonymous, although this attempt is very low ranking stuff made up by wannabe’s rather than the proper cia hacking which is always provided by the ‘mouthpieces’ or should I say whistleblowers like Julian Asange and Edward Snowden to further the agenda. The rest of the talking is just a load of rubbish with no substance and is driven by their ego’s to be as big as pete santilli and obviously designed to ensure that his show no longer exists…. Look at these people destroying and backstabbing each other,,, got to love this ‘peace’ ‘movement’…..

Susanne Posel quote “I believe i’m qualified after 2 years of researching this kind of thing”… Got to love that!! LOL…. She says “Out the provocateur” doesn’t she understand that she’s a provocateur by doing this??? Strange hey! If you want my honest opinion,,,, the way they break the entire letter down and make a point of “everything” as well as the fact that all anonymous removed from his machine is a Fax letter and Susanne Posel’s letters….. and also @ 27.00 min onward, was very strange and maybe they gave it away they say things like (oh, I can’t wait) and (we fucked santilli)… Gut feeling but I’d conclude they did this….



Questions you should be asking yourself right now:
Why would Pete Santilli send a fax to the FBI from a computer he knows had been compromised? Why would Pete Santilli call Susannah “SUSAN” in the FAX when he never calls her that?
Why would the document be crinkled if it was taken straight from his server as Posel has claimed? Why would the document be run through photoshop to hide details?
Why would Anonymous help Vinny and Susanne who call them CIA operatives on a regular basis? Why have Posel and Eastwood changed their story so many times? Why would Pete Santilli who is suppose to be a FBI informant leave his computer so vulnerable?
How did Susanne and Vinny get that document so quickly after it was released if they didn’t know it was coming?
Why would ANYONE who supported the trucker protest align with Susanne Posel who did a whole show demonizing the movement?
Out of all the documents, Posel’s Attorney’s documents are front and center on the front page right under the faked FBI FAX on the so called ANONYMOUS Web-site. Why would Susanne Posel, if she really believed Santilli was FBI, call the FBI to report him? 
Why did the forums on 4chan and the attacks on Pete Santilli’s network stop immediately after Susanne Posel and Vinny Eastwood posted the faked FBI Fax?

Given the fact Vinny and Susanne spent weeks saying they were going to bring Pete Santilli down it is obvious they were willing to stop at nothing to accomplish that goal even if it meant they had to break the law. This was a premeditated crime. 



POEL FEDS             

WHY would members of the trucker movement suddenly make Susanne Posel the new darling of their movement after she wrote this about the movement?

Published on Oct 8, 2013  YOUTUBE:  5 More Reasons Why You Should Not Ride for the Constitution What sense does it make to gas up your car to protest the cost of gas? Well, many people think it makes complete sense. But when the numbers are crunched, can those supporting this pre-packaged protest truly stand with the Trucker Shutdown? At the average $80 to fill one tank of gas and an assumed 100,000 participants attending the Trucker Shutdown, that means $7.2 million will be injected into the bank accounts of the oil companies within 24 hours – per tank of gas. How many does it take to cross the country – 5,6..10? If more than one tank of gas is purchased for every 100,000 protesters, that $7.2 million could easily double, triple and quadruple over the initial 48 hours of the protest. This protest does not make sense. It directly supports the entities it is claiming to be against. And there is more.

Find out who will be directly hurt by this protest and why it will not work. By Susanne Posel – Chief Editor/Investigative Journalist

What Other Journalists are saying:

Behind the scenes many independent journalists and activist were more that a little disgusted after listening to this envious attempt to belittle the protest and concluded correctly that she was using her position in media to poke her broomstick, not in the eye of the trucker movement, but that of Pete Santilli.

Susanne tries to reason that the money used to fuel the trucks in DC would only benefit the elite they were trying to fight. How much money does Mrs. Posel spend to power her web-sites that eventually goes right back into the hands of the elite? Does she use micro-soft (Bill Gates) Does she use an internet provider (Ted Turner) and Iheart radio, the entity she used to make that ridiculous broadcast, is pumped out and owned by Clear Channel and who is clear channel own by:

Clear Channel Communications, Inc. is an American mass media company headquartered in San AntonioTexas. Founded in 1972 by Lowry Mays and B. J. “Red” McCombs, the company was taken private by Bain Capital, LLC and Thomas H. Lee Partners in a leveraged buyout in 2008. As a result, the company now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of CC Media Holdings, Inc

Before Ms Posel starts pointing her crooked finger at others for catering to the elite maybe she should check herself first.  It is a fact that we cannot get around.  The elite will always receive their pound of flesh no matter what you do and to say that a protest is no good and you should not participate because you need to set a higher example is pure hypocrisy on the part of Susanne Posel.   Especially when she herself is not willing to stop her activism based on the fact she pays the elite to power her message every single day.


For That Matter, Why Would Anonymous Support Posel After She Writes Articles Like  This About Them:

Referred to as the DNS Amplification, this cyber-attack that never was focused on the Domain Name System; this is the “phone book” of the internet. The damage to those that Anonymous purport to protect would have been extensive. And ultimately, this plot, were it successful, would have justified the Obama administration’s movement toward complete Chinese-style controls over the free-flow of information on the Web. LuzSec had attacked Fox News, PBS, Sony, InfraGard and many gamer sites.

The group was infiltrated by the FBI and began working directly with the federal agency to conduct more cyber-attacks, as well as provide that data to strategic other FBI and CIA operations such as WikiLeaks. The FBI is notorious for creating supposed terrorist groups from scratch and then framing patsies in order to claim the government is protecting the United States from terrorists and also breathe life into an otherwise moribund war on mostly nonexistent terrorism. However, knowing that these groups are funded by the CIA and actually have members of the CIA in their group changes the meaning of these measures to eradicate them. They become a false flag operation that will only end in the restriction of American liberties. Considering that the US government has been making ample attempts to control or shut down the internet, it appears the logical conclusion that these groups are working toward that end.



Go ahead and click and listen to the lies. EVAN KOSER ARTICLE  :     8:28:00 @ 10/12/2013Pete Santilli shuts down donations for the Trucker’s Ride, grifts donation money

VINNY EASTWOOD INTERVIEW With Deena Fleming:   Pete Santilli Steals $500,000 off truckers ride for the constitution? Published on Oct 12, 2013 \

Pete Santilli Exposed Stealing $500,000 off truckers ride for the co Published on Oct 13, 2013

Vinny Eastwood Exposes The Scumbaggery of Pete Santilli, 16O  Published on Oct 17, 2013

Counting The Many Crimes Of Pete Santilli, 16Oct2013  Published on Oct 17, 2013

Pete Santilli destroys everything he touches? Vinny Eastwood 22Oct2013   Published on Oct 22, 2013

Bikers and Truckers Speak Out Against Pete Santilli, Tom Lacovara 22Oct2013  Published on Oct 22, 2013

Fark Santilli Meditation Song Published on Oct 22, 2013 

Pete Santilli Might Get Patriots Killed! Vinny Eastwood BMR 22O Published on Oct 23, 2013 EXPOSED Internet Radio Host Pete Santilli Revealed as FBI Inform Published on Oct 30, 2013

This list does not include Posel and Eastwoods many shows on the subject of Psycho’s and their appearances on other  talk-shows defaming Pete Santilli … You can look those up on your own:


Email Campaign: Eastwoods producer sent this email to Santilli’s affiliates, This one was intercepted and sent to Santilli:

From: Mitch Santell


Sent: Sunday, October 13, 2013 11:27 AM

Subject: Jim, Pete Santilli ripped of 500,000 dollars from the Truckers.

Hi Jim, Happy Sunday to you and so sorry to bother you. Pete Santilli just did something terrible. Please get this to Jeff Rense, we have to get this mother fracker off the air.

Here is the link:

and also an interview between Vinny Eastwood and one of the truckers:

Short version:

Full Interview:

We have to stop this guy. God bless you, Please get this out to your network.

Mitch Santell Producer Skype: moviecapitalceo Telephone: 760-330-53



Joined Facebook October 17    Pete Santilli Victims Coalition Joined Facebook October 21   Pete Santilli Exposed?



Susanne Posel’s husband David Posel is a convicted criminal and has spent time in prison for car prowling in Washington State.  Dave Posel still had the password to Pete Santilli’s server. Susanne Posel herself was convicted of Child endangerment in January of 2013 and admittedly is now hiding from CPS in Oregon. Susanne recently went on many talk shows admitting Children Services was after her again.  She claims to be hiding in a place they will never find her.

In October of 2012  Susanne Posel was arrested by Beaverton Oregon City Police for criminal child neglect and pled guilty to the charge. The Police report states her child was found over two miles away from home on a busy intersection and picked up by a couple who saw him along side the roadway. The couple took the child to a nearby auto sales and phoned the police. Susanne was questioned and immediately arrested when she came to pick up the child over two hours after the child had gone missing. The officer was quoted as saying Mrs. Posel was agitated and lied to him about her knowledge of the child’s whereabout’s, claiming she thought he was at a neighbors — but then changed her story and said they had been looking for him on their own and couldn’t find him. Dispatchers report they have no recordings of either Mr. or Mrs. Posel making a 911 call to alert the police that the child was missing.

The officer on the scene concluded they didn’t make the call because neither parent was even aware the five year old was gone.   “The first few hours are the most crucial when a child is abducted, Mrs. Posel was lucky this time, as the child could have very easily been picked up by someone not so nice.” Susanne pled guilty to the charges in exchange for a $500 fine, probation and her case not being able to be found through an internet search. However here is the case information so you can request a copy of the documents through the Beaverton City Clerk of Courts. Beaverton County Courts: 503-526-2260 or 503-846-6600  Case Number: M-102-003.

Incidentally, Susanne still managed to produce three articles the day her child went missing. Later Susanne was quoted as saying after her sentencing that, “I am just relieved the public will not be able to find out what happened through a web search.  Unless they knew what they were looking for they will never be able to find it.” Within a few days after her sentencing in late January, Posel used her website to post a retaliatory hit piece against the Beaverton Police Department, claiming that they are not a legitimate entity authorized to effect arrests, despite her attorney’s advisement against the theory holding up in a court of law in her favor.  Susanne could never have used her so-called proof which she published in her hit piece as “evidence” in court because this information was only good enough to manipulate the minds of her readers, and to cover her tracks in the future if this sensitive information were to ever be revealed to the public.



NZ Vinny Eastwood Aids Child Molester

Published by John Downie
Vinny Eastwood aids pedophiles on his low budget bedroom blog radio show. he aided 3 sex offenders by allowing them to come on his show and claim innocence. what is Vinny Eastwood really into, how big is the AXJ Actions 4 Justice pedophile ring really?????
John Aster and Vinny Eastwood attack John Anderson for helping people get theirstories about corruption out to the world. We are now going to take over exposing John Aster and now vinny eastwood for supporting a pedo. And in the open aidsthe pedo/child abuser. John Anderson is now to rest and let us take over. We wont stop tearing apart those who choose to follow John Aster and his crimes against innocent people and children. Be far warned that Vinny Eastwood in NZ is alsofriends with Chris Jarvis and Chris Wardill whom have also been exposed to the publics eye by John Anderson, a full hero. Vinny Eastwood has been profiled as one who uses his show to hide all ghosts in his own closet. Screen Shot all that Ispeak. For we are to remove these entities from our innocent ears.

Thus Makingthe world aware about how child porn is infecting our world that even NZ radio hosts are in on it. Lawyers, Judges and much much more. When one child molester finds another, they will do anything to help each other to make sure the secret that they bestow are kept secret. Backing one another just as on the latest VinnyEastwood low budget show in NZ.Any person with a sane mind can research and find that John Aster is in fact guilty of downloading several images of child porn. Now for a low budget host of asmall NZ blog radio show does a show knowing well enough about the history of John Aster, Make one assume that he is in some sort of agreement with Aster as heis trying to clean Asters slate by means of a media terminal. This is what is called a blind side to the people. By working on the publics subcon, by speaking as if John Aster is innocent, the world is more prone to let go of the thought, hence media control today.

Vinny Eastwood is doing just that, using the right way of speech and such to clear John Aster from The publics eye. We have sat back long enough and seen the damages John Aster has done, exploiting childrens pics of John Andersons and hisfamily and friends kids also is pure sick. And for Vinny Eastwood to like and agree with the acts of a pedo, and yet to publicly support one is showing how tornour world really is. Please friends, we warn you that even people speaking as heros are also corrupt and will use what ever they can to help remain in closed doors and secret.Please, If your a victim of either John Aster, Chris Wardill, Michelle Stewart,or any one in relation to the fake organization calling itself AXJ. Please writein comments and we will copy.and post it world wide. Thank You Earthlings.


John Aster Profiled by Professional

Published by John Downie
I am currently compiling everything John Aster has submitted on the internet. Iam on my second day. I have encountered mostly John Aster attacking people, making ridiculous accusations. The general scenario now for a John Aster conversation goes as follows….Amigo Carlos:John, you are such a great guy.(John Aster likes this comment)John Aster:Thanks Amigo. My newsletter now reaches 200 000 people(Amigo Carlos likes this)Amigo Carlos:John you are the greatest advocate we could hope for(John Aster Likes this)John Aster:Yes it is a petty I have to put up with the fruitcakes(Amigo Carlos likes this)What I would like to make people aware of is that John Aster also posts under the facebook profile of Amigo Carlos, having conversations with himself containingcompliments and false information intended to deceive people into mistakenly thinking John Aster is highly revered, and to backup the lies and false accusations which are aimed at anyone who questions John Aster’s integrity.John is truly a sick man, not just because he likes to look at little girls being raped by a group of men. John has been diagnosed as narcistic. I had never really heard of this condition before but after living with John, and witnessing his behaviour over the last six months, and now studying and documenting his internet activities for the last two days, I believe because of the obvious strange behavioural patterns, I can provide a good description.It is a mental sickness, so what I would look for are behavioral patterns whichwould not be considered as normal, in John this is exhibited by such things as:1.Creating false identities, not just one but many, and using them to deceive people and give yourself compiments. Building himself up, so people will believe what he believes, he is better than everyone else.2.Having no regard for anyone else’s opinion. His thoughts and reactions are only based around his own opinions. He has no manners or respect, he doesn’t care how many people hates him, John Aster only cares about John Aster.3.He makes up lies, originating from the need to deceive people into believing him, or to cover other lies. He then begins to believe His own lies, losing touchwith reality.4.Attacking all who confront or question his opinion. Using whatever comment ismade against him, by copying the accusation and accusing the person who originated the claim against him with the same statement.5.Continued stalking and intensive attacks on selected victims.6.Labelling anyone not falling for his deceit as having mental health issues. < That sounds familiar … Vinny loves calling other people psychopaths when he has been drinking and smoking a lot of dope.  Seems he’s been doing that alot lately.

Vinny has sworn he is not going to stop until he brings Pete Santilli down or until somebody get hurt.  Pete Santilli has  sworn he is taking a trip to NZ just to say hello to his old buddy Vinny Eastwood.

NOTICE: POSEL AND EASTWOOD continue their smear campaign against Pete Santilli on a daily basis.  Look at Occupy Corporatism’s twitter page and Vinny’s obsessive compulsive you-tubes.  These two people are completely out of control and whether you are a journalist in alternative media or an avid reader/follower, this information you just read should send chills down your spine.

(I will be adding more to this article in the coming days) Bruce Montalvo Reporting for GMN


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