Venezuela expels two US embassy officials amid Chavez cancer conspiracy

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Nicolas Maduro speaking of a minister, governor and military council held to discuss the political path for Venezuela in Caracas on March 5, 2013 (AFP Photo / Telesur)

Vice President Nicolas Maduro said President Hugo Chavez's enemies had poisoned him with cancer before announcing that two US Air Force officials would be expelled from the country for spying on the military and plotting to destabilize the country.

Maduro identified one American as the Air Force attaché and said he had 24 hours to leave the country.


"We are aware of the allegations made by Venezuelan Vice President Maduro over state-run television in Caracas, and can confirm that our Air Attache, Col. David Delmonico, is en route back to the United States," spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Todd Breasseale said in a statement.


Foreign Minister Elias Jaua later announced that two Air Force officials in total had been named "persona non grata" and were being kicked out of  Venezuela, AFP reports.


Maduro also accused President Hugo Chavez's enemies of poisoning him with the cancer he has been battling for nearly two years.


"Behind all of [the plots] are the enemies of the fatherland," he said on state television.


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Comment by Steven Janus on March 7, 2013 at 9:07pm

Well shoot, if you love Chavez soo much why don't you bow down and worship Obama since they both believe in the same thing? You know, stealing your guns, taking your private business, and handing everything over to the state. I am sick of people fawning over this two bit election stealing dictator like he's g-d. He's not, he's a thief not any different than the robber barons that occupy NYC. Except he stole all the money for himself while giving peanuts to the working poor to keep them voting for him, and rigging the rest of the polls to keep him perpetually elected. He operated just like the democrat party in the US yet he was a 'hero' because he didn't give into the west. Next you'll tell me Kim Jung Ill was a good leader too because he 'didn't' give into the west. You people are truly sick. If you like Chavez, please turn in your guns and give all your property to the government because that is exactly what Chavez did in Venezuela. If you do not, you are a hypocrite and should rescind all praise for this two bit tyrant.

Comment by randall richards on March 6, 2013 at 7:57am

I know his big countrys oil [citgo] is the only big oil company in america that gave heating assistance to poor americans. I wonder what will happen to the program now he is gone, and if any of the other big oil coumpanies will donate-YA RIGHT-

REMEMBER that when you pull into a BP, or others



Comment by randall richards on March 6, 2013 at 7:52am

I loved this guy-he stood up against the american dogs. Hope they get revenge for american crimes in their country.

So many cowards in america bending over for the feds .

I heard there will be a million man gun march this summer-lets hope!


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