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Comment by Doc Vega on December 7, 2017 at 5:03am

Excellent work! The left has made this murdering bastard into T-Shirt legend! I wrote about this asshole a long time ago and I appreciate your perspective! These are the modern day heroes of the Democrats and liberals!

Comment by DTOM on December 1, 2017 at 1:05pm

I have no time for those that celebrate this POS

Comment by Diana on December 1, 2017 at 11:29am

DTOM- Thanks, I noticed that from the picture it is almost impossible to identify the shooter.  If it is Che or not, it represents who he really was, backed by numerous eye-witness accounts.

Che often liked to finish the job with a .45 at five paces, shattering the skull of the condemned. And he liked killing.

Prior to the revolution in Cuba, and shortly after landing in Cuba with Fidel and Raul Castro, Che wrote his wife. In the letter, he said, “”I’m here in Cuba’s hills, alive and thirsting for blood.” Another account has the wording a little different, with Che writing, ““Here in the Cuban jungle, alive and bloodthirsty.

Fidel Castro ordered the execution of a peasant guerrilla named Eutimio Guerra who he accused of being an informer for Batista’s forces. Castro assigned the killing to his own bodyguard, Universo Sanchez. To everyone’s surprise, Che Guevara — a lowly rebel soldier/medic at the time (not yet a comandante — volunteered to accompany Sanchez and another soldier to the execution site. The Cuban rebels were glum as they walked slowly down the trail in a torrential thunderstorm. Finally the little group stopped in a clearing.

Sanchez was hesitant, looking around, perhaps looking for an excuse to postpone or call off the execution. Dozens would follow, but this was the first execution of a Castro rebel by Castro’s rebels. Suddenly without warning Che stepped up and fired his pistol into Guerra’s temple. “He went into convulsions for a while and was finally still. Now his belongings were mine.” Che wrote in his Diaries.

Shortly afterwards, Che’s father in Buenos Aires received a letter from his prodigal son. “I’d like to confess, papa’, at that moment I discovered that I really like killing.”

Comment by DTOM on December 1, 2017 at 6:50am

This is being memed as a photo of Che - but it is more likely that it was taken in the 1980-92 San / El Salvador civil war and shows the Marxist-Leninist FMLN (Farabundo Martí National Liberation Front).


http://www.bufale.net/home/bufala-acchiappalike-quanto-benevolo-foto/ (Italian)


Trying to find a definitive source and absolute confirmation.


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