Pope Bene w NSW Police Insp Bruce Lyons CONSPIRACY

Hi again. Long time.
Just written another tome on how the Illuminati and the Vatican and police here are trying to fool Humanity by trying to build a prophet "Jewsuss" (VERY suss)

I expect this window wont be big enough for me to post the whole text. and time is short now...

Here goes, and we'l see what 'appens!

(Please excuse the format marks, written for G+ shock horror!)

170319 My Pope & NSW Police CRIMES Post BLOCKED FROM POSTING on Google

16TH JULY 2008 - POPE BENEDICTUS IN AUSTRALIA FOR THE 2008 WORLD CATHOLIC YOUTH CONFERENCE meets with NSW police Inspector Bruce "Bluey" Lyons (both pictured), accompanying one of his LISMORE NSW POLICE STATION Officers "to receive the Pope's blessing", so the story goes, before the officer's death (from terminal cancer). (Apologies to the family of the NSW Police Officer in centre of picture.)

NO COINCIDENCE that on the same day 16-07-08, the defiant MKULTRA VICTIM, myself aka *JUST DEFIANCE*, is being arrested at gunpoint by POLICE FROM INSPECTOR LYONS LISMORE STATION, possibly at the very same time.

+Anonymous +Anonymous +RT +The Alex Jones Channel +Gulf War Syndrome +Watchmen of Georgia +The Australian Greens +The Australian Sex Party . +H George Tavakoli +Sinn Fein +Julian Burnside +Viv Waller

#ICC #Interpol #ASIO #GCHQ #CIA #MKULTRAmindcontrol #FALSEmessiah #VATICANcrimes #GlobalCONSPIRACY1

I was illegally and incorrectly charged with "firing a rifle at five people" - one, the sister of _"Peter Peddles" Van Der Wick,_ of the "Rainbow Power Company" shop, in Nimbin NSW (illegal Cannabis-growing capital of Australia, run by NSW police and zion's FALSE "hippies" KEEPING CANNABIS ILLEGAL IN AUSTRALIA).

MYSELF, ARRESTED ON FALSE CHARGES, HELD IN BACK OF POLICE VAN FOR HOURS, THEN IN A 1 METRE BY 2 METER CELL IN PUBLIC, for hours more in the LISMORE POLICE STATION, then taken to the LISMORE BASE HOSPITAL AND HELD THERE FOR HOURS, and interrogated by psychologists checking my mental health (released with a clean bill of mental health).

Psy-Op! Falsely reported for "firing a rifle", by Anne van Der Wyck, (I have reason to believe the other adults in the accusing party were also NSW police) illegally terrorized (police assault, 6 officers all with guns drawn, gun-point, stood on while forced to lie facedown on the ground - boot mark in back for days after - , my camper's contents removed and thrown on the ground as they allegedly looked for the non-existent weapon, I was taken back to Lismore for 6 hours, while my camper was left unlocked, so was open to syndicated gangstalkers, and the contents thrown roughly back inside at the Whyralla NSW "Boori Ring"/cemetery) led by LSC Peter Ellis of LISMORE police, charged with firing A SAMSUNG A-411 MOBILE FLIP PHONE at corrupt zionist informant's party at the BOORI RING, 10kms south of Lismore northern NSW.

Made to report to the police once a day, then thrice a week for SIX MONTHS, while the police delayed the hearing three times, but not until I presented at Lismore court THREE TIMES for cancelled court cases.

The last time, the police waited until the hearing began, then dropped all charges.

16th July 2008. Numerologists, or those who know the way the elite use numbers in their works, and language, might check the numbers of the date, especially the 16-07 part.

Because on the same day, but in 1954, I was illegitimately conceived to EVELYN DE ROTHSCHILD.

In the same bedroom, the "marital bedroom" of my mother, Illuminati priestess, ex-convent girl, stole from her Aboriginal father, at 9 or 11 y/o and locked in the St Joseph's convent in Collingwood for six years, in the 1930s.

Inquiries await on what Irish Catholic Archbishop Daniel Mannix did while he visited the convent while my mother was imprisoned there? I suspect Mannix sexually abused my mother to make her a puppet for the world's most evil conspiracy, making a false "Jewsuss" (I refuse to use the name of the namesake of christiani

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