The Danger of Ignoring Red Flags Part II

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To define the basic nature of both men and women firstly without the media hype and political correctness is essential to understanding where the conflict of origins and artificial political interjections have arisen between the sexes. The contrary roles men and women play in society today have much to do with most of the social problems we are seeing in the modern supposedly civilized world.

The beginning

How did man and woman start out? What were the organic roles that originated and for thousands of years defined the identities of and duties of each sex in the family and the society? The question being how do the hard wired behaviors genetically woven into our being now cause basic internal conflicts today that have disrupted the workplace, the home, marriage, and even the military when it comes to the interaction of man and woman?

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These problems have even been addressed by authors seeking to untangle the misunderstandings between men and women in marriage and try to make subtle differences in the vocabulary and intentions of the two sexes easier for each to recognize and hopefully more peacefully and happily co-exist together. One might recall “Women are From Venus Men are From Mars” as being a popular book that grappled with this subject. This book indeed explored the lack of interpretation between men and women and that fact that women see and understand differently than men the very same problem or point being made in communication.

The essential half

The nature of most women since time began. Women were the mother, the home maker, the child bearer, and her strong instinct of nesting ensured that she kept the dwelling clean and organized. With that instinct also came a stronger will for self-preservation than even men. This has often created an unconscious self-importance often making a man feel as though he is not on her list of priorities However, this allowed for better family conditions so that meals and childcare could be undertaken. The woman possessed a strong maternal instinct and was weaker than the man in order to be a caregiver, a mother, the one who ensured the species survived through reproduction and nurturing.

The less appreciated half

The man’s role was as a hunter gatherer. It was his job to bring home food, to gather material needed for the home, and trade with other hunter gatherers for goods needed for the dwelling. This specialized type of duty was given to man because of the gifts he possessed such as strength, endurance, awareness of the environment, and survival skills. He had to be able to fight if necessary to fend off enemies if needed. This was his job and he had specific skills for the task at hand. He was the provider, the guardian, and the leader. For thousands of years this successful pattern of behavior defined the family structure of the human species!


Today there is chaos in society. Not mayhem as in total war, but still, there is much unnecessary friction and loss of the family as a result of social engineering and what is deemed modern Feminism which is a complete departure from thousands of years of successful family oriented behavior! It is a war against the basic instincts of women and men. It has been promulgated by politics and trickery! David Rockefeller once told Aaron Russo that one of the biggest schemes ever orchestrated by the Global Elites was to convince women it was their right to possess a job in the workplace! Hollywood promotes it, the government promotes it, and people become programmed!

More falsehoods

It was their right to make money just like the man! It was fascist and barbaric for the woman to remain in the role of the traditional mother figure and raise children! But, why was this sudden propaganda introduced into society? As Rockefeller stated, the government sought to double its intake of income tax by getting the women of the household into the workplace and therefore be able to extract double the taxes from the household. Women were tricked into leaving the household for the workplace, giving up their role as dedicated mother, and lose a good deal of her income in taxes while children were left to walk home from school alone, or seek outside daycare until Mom or Dad got off work to pick them up! This presented a major transformation in the household and the casualties created by this upheaval in roles has changed society forever. Why should a woman who has chosen to be a dedicated mother have to be made to feel as though she has sacrificed her life, her future, and her identity thanks to the pressure by Feminists to conform? This is the end result. Conflict!

Ulterior motives

Politics have created a rift in a once successful family strategy that worked and was part of human programming for centuries! We are now reaping the seeds of discontent and conflicts between genders now! Politics have sought to draw a further wedge between traditional family definition now with transgender identity and the LGBTQ interjecting more confusion, more ridiculous options to further create confusion for the family, for individual identity, for the workplace, and even for the military! For some who buy into this artificially interjected false narrative an aggressive and hostile aversion to the traditional household has become the stuff of rights issues and litigation in the courts as radical government gets involved! The social engineering behind all of this has a mission-to disrupt society as we know it!

Red Flag # 7) any woman or man who has bought into the leftist political narrative will have sharp disagreements with anyone from a conservative background who respects Biblical principle and Constitutional government. For that matter, they may well conflict with those who were raised in a conventional home environment where Mom and dad had different but defining roles. These disagreements will not simply end as an agreement to disagree. They will likely threaten the marriage and make it untenable. So this red flag should be carefully monitored and considered before entering a relationship. Political affinity in this day and age is a strong emotional factor today more than ever. It should be considered a powerful red flag! It would seem for the Democrat Party voter that a dysfunctional upbringing or radical left driven family philosophy is an absolute requirement in order for them to gain support for their platform!

The scheme

We must realize that this new transformation in our society is a product of an intentional wedge that has been driven between the families for political purpose. The Communists sought to completely disrupt the normal family structure, home, and role in society. Today we have seen it come to fruition in America just as it had been implemented in country after country targeted for socialist overthrow! The Bolsheviks refined this strategy over the Czar ruled Russia before exporting that social nightmare to the rest of the world!

Red Flag # 8) perhaps this is the most important difference that defines men and women and how each sex perceives the world and each other! In a nutshell the very nature of women one can define as that of a little girl, easily hurt, short sighted, emotional, in many cases immature, childlike, and demanding immediate gratification. If these concerns are not met swiftly problems will follow quickly. Women are not prone to be patient and see the consequences of their actions down the road. They want their needs recognized and addressed now or at least feel that such is attitude is justified.

Many who choose divorce or an affair are hardly considering the consequences of their actions either now or in the future as their decisions are based upon emotion! This is, ultimately, what the man faces with the largest percentage of women’s conduct. Of course they will rationalize this short sighted behavior as necessary and unavoidable! Hence, we see many women who willingly divorced at a time that was probably not in their best interests but they just couldn’t help themselves! Elderly women with no partner because they did not want to remarry, drove men away, or figured they were better off alone are growing in numbers! 

Red Flag # 9) the self-righteous woman. Any man who makes less money than his female counterpart is in for a rough ride! Even though most men have been saddled with the majority of the financial responsibility as an accepted duty it seems that when the shoe is on the other foot the woman will definitely make the man feel inadequate and refuse to see the value of his contributions such as mechanical repair on the cars, home repair, and other heavy duty or shared duties as cooking and child care as having the equivalent of salary value and will ridicule him to no end over it! An important red flag is most definitely wage disparity!

Red Flag # 10) testing you! If anything demonstrates more the differences in the nature of men and women it is this! I ask you, what guy would be so mistrustful that he would have a buddy of his come on to his girlfriend or wife to see if she is faithful? Girls, women, and even married women will do this routinely to test their spouse! It seems immature at the least and but is quite common among women!

Red Flag # 11 Girl Friend Envy
Another such female specific behavior is even more vindictive and it is something men would never consider but this does truly separate the difference in men and women’s behavior. How many men who are buddies would attempt to sabotage another friend’s successful relationship? Guys simply do not actively engage in this type of ruthless competition, but I have seen a group of women time and time again who don’t have a relationship or are in a miserable one try and sabotage the happy relationship of their girlfriend because they are jealous of her happiness! Can you envision men doing this to each other? No! But, I have seen women trying to intentionally talk their girlfriend out of a relationship she in actively involved in because she is happy while her counterparts are lonely or disillusioned in their lives! This is very illuminating insight into the nature of a woman’s psyche! If there's any factor that could break up your relationship with your woman if she has a bunch of friends, they sure can!

Submitted for your edification! Unfortunately, this is not the Twilight Zone. It is the sad reality men face in today’s modern society!

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Comment by cheeki kea on January 29, 2020 at 3:57am

Comment by steve on January 28, 2020 at 11:34pm

Hey All , Men and women are completely different/opposite one has an INNY and one has an OUTTIE, YIN & YANG  in other words each is a half of a whole neither is complete without the other. Only in GOD's perfect scenario does 1+1 equal 1


Comment by James Roberts on January 28, 2020 at 8:13pm

Thank you, Doc. I've had plenty of the day-to-day experiences of which you speak. Cheating on me, pressing false domestic violence charges against me, the "shit test" (where they ask a man to do something demeaning or counterproductive or harmful to himself just to see if he'll do it for her), constantly accusing me of cheating (when it as them), etc etc. And gaslighting, severely. Throwing all my belongings away, and so on. This was not limited to one relationship. I'm lucky to be alive and sane today. I, and they, are lucky we didn't have any kids, because if they took them away or turned them against me, I would've killed them, brutally. Just like we're both lucky I didn't catch them in the act of cheating. My Dad caught his first wife in bed with some guy. I don't know how men don't kill women in those situations. Or women that catch men similarly.

Comment by Doc Vega on January 28, 2020 at 3:44pm

James, I have nothing against women pursuing a career for the right reasons but if she wants to be s dedicated mother that's fine too because it is an essentially important role in our society to produce emotionally healthy adults thanks to having a nurtured upbringing. Humans have been hard wired for centuries for specific roles that are now subject to formidable change that renders many people unable to cope. Good points! 

Comment by James Roberts on January 28, 2020 at 3:18pm

Thank you, and I understand. I would also state that people that cheat are very suspicious of their partners, which is kind of amusing in one way, unless you have to endure the grueling process yourself. I see things in terms of social engineering, because of our overlords' well-known plans and actions towards the family. Broad strokes. But just having a technological society turns much on it's head. Men don't have to repel large predator animals in most parts of the world nowadays, for instance, which detracts from the role we were made for. And so on. Women can work jobs today, and I'd hate to consign all of them to being just housewives. I just think if women are going to pursue a career which demands it have most of the focus in their lives, they should give up on having children. Having them at 40, or even later, after they retire from a job means a higher likelihood of birth defects, and women become fertile at a young age for a very good reason. Motherhood in middle age is very inferior to that in their 20s. The general idea of "Future Shock" is very important. We're like chimps given toys that make ray gun sounds and have flashing lights. None of us are made to deal with it psychologically. It distracts us from what's important, and makes our behavior go haywire.

Comment by Doc Vega on January 28, 2020 at 2:48pm

James, I agree there have been technological changes that have probably exacerbated the social problems that have assaulted the conventional concepts and behaviors that were successful strategies. You are correct women were excellent influences upon children in the home and they did contribute greatly to their children having better comprehension skills!  

Comment by Doc Vega on January 28, 2020 at 2:45pm

James Roberts nice synopsis. I was trying to get to the more day to day experiences we guys endure with our redoubtable other halves! 

Comment by James Roberts on January 28, 2020 at 2:31pm

To wear out my welcome on this thread, I also have to say that technology, such as transportation, has changed the dynamics of relationships severely, and not for the better. Just look at the effects of transportation, and of the emergence of cities. No doubt early on, humans lived in small communities. Taken with the idea that if a woman has a few lovers before she gets married, she is likely to cheat on her husband (studies show), and in a small community, if a woman was promiscuous, everyone knew it, well you can see where I'm going. The anonymity afforded by a large population and being able to drive 30 or 50 miles, or relocate at any time even farther away, biases society in favor of the destruction of the family. So do hookup sites, so did soap operas, infidelity- and divorce-themed country music, etc. As one of my favorite scientists, Albert Szent-Gyorgi said, "Here we stand in the middle of this new world with our primitive brain, attuned to the simple cave life, with terrific forces at our disposal, which we are clever enough to release, but whose consequences we cannot comprehend." Though he didn't mean to at the time, social forces could be included in that assessment. Most men today, of course are often little or no better, or even worse.

Comment by James Roberts on January 28, 2020 at 2:20pm

Thanks for the pic of the tattooed blonde, Doc, unexpected pleasures like that make the day. :o)

Well, the main reason that men and women are different as to behavior is that men have more neural connections from the front of the brain to the back, which makes us better at problem-solving, logic and reason. Women have more connections between the left and right hemispheres, which means emotions intrude into decisions when they should not (big surprise there, huh?). Any man who's wife has made emotional objections to buying new brake pads can relate. I'm really not demeaning women. I'm what they call a "white knight" (most on the right consider that a perjorative, just short of "cuck"). I think men should be chivalrous to a fault, it's just that media and entertainment and govt have programmed women to not appreciate being treated well. And, women are made, in part, to raise children. And don't forget, before compulsory govt schools, when women raised the kids while the man was out putting meat on the table, the kids grew up with much better reading comprehension, etc etc etc than they do today. Which means mothers did a damn good job of teaching. And if they didn't understand the material themselves, the kids would never have either. There's also the problem of menstruation, where women are somewhat over-emotional for 25% of their lives, from ages 13 till 45 or so. I remember watching a comedian, when I was still young, saying that women are more compassionate and had other good qualities that made them superior to men. And that women should lead all the nations of Earth. Then he said wait a minute, Katherine the Great, Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Margaret Thatcher, every woman who has led a country got it into a big war. Heh. Just poking fun, ladies, nothing serious.

Comment by Doc Vega on January 28, 2020 at 11:52am

Cheeki kea Thank you so much for your comment. You're insight is always much valued. as I said this article was not intended to insult or malign women as much as it was to illustrate the strong differences in roles between the two sexes and how that affects their perception. thank you! Also I will say that on very red flag I wrote about I have been in that circumstance and have had friends and even my sons go through the same situations so it's also from personal experience.

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