Estonian Political Leader Wants to Legalize “Holocaust” Denial

Well this is certainly good news.

The Jewish Telegraph Agency is reporting that a nationalist politician in Estonia, Georg Kirsberg of the Conservative People’s Party, has vowed to turn the tables on the Jews and their traitorous puppets by decriminalizing “Holocaust” denial and presenting an accurate, objective narrative of Hitler’s Germany and World War II more generally, while at the same time punishing those that would ignore or cover up the historical (((Soviet))) oppression of the Baltic nation.

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An Estonian nationalist politician vowed in his election campaign to decriminalize Holocaust denial and instead penalize those who would downplay the Soviet domination of the country.

Georg Kirsberg, who is running for a lawmaker’s seat for the Conservative People’s Party in Estonia’s elections in October, was quoted Wednesday by the Estonian National Broadcasting Company.

“We will decriminalize Holocaust denial and enter a correct teaching of the history of the Third Reich,” Kirsberg said. […]

I for one commend this brave man and hope he succeeds in his efforts.

I’ve often argued that the organized Jewish community, with the aid and assistance of a traitorous, cowardly elite class of non-Jews, has literally weaponized our collective historical narrative to advance Jewish racial and economic interests, while delegitimizing and demonizing the very concept of White racial identity, through their systematic falsification and distortion of history.

The fake Jewish “Holocaust” narrative specifically, and the overall Jewish promoted narrative of WWII more generally (which is institutionalized in all Western nations), is instrumental in this agenda.

Other historical narratives, especially the commonly accepted (yet entirely false and highly distorted) narratives explaining slavery, colonialism, and the alleged “plundering” of non-White nations by Whites throughout history, factor into this agenda as well, but the fake “Holocaust” story and the officially sanctioned explanation of WWII really do form the basic paradigm of the entire White genocide agenda.

In my view, if Whites are ever going to reclaim their nations and stand up for their identity and future prospects as a distinct people, addressing the systematic falsification of history by the Jews and their collaborators is absolutely essential. This represents a step in that direction, which is very encouraging.

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Comment by steve on July 6, 2020 at 8:32pm

Only LIES need made up laws to protect them and keep them hidden in the dark. The TRUTH loves the LIGHT. the conniving fkn jooce owe the world TRILLIONS in "reparations", they owe every race on earth for their centuries of deceit.


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