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  i got a letter from the IRS saying there records show i haven't filed my tax return for the year ending
Dec 31,2010
  They are only asking about that year they are saying : WHAT I HAVE TO DO IMMEDIATELY
they are saying i didn't file a FORM called 1040 TAX return
then it said : if you are required to file a tax return for 2010 please do so immediately
if you don't think you had to file a tax return for 2010.....
they have a list of really stupid reasons on page 3.
then they say : If we don't hear from you... *if you don't file a tax return
 or dispute this notice if you feel you've recieved it in error, you may owe penalty and interest charges on the amount of tax due.
OR : WE may determine your tax for you.
then: we will contact you again if:
we need additional information or clarification about your tax return
or....   a BIG OR.. We determine that you need to file a tax return for 2010
and there are some other very fuked up shit' kinda threatening
this is called
WE may give the information to the department of justice to enforce the federal civil and criminal tax laws, and to other federal agencies as provided by law. We may also give it to cities, states, the District of Columbia, and to the U.S. commonwealths or posssessions to carry out there tax laws. We may give it to certain ....
OH I LOVE THIS ONE .. We may give it to certain foreign governments under tax treaties they have with the United States. We may also disclose this information to federal and state agencies to enforce nontax criminal laws, or to federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies to combat terrorism . TERRORISM? REALLY?
they go on and on if i do not file yada yada yada please keep this for your records you may want to referr to it if we ask you for "other " info
how do they come up with a name like NOTICE 609: PRIVACY ACT NOTICE !
 What do you think?
is my friend in trouble?
what should they do?
they think it is immoral to aide and abet the United States and there unholy alliance with the FED RESERVE
 The death of our nation to continue to allow the FEDERAL RESERVE  to function in america.
My friend thinks they are the enemy of the republic.
They are going to jail if they are not equipped to fight in my opinion,
is it worth it on principal?
Is going to prison a noble thing?
I do not know what to tell my friend who hates these people. .
It is easy to say fuk em until they call on you!  

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Comment by suzie on March 20, 2012 at 11:46am

@Amaterasu if you think they didn't already know they owed you, you underestimate them. I am going to go out on a limb here and say they knew.  That is not there point. The point is compliance! will you comply? as i read you comment i could see the terror they insited in you and  in every one of us with there illegal foreign power& that is there point. you were probably a test case to see how one of there "human resources" [chattle] will react and how much they can get away with. Why should you have to prove anything? shouldn't they have to prove you owe them? Hughman paid just to be left alone!

 My friend is an ordinary person who makes about 56thousand a year and decided not to pay the criminal federal government & there foreign partners &filed exempt  it is that simple the reason is it is suppose to be voluntary and  it is unconstitutional to take your property. Also by paying the federal government you are funding a foreign corporation and the international bankers and in effect helping the new world order & funding our own demise. What person in there right mind would pay to be enslaved?  beg to be enslaved? It is high time they are called out she says, and she will not be the first many have done it. some have gone to prison some have not. It is all up to a jury. If the case could be made and the jury informed enough about the evil of it maybe the truth could be heard. Maybe not . There are many argument about the statues can be made.  The original statues are still there but under many other new statutes. The american people have been absolutely brain washed and or bullied into compliance to a communist manifesto. The ultimate goal is no one will be able to have private property.  Can one little person who refuses to be a "human resource" make a difference that is the question. How much sense does it make to ruin a poor little nobody who's meager pitance makes no difference in the trillions and trillions they print out of thin air? Power and control the lesson is always we have the power you do not. Don't rock the boat. When the people are terroized by a single organization there is tyranny when that organization is afraid of the pure light of truth there is the possibility of freedom least we all comply and do nothing there will be apathy and terror until it is destroyed at the root. David destroyed Goliath with a small rock. May the small and humble confound the Hugh evil among us..

thanks for the comment 

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on March 20, 2012 at 11:05am

I guess I was one of the lucky.  When I got a "bill" from them saying I owed the $58,000 in back taxes, I nearly keeled.  I set up an appointment, and on the way over to the IRS office I stopped the car twice to puke in the gutter.  I was that distraught.  I get there and They explain that ALL of My mutual fund debits were being counted as income 100%.

I had to PROVE that the money came from somewhere, and was merely transfers from one fund to another.

So I went to work, calling banks and getting statements I had long lost in numerous moves (the years They were concerned with were 5 and six years before).  Compiled everything and turns out...  THEY owed ME money!  It was small enough that I had not bothered to file for it at the time.  (If They owe You money, You don't HAVE to file...)

So...  Then They say...  Yeah, We owe You money, BUT...  It's past the statute of limitations so We're not going to send it to You!

Lessee...  It's NOT past any statutes if I owe Them money, but it IS if They owe Me money?  Heh.

I have heard that the statutes have changed some - They have to come looking within seven years now, I believe - but I don't know if that includes how long We have in getting Our money back from Them.

As for Your friend...  I don't know enough to say one way or another what trouble S/He is in.  Need details of what They think is owed, why, and whether there is a "valid" claim...

Comment by suzie on March 20, 2012 at 1:23am

thanks hughMan.. but isn't the income tax voluntary? isn't the 1040 a trap? if you file you give up your 5th amendment right? isn't the income tax how they enslave us all? why do we continue to pay for our own enslavement?  It is the biggest hoax on all of us why don't we stop doing it? there isn't a prison big enough to hold us all. 


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