A message from the Australian Sovereignty Party Association

Please forward widley,, the more bloggs, any way you can help get this messge out.. Growing movement for so many of our brothers and sisters world wide. Freedom or fascism is close at hand. Everything the heroes have fought for hangs on the outcome of this fight.The forces of Good and the forces of Evil lock swords one last time.

Often, the battle itself is the object; other times, the battle is merely a diversion: The Freedom army of Good goes into battle so the real heroes can sneak behind the Army of Evil's bankers to infiltrate the Lair and destroy or engage. Oddly enough, the real heroes' success often coincides with (or even causes) their allies' victory in the larger battle.

The first time, we had the illusion our forefathers had won. Then the evel corporate Empire has risen again and This time, there won't be a next time if we do not join together to defeat them once and for all.

Pj Jackson

Pj JacksonJune 30, 2010 at 7:04am
Subject: PLEASE READ To all who care for freedom and liberty

Re: A treatise on establishing a united front.

FREEDOM http://www.facebook.com/l/46c2c1A3QYJcfch2_WVfsq5mGcQ;ALLIANCE.org.au

Ancient Roman generals developed a battle technique called the Phalanx, whereby it was proved time and again that “the sum total of all its parts was stronger than the individuals acting on their own”.
The soldiers would gather into a tightly knitted formation that was difficult to penetrate; acting together as one, 20 Roman soldiers in a phalanx could defeat a force 5 times their number, whereas fighting as individuals they would otherwise be defeated by a force of such size.

It is time that we, the many fractured and diverse organisations, groups, associations and political parties, who, fighting for truth, freedom and justice in their own ways and on their own, must now unite and come together into formation as an impregnable phalanx for freedom. I propose to you all that we now establish such a phalanx, a coalition in the form of a new Federally registered political party known as “Freedom Alliance”.

Having had discussions with the leaders of the “Australian Sovereignty Party Association”, the “F.R.E.E. Australia Party”, the “Climate Sceptics Party”, “One Nation”, the former “NO GST Party”, some independents running on issues such as fluoridation and property rights, there has been an openness to the idea of amalgamation or coalition.
I, as Spokesperson for the Australian Sovereignty Party, care not for personal aggrandisement, for image or fame, I care for truth, freedom and justice, and will lay down my life for this cause... It is the end result the counts, not how we get there, I just want freedom for my family.

We must all ask ourselves the question, “What is more important, to vie against each other for community support whilst continuing to be divided, or to put aside our differences, unite together in the common cause of upholding the constitution and common law, restoring freedom and justice, exposing the lies of government and educating the public to the truth, bringing the criminal Liberal/Labor cartel to account, and preventing the wholesale surrender of our nation to the globalists/ bankers/ corporations?”

“Freedom Alliance” is a way for us to unite together, without compromising on our personal and/or organisational beliefs, policies, aims and purposes. When Mick Gallagher founded the “No GST Party” a decade ago, his party was actually just a loose knit coalition of independents who could hold to whatever view or policy they wished, except for all of them being united in their opposition to the GST.

My vision for “Freedom Alliance”, is that as a united, cohesive Federal political party, the membership is derived from the members of many small political parties, associations, organisations and so forth. The candidates for Freedom Alliance are free to hold to the ideas and policies of the individual organisations from whence they came (most policies of which are not in any major conflict with any other as it turns out), but all candidates must unite on our common causes such as removing the criminally controlled puppet duopoly of Labor/Liberal, restoring the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Common law, citizens initiated referenda, referenda for major policy decisions, restoring true justice and freedom, preserving the sovereignty and independence of Australia, getting rid of big-brother over regulation and government and bureaucratic corruption, restoring accountability and openness, restoring property rights, and whatever else we can agree upon.

The way this would work on a practical level, is that all the current existing parties, associations, organisations etc, would rather become factions within this new federal political party “Freedom Alliance”. All of the members of these many groups would for the sake of our common cause become registered members of Freedom Alliance (as you cannot be a member of two political parties, the current political parties of this alliance would have to de-register, and have their members sign up to “Freedom Alliance”.

The de-registered parties could or will continue to exist as separate organisations / associations, and have their views and positions represented in “Freedom Alliance” by their leadership who would with the leadership of all the other organisations collectively form the Freedom Alliance “Council/ Party leadership/ Management”. It will be agreed that where we have differences that cannot be worked out, instead of compromising, we can all take the view that the particular issue will be a matter for public referendum to decide (such as on abortion or gay marriage).

We all must agree upon the core issues as listed above, and any other that we may agree upon (we may for example all agree to take a position against fluoridation). The point is, we don't benefit anyone by remaining divided. Uniting together against government corruption and tyranny, uniting to uphold freedom and justice, to do this would accomplish 95% of all our causes that we have set out to contend for, and when the dust settles and Freedom Alliance is able to form a new government (without the need for a PM which is not in the constitution), we can then have a debate about all the smaller issues that we as individual organisations are passionate about.

When an individual signs a membership form for Freedom Alliance, they will have the option of selecting which faction / group within the Alliance that they are most agreeable with, or none at all. All the different groups that make up Freedom Alliance can still maintain their websites in the spirit of democracy and open debate, they can still work for their individual causes, but all Freedom Alliance members agree to support the common causes that we have all united together for and to vote for candidates as approved by the Council.

As individual political parties, it is not easy to field candidates for all Federal, State and local elections, and in all seats and electorates, but drawing on the combined capability of a united force, Freedom Alliance will be better positioned to field candidates for every possible position. Where the Council (comprised of the leadership of all the different groups), is unable to vote to decide between two or more potential candidates from one of the different groups that make up the Alliance, who desire to run for the same seat, a vote will be put to the members. Although, we should endeavour to endorse whichever candidates (despite from which faction they come), who is most qualified or deemed likely to have the most success.

After the elections, when it is known if or how many of Freedom Alliance candidates were elected, the potential hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars of funding that comes from the Australian Electoral Commission, should be divided up as follows: First and foremost, where candidates have put up their own money to help fund their campaigns in their particular seats (and the candidates are best placed to decide how they should campaign in their local areas), provided they have kept receipts of expenditures, they should be re-reimbursed (within reason depending on our financial position).

After that, moneys should be put aside for future national and state advertising campaigns. After that, again depending on our overall financial position, some of the funding can be proportionally divided amongst the individual factions that comprise Freedom Alliance, but I would recommend all funds be used towards promoting our common causes, instead of each faction receiving a small dividend to use for their own purposes.

Now apart from the Political parties that were listed above, below is a list of “some” groups / organisations that I believe could be a part of Freedom Alliance. And though many of these groups are not political parties, they may nonetheless put up a candidate within Freedom Alliance to represent their causes, in addition to supporting the core policies that we all agree upon as a united force.

F.R.E.E. Australia Party

Australian Sovereignty Party Association

Climate Sceptics Party

One Nation

former NO GST party members


Truth Movement Australia

We Are Change


Land Values Research Group

Prosper Australia

Agmates (and the many communities they represent)

Clean Air and http://www.facebook.com/l/46c2cOUjCfGaY32xlB-pmJ47ISw;Water.net

Love for Life

Community Law Resource Group



Aussie Speeding Fines

Coo-ee land rights

National Farmers Association

possibly some labour Unions


With all of these groups combined, seeing to it that their members join up to Freedom Alliance, we could have over 50,000 members in a short period of time, and that could put Freedom Alliance in terms of membership as Australia's biggest political party. I know a lot of lawyers, constitutional experts, business people, natural health experts, economists and many more who would love to become a part of Freedom Alliance, and work with us on an organisational level to help make this the best attempt at taking back our country, by the people, for the people.

My kindest regards to you all,

Daniel E. Huppert.

Spokesperson – Australian Sovereignty Party Association.


contact. 0412 007 793

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