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In the journey of life we are bombarded with falsehoods and misleading cliches that if taken seriously will take us down the wrong path in the twisting and uncertain trail of fate. How many people have been deceived by the romantic notions or noble expressions that lead to nowhere? How many of us were reassured by some seemingly timeless truism that gave us nothing of the kind when we were at a crossroads of our life trying to make the right decision? How about, " love conquers all." Oh, how noble, but how does that axiom work out in the real world?

All time favorite

Try this over used saying in real life. Perhaps, when you are married and all of your in laws just don't approve of you for one reason or another even though you've been civil and decent to them. Maybe you married into a family of mixed cultures so that you are ignored at family get togethers or shunned all together as your spouse mingles with and recalls all the "Good Old Days" as you sit alone or are left to go read a book rather than sit there like a bump on a log? Maybe, the natural dagger of human nature kicks in and they began to tell your spouse that you make everyone uncomfortable? Do you really think love will conquer all in this situation? Think again. Maybe reconsider that motion when your spouse is having an affair. Will love really conquer all then? Not so much.

Another old expression

"If you wait until you can afford to have children, you'll never have one," now here for once is a truism that defines the current state of mind of Millennials. For those who are weak on such concepts as commitment this precept might seem substantive, but for the generation of "Baby Boomers" who had endured the Great Depression, World War II, and were the building blocks of the modern US economic model, this was especially correct for they had an undying sense of optimism and toughness incredibly lacking in today's social media, pop culture oriented cripples who can't seem to take their eyes off their cell phones or video games even when sitting next to their spouse in a restaurant.


"You and who's army?" Now don't you love this tough guy expression? I've even heard women use it when preparing for a "Cat Fight" oh the more tender and sensitive gender of the two sexes. How refreshing. Yet another falsehood that society and feminists have pushed upon us with the hasty generalization that all men are brutes, couch potatoes, rapists, devoid of the inner conversational sophistication of women, and therefore good for nothing but mowing the yard or household and auto repairs. Outside of that, your liberated women will tell you, we men are simply tolerated! I ask you, when TV, comedians, Hollywood, and political hacks continually pound away with these stereotypes are they not igniting a self fulfilling prophecy when your daughter, or any young woman, goes forth in life what are her expectations of men? Even if her father was a decent person will this really overcome the media programming she had undergone since she began watching TV or using the internet? Perhaps the 50% rate of divorce in the West is a testament to the damage done.

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"Dogs have cleaner mouths than we do" who in the hell ever came up with that guiding principle? So, we have literally unleashed a generation of dog kissers, parents who allow their children to be slurped all over their faces and mouths by "man's Best Friend" who just came from the backyards sniffing his own pile of feces or maybe some other dog's. An animal that will nuzzle through trash at a moment's notice? A pest that will quickly stick it's nose in your crotch, anybody else's crotch and up the behind of another dog? And you are going to allow this pet of the family to put its tongue on your lips, your kids mouths, and even kiss them back? Are you kidding me? Dogs carry parasites capable of blinding you if the dust from their dried feces gets airborne and into the eye of a grown up or child, and you idiots want to allow your dog to lick and drool all over your mouth just because you can't connect socially with other people? Give me a break!

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False reassurance

"It will all work out in the end" Oh yeah, tell that to the man who just lost his wife. Tell that to a driver fresh out of a car wreck whose new vehicle is smashed and crumpled, tell that to a parent whose kid has cancer. I hate to be the harbinger of negative outcomes, but really, have you ever heard this tired and worn out expression voiced at a funeral? Like the grieving really want to hear that! "I believe in the end everything will work out" Perhaps when one has been devastated by the uncertain twists of fate that might seem reassuring, but do you call that words to live by?

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For once truth

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," words of wisdom originating from Ben Franklin, one of the founding fathers of our nation. In actuality, this is one of those rare truisms that actually does apply. An apple is full of nutrients and fiber. It has a refreshing taste, actually scours your teeth as you eat it, and provides all that sweetness naturally with low calories. Malic Acid, Vitamin C, and many important chemical inherent in fruit that we are deficient in due to our processed food diets full of additives, adulterants, artificial flavorings, modified starches, and food coloring that may stain the intestines permanently all wrapped up in your favorite fast food meal! Yummy!

Image may contain: 2 people, possible text that says 'WANTED FOR NEGLIGENCE, MURDER AND TREASON BARACK HILLARY HUSSEIN RODHAM OBAMA CLINTON AND ACCOMPLICES INA A GANG KNOWN AS... "The B Ho Administration" REWARD JUSTICE for the 4 DEAD Benghazi HEROES SOLACE for the citizens of the USA HAleSmeTelISA'

Political falsehood

Here's a real good one that you will hear endlessly broadcast like the flatulence of one of your aging uncles after a spicy meal! " The Democrats have always been for the little guy and the downtrodden minorities! While the Republicans have always represented the fat cats and the corporate giants!" Now let's break that down. With Democrats receiving many more times the donations and campaign contributions of every major corporation on the face of the earth while conservatives, Christians, and Constitutionalists are more likely to find themselves mocked, obstructed, and underfunded, is more likely the case! As the Barack Obamas and the Bernie Sanders of the world operate under the precepts of the redistribution of wealth that means shared poverty mitigated by a big overspending, overtaxing, welfare state building government. That educating illegal aliens, providing housing for illegal aliens, allowing illegal alien criminals to seek asylum in US sanctuary cities? How does this actually help the struggling US citizens? Answer: It doesn't at all, but then again this is just one of many useless slogans on the road of life that we can do without! Let's talk about fat cats and corporate giants. Under Barack Obama's presidency of highest corporate taxes in the world and EPA regulations that discouraged job creation and reinvestment by employers 3 trillion dollars was kept overseas rather than put into the US economy! High unemployment and nonexistent growth resulted so you can see what a blatant lie this old over used saying is!

Mind control!

"There's only one thing that we can be sure of in life, and that is death and taxes" Here's another great line of intentional deception and misdirection! Yes, we are going to die some day, but include the tax bit and you have an expression that was created in the time of the resurrection of the Federal Reserve under the Revenue Act in 1913 when Presidents Woodrow Wilson allowed the reformation of the European Central bank into the US monetary system violating the US Constitution which only prescribed for Congress to mint and legislate monetary policy. This also allowed for the birth of the IRS, who quickly became the terrorist arm of the Federal Reserve cabal of private elitist families who now controlled the banking system of America and answered to no one, not the taxpayer, not the citizen, not We The People of the United States as they have allegiance to no nation on earth as they are world bankers in the words of the famous millionaire, Rockefeller. This was a way of hypnotizing Americans into accepting that an unconstitutional tax was inevitable!

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Until Next Time When we will explore more words of wisdom or words of smoke and mirrors!

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Comment by Doc Vega on March 25, 2020 at 11:08am

James, a shrewd observation.

Comment by James Roberts on March 23, 2020 at 5:39pm

Clothes make the man, but don't judge a book by it's cover. See.

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