Aphorisms We can Do Without Part II

Perhaps one of the most misguided reflections on a past event as tragic as that personal experience might be for the individual who just faced a painful divorce, loss of a child, loss of a beloved parent or whatever, is the phrase, "well, everything happens for a reason." I don't know of a worse manner of trying to convey solace to someone who has suffered. This strangely shallow and inadequate form of superficial summation of someone's personal tragedy is incredibly inept, a fumbling attempt to console like shooting spit wads at Godzilla. it just doesn't work, but here in our manufactured culture of preconceived responses that let those of us off the hook for sympathizing while those we know simmer in their grief is just one of many failures in the human realm of self expression!

Let us get to some politically correct euphemisms that have been used by leftist factions and their parties to score points or for journalistic hacks to add further damage and heartbreak over the loss of life in a conflict overseas that was controversial already, but let's just allow the press, the left, and the Democrats to further inject suffering into the wounds of the survivors who saw their brave warrior dads, brothers, sisters, or friends take the "Angel Flight" back home only to be used as emotional leverage against a conflict none of us wanted, but conveniently suited a political agenda!

In the second Desert Storm where America once again was called upon to re-engage Iraqi forces because many felt the job had not been completed, that weapons of mass destruction had not been located or were still being safely kept somewhere and could be used again, compelled the US to once again enter the fray! What was the option? Either fight them on our soil or go back over there? Barack Obama proved after Bush left office that if one allows the enemy to gain a foothold and that a passive response will somehow gain cred with people who live in the past, decapitate regularly, stone their own daughters to death in front of the neighbors, and will torture homosexuals at the drop of a hat and throw their severed body parts from the tops of buildings were suddenly going to give the US an "Attaboy" for failing to retaliate? Give me a break! Wasn't going to happen!

More empty allegations

Over and over again we hear the media say that the second expeditionary attack on Iraq when Bush senior had called for a cease fire the first time around while the army of Saddam Hussein continued to attack and massacre the Kurds who actually helped the US and were ignored by Obama as he supplied factions hostile to America, we can see how this twisted equation bleeds like the wounded men who collapse on the battlefield as it barks with rifles blazing.! As Democrats celebrated their damaging narrative against what they called war mongering, Republicans who were labeled " Neocons" some very inconvenient evidence arose from the Iraqi desert itself! Even when Defense Secretary Colin Powell turned on President Bush Jr. and supported Barack Obama for his 2008 run, something extraordinary happened that upset the supposition of the leftist media and exposed them for who they really are!

New evidence!

US Army munitions deactivation teams who routinely neutralize unexploded bombs and landmines made a valuable discovery! They found artillery shells loaded with nerve gas! Saron gas contained in Iraqi munitions that were found buried in the Middle East desert. They were still viable weapons. In fact, the teams who dug them up and loaded them onto carts and trucks ended up getting exposed to the deadly gas and were rendered ill from the effects. Did artillery shells capable of being propelled more than 23 miles across borders and into neighborhoods and market squares qualify as weapons of mass destruction while "Chemical Ali" Saddam Hussein's son specialized in that particular horror as he wiped out villages full of women and children who lay on the streets gasping with white foam pluming from their dying lips?


Did this qualify for a weapon of mass destruction or did the US media consider this to be minor and insignificant? More likely, it would be an embarrassment.And, of course had this been discovered by the US mass media you can be assured that it never would have been reported! Just as Benghazi never would have been reported had foreign journalists not been there to see Ambassador Stevens being kicked, dragged, beaten, and raped along the joyful suburban streets of Benghazi. in fact, the US media had already reported that the good citizens of Benghazi seeing that the US Ambassador was overcome by smoke rushed him to the local hospital but unfortunately he died! Nope! That wasn't going to fly with reporters from other countries there to expose our traitorous media! Not to mention Obama saying that Benghazi was a protest that had gotten out of control due to some undiscovered comedy film made by an obscure Egyptian director in LA that had infuriated Muslims.

Not an accident! 

Let's go into this further. As President Obama apologized to the Muslim world with Hillary by his side, and DIA report identifying a 13 hours of heavily coordinated terrorist attack that had been weeks in planning had been unleashed the night before as Ambassador Stevens had pleaded with Secretary Clinton for back up for weeks after explosions that had breached his defensive perimeter! The report lay on the desk the morning after! So, spending 70 thousand in taxpayer's money Barack and Hillary apologizing to the Arab world when they knew they had  ordered a stand down from a rescue while they had the assets while the FBI proclaimed that in lieu of the attack they could not get in and recover classified documents blowing around all over the grounds as Arab residents and foreign correspondents scoured and picked up the loose files! The American people had been lied to, our Ambassador had been betrayed and murdered, and our forces close enough to counter attack had been ordered to terminate their rescue! This is the truth that many Americans still refuse to grasp!

Irony? Oh yes! 

Even though this previously unknown inconvenient fact was unearthed which completely flipped the narratives of the Democrats on their heads and delegitimized their charges against the military intervention that sought to finally conquer the radical jihadist element that still plagued Iraq thanks to a premature withdrawal? Now proof that a new scourge of inhumane misery had been planned against Iraq's neighbors! Yet, rather than exonerate the GOP and get the Republicans off the hook for finding that indeed WMD's were present and ready to deploy, Karl Rove, the leading cabinet adviser to George Bush Jr. recommended not to bring this up and simply move on, reasoning that digging up old bones again would not politically help the GOP! Well okay Karl, the same man whom during the election night coverage refused to believe, according to Megan Kelly of Fox News, that Obama was winning a second term while Karl Rove had been convinced that Mitt Romney should have been winning! Was this merely a miscalculation? Had polling been that misleading? Had Democrat voting corruption been that thorough and undetected? Why would anyone refuse evidence that would exonerate the allegations of your enemies?

Who is the biggest hypocrite?

Here's one I really love and usually exposes those who expect that a double standard is perfectly alright for them to brandish in front of those of the opposite sex they accuse of being horn dogs! "What's good for the goose is good for the gander!" Don't you love that one? It implies that what men will do women have the God given right to copy themselves! In fact, I had a girl friend who seemed convinced that whenever she had the urge or was in the mood that if I wasn't around she was justified in seducing any poor son of a bitch who happened to be available be it a convenient next door neighbor she knew little about, my brother if he was around and I happened to be unavailable, or even one of my friends if they felt like they wanted to partake! Luckily. I was not emotionally involved with this wench. Yet, she continually compared men and woman as if the girl was getting the short end of the stick all the time as she rationalized her predatory approach to sex. Oh, how I love it when the kinder, gentler sex is exposed for the hypocrisy they so often bath in while aiming at we men being the culprits!

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Comment by Doc Vega on March 26, 2020 at 5:20am

Mister Sizzle, yeah it's great exposing what wrong with the world. I wish I had better things to say, but I am trying to enlighten people so the injustice can be identified and stopped. Oh well, thanks man.

Comment by Mr. Sizzle on March 25, 2020 at 11:39pm

Great post Doc. You put the truth and insight into everything that is wrong in this world.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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