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Assklown Circus (VP Debacle) in full swing here already for Tuesdays Main Event

Unbelievable! ....is the1st word comes to my mind when seeing what's transpiring here, UNBELIEVABLE! on how much BS is involved here just for 2 hours of babble speak by 2 stuffed suits in a College Gym.

CNN, CSPAN, FOX, ABC, NBC have been here for days, CBS is nowhere to be seen yet, they're running late. The rows of Trailer sized generators constantly running, amazingly quiet btw. Got a friend on the inside & gave him my camera this morning, he's going to take what he can in there tomorrow, he's part of the setup crew. Tomorrow is Final sweep day and SS are going to go through the area and want everything that can be locked, ie: doors, windows, closets, elevators, skylights, TO BE UNLOCKED tomorrow, or they will open it by brute force according to a Memo sent to the University. They had to cover up the skylights in the gym, NOT to cover up targets, but in case it rains, they don't want the droppings hitting the glass, creating noise......sheeeeeesh.

Drone sighted Saturday, main st

Place looks like a prison with the 12 foot temp fence all around the University, guards at the entrance, the two 10 story hi-rise dorms across the street from Gym are both completely empty & dark, Can't have any nasty sniper up there now by-gosh.  I personally don't think the infrastructure here will be able to handle the amount of traffic come tomorrow & Tuesday. No trucks are going to be allowed through on Tuesday. I'll get pics up tomorrow when i get camera back. On a side note, Source tells me that Gorge Soar-Ass is supposedly shipping in shloads of those fine upstanding Black oLives Matters crowd and try to upset some southern white folk here with Obozo rhetoric and so-called "Protesting". This could turn out to be something, or could be BS....We'll find out very shortly here I guess. could be a hot time in the ol town tonight....w00t!...and I was definitely getting bored here lately ;)

Stay Tuned kids...

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Comment by Central Scrutinizer on October 4, 2016 at 7:45pm

Anyone with an aversion to Super Troopers best stay away, WoW, it's a madhouse down here, thinkin' about goin back down again w/ camera in a few minutes, it's Blue light specials all over ALL the streets, i got redirected 3-4 miles off the beaten path, only to end up on main street, where a trooper car is diagonal across blocking the whole street, THEN WHY THE HELL YOU MORONS DIRECT ME THIS WAY??? Had to actually do a 3-point reverse on Main St, something I never ever dreamed I'd do on the main vein street here, sheeeesh....I live like 5 blocks away from this insanity, Think I may walk down w/ camera

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on October 3, 2016 at 10:03pm

centerfold of that booklet...

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on October 3, 2016 at 10:02pm

...and let's not forget to get your memorabilia swag for cripes sake...

...and every good debater needs to keep his or her beer cold during those lengthy hot-air rebuttals 

cant never have enough ink pens dang it ;) , w/ scratchpad....lol

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on October 3, 2016 at 9:44pm


Comment by Central Scrutinizer on October 3, 2016 at 9:38pm

Camera's back, pics are so-so, putting them up anyways, lol..I did not shoot these now...

 Building, Center in background is R.R Moton School, scene of 1954's Student lead Segregation Protests that ended up creating the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court Decision on school Segregation, yup, happen to have pics of that day too...


Back to 2016...

The above is a fuckin' joke...lol, but if your protesting this thing now, they gotta spot for you rabble-rowsers.....5 blocks away... DOhhh


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