Brain Harvey - Freemason Caught-Out Trying to Hack Email Account

In order to help cover-myself I’ve decided to make this public; I don't really care who reads it, I just want a record of it in the public domain. 

It was only after posting the above video about Brian Harvey, that the "Freemasons", or to be precise, at this moment in time, a member of the Freemasons, whom I won't presently name unless his illegal activities continue, or anything else untoward starts to happen to me; this person tried to hack into my email account by sending me a Spoof email notice.

I've caught others trying to do this to me.  It's normally done by someone not too computer savvy, or should I say they haven't really understood what they are meant to do when sending a Spoof email, and how to hide the originators email address. 

Even worse, real professional Spoofers use a shill email account, this chap used his own email address that tracks him back to being a member of a Masonic lodge not too far from where I used to live.

Previous to this I've had all types of death threats, and nasty exchanges of emails, menacing and threatening comments on social media etc., due to my writings and particularly my book Trapped in a Masonic World.  I quite like it when they blatantly come after me, as it allows be the plug my book, though I don't really know why this chap is wanting to hack my emails, yet for some reason or another that's what he tried to. 

Though I must question this act; is this action solely on his own back, or is it because someone else within the Brotherhood has instructed him to do so after he perhaps bragged he could do such a thing, without realizing he wasn't that good at it?

And if so, who has an interest in my emails?  Brian Harvey has mentioned those involved in the targeting and harassment of him, are connected to the police and Freemasons.  Perhaps they think I’m working with Harvey and why I uploaded a recent video where Harvey seems to inadvertently drop the name of the band member he accuses his ex-band manager of raping.

Harvey had been going on for years threatening to name and shame the band member of E17, who Harvey accuses the ex-band manager had raped.  So thought I was doing everyone a favour,including Harvey, by showing what it is he was showing to the world via his YouTube videos.  What I've done is nut shell his dilemma.

I can assure you I have nothing to do with Brian Harvey.  He doesn’t live that far from where I grew-up in Hackney, though I’ve never encountered him before, or been a fan of E17.  I’m 58, so they weren’t my cup-of-tea.

Harvey removes "the evidence"

And instead of perhaps commenting on my video that backs-up and confirms in one place what Harvey has been saying over a series of videos, he has chosen to ignore it.  In fact two of his videos which in which I obtained his email evidence and repeatedly plays John Hendy’s telephone conversations, titled The Bigger Picture and “Rape Proof” are no longer available.

Nevertheless, hacking into someone’s email account is a criminal offence.

I could do a number of things; report this chap to the police, when he could be arrested as I've the evidence that it was this particular chaps email account and IPS address that sent the Spoof email.  We know there's a large sector of the police who are Freemasons, and why chaps like him are bold enough to try and hack into your account, as he may find the police not wanting to do too much investigating, and it will probably be me who will waste my time reporting him. 

Or I could simply expose him on a social media comment, or blog; revealing where he lives, his phone number, place of work, and what Masonic Lodge he belongs to, and what part of the country that is.

Meanwhile, I have replied to the “hackers” email address stating; “This really doesn't look good on you when you put your fellow brother’s good names at risk by trying to hack into someone’s email account. As you are aware it's a criminal offence. "O Lord, my God, is there no help for the widow's son?", this may not be able to help you this time. However, in this moment in time I shall not report you to the police; as I am warning you first to back-off and don't be so silly. If you have something to say to me, then do so. Otherwise, move on and mind your own business, as jails are not the nicest of places to be, I can assure you that after serving several years inside them.”

I’ve checked his home address and it seems he lives in a bungalow and is probably retired from work and has too much time of his hands.

But to me, its part and part of the course if you start to unravel certain cases that link back to members of the fraternity.  And it's not until something like this attempting hacking of my email account, that it gives me the opportunity to mention my book Trapped in a Masonic World.

Death Threats to Author - All in a Days Work When Exposing the Truth!

I wrote the above titled blog in 2014, (check the link) when again I received online intimidation and death threats.

The book is purchasable via Amazon and would of course prefer people to buy it that way, or there's free PDF downloads, that have exceeded two million downloads worldwide.  Yet too many others, they probably would have never even heard of it before, and until now that is.  So thanks for the opportunity for me to plug it again.

The reason I decided to sell my successful retail business and sit down and write the book, is explained a little more below, but basically my life was ruined by corrupt police officers.  When I first wrote Trapped in a Masonic World, back in 2011, I came under heavy fire from Freemasons from all over the world.  Death threats, such as 'be careful you don't have a Health & Safety accident', or found dead hanging from a door.

Prior to writing the book unknown to me, two men approached me and I was threatened to be shot dead.  I explain a bit more further below.

My car tyres were regularly slashed or punctured.  This is more of a message of 'look how close we are', than anything much else.  But many of them have never even read the book, so don't even know what I'm actually saying, or my thoughts on the matter.   

I expose corruption, how powerful the Freemasons are, though ironically I am more pro-Freemasonry, than perhaps Christianity and Islam, because all religions are obviously man-made.  The world is in such turmoil that in a sense I advocate Albert Pike’s Three World Wars, as the third is to lead-on to the total annihilation of these latter fanatical religions.  

These words may shock and probably many "religious" folk may feel insulted. But if you truly believe in your religious books, then that's the real problem. How on earth can you not see through all the lies and fabrications, is beyond me. Their books are written in almost a kind of legal jargon telling the plebs that Kings, Queens and Princes are to reign over you on behalf of "their God". The Levite's are the only tribe mentioned to remain outside the main camp of where the other tribes are to reside, and that all things on earth are the property of the Levite's. How bloody convenient is that!  "The Chosen One's" for sure!

That once such an objective has been achieved, the annihilation of billions of people (just another cull) would have taken place and the New Age of Dawn will commence, and a less fanatical mind-set of people will exist.  There will be a one world government and one world belief system modeled on Freemasonry.   Like Islam and Judaism, the Catholic Church is also evil, as they have deliberately kept mankind in the dark.  They never wanted people to read or write and ever gain access to their actual religious books, and why they relied on their Iman’s, Rabbi’s, Priest and Vicars to sell their false narratives.  It wasn't until the mass publication of King James Bible that in a sense enlightened the masses, as before hardly anyone could read/translate the bible itself.

Even so, cult like institutions such as the Freemasons, they too need their flock and why 99% of them have no real idea of the intent of the bloodline families who ultimately are behind any worldwide changing event such as WWI and WWII, and therefore are as ignorant as any other fanatical religious believer.

Framed, Beaten & Blacklisted

Anyway, following the publication of my book, a whole barrage of abuse came my way and I've had to live with a lot of shit, as whatever I may try and get involved in, even in the workplace, I'm given a wide-birth. So have to remain "self-employed" as any company perhaps worth working for, pay-wise that is, simply will not employ me as I've been blacklisted.  It's been reported in the MSM, I've also written about this problem as there are 1000’s of people “they” deem as dissidents and who are on the same type of blacklist/s.  

It's because among the many world-wide changing events that I write about, I also reveal in the book that I was framed and beaten to a pulp by the police. Prior to this happening I was a successful businessman.  I was framed by a single officer of Grievous Bodily Harm Section 18 (GBH-Section 18 - means with 'intent to grievously harm' someone.)

In response to his 'call for help' over his radio, the Territorial Special Group (TSG) responded and beat the shit out of myself and another friend, who some time later killed himself.  We never laid a finger of this police officer, though someone else we knew did hit him once in the face, as my mate and I looked on, and was equally as shocked as the police officer.  But instead of keeping to the truth, he fabricated the whole story and said all three of us set about him.   This was easily disproved in the Crown Court and the two of us was found not guilty.  Though I had spent 11 months on remand for something I never did.  As a result I lost by businesses, (explained below) as all needed my direct input.  Over 14 police officers all lied and perjured themselves, and we were due quite a financial settlement in compensation for being framed and beaten-up.

So I was at bit of a loss.  I couldn't really return to the work I was once doing, and needed to make a living. Over some drinks, someone approached me and ask was I wanting to earn £100,000 for five-six weeks work.  It was a million pound fraud and because I was framed for something I never did, spent all that time in prison, and had been hospitalised by the TSG, I was somewhat wanting to "get revenge" and decided to go ahead with the fraud.

Following this, we started the fraud, yet it soon came-on-top. I ended-up doing a deal with the police.  Which was to return almost half a million pounds in blank Giro cheque's, which are as good as cash. I have a tape recording of when a police officer revealed to me that he can 'plant someone's fingerprints on something they have never touched before'. 

Despite being guilty of what I was involved in, I was granted immunity and given a three year gagging order, as they didn't want this evidence to be heard.  The reason why, was because there were some IRA cases that were being heard around the same time I was arrested.  There was one Old Bailey trial, and that those being tried for the Hyde Park Bombing, were accusing the police of planting fingerprint evidence on something they had never touched before. 

False Murder & Armed Robbery Charges & Death Threats

So as you can see, this was back in the 1980's.  Part of my deal with the police, and relayed to me by my QC Barrister (as I was also wrongly accused and charged with murder and armed robbery) that I was to leave my place of birth and go anywhere else, as otherwise I was likely to encounter them again.

The police were pissed-off with me big-time, as they thought I was going to prison for a long time. It wasn’t until their superiors stepped-in and told them to make I deal with me, - this is the only reason I got-off the charges.  I was never involved in either the murder or armed robbery the police tried to tie-me-into. 

A year or two had passed since I was granted immunity, and when the police got wind that I was making a BBC documentary about "my life", - when my life was threatened. I was grabbed in the street, at night and on leaving a bar, by a group of military-style chaps, and was told I'd better not make that documentary as otherwise I'll be shot and the documentary will never be shown.  My death would have been made to look like a random gang-related shooting and the "killer" would never have been found. 

I fully explain in Trapped in a Masonic World, how this played out and why it happened etc. but basically they thought I was exposing the 'fingerprint’ tape recording mentioned above.  I originally was involved in a £1,000,000 fraud, in which I was pleading guilty to as the evidence was somewhat overwhelming to deny.  

The BBC documentary, was about me and another chap being 'entrepreneurs' and nothing to do with my involvement in any crime.  I wasn't into criminality, as before I was first framed for GBH by that police officer, I had never really been in trouble with the law. 

I had my own successful businesses, in fact I did three jobs. In 1981 I founded the UK's first ever shoeshine company in the City of London.  That alone brought in £1500 cash per week. I was in the process of setting-up a pub-games company that started doing well, and I sold office automation equipment to many blue-chip companies. So I was earning a good few-bob and it was all legitimate hard work. 

Coincidentally, the title of the BBC documentary was "Making a Million".  One of the Spoofs who lived among our local community, and who knew of my involvement in the million pound fraud, incorrectly informed the police I was doing a documentary about that fraud.  Those at Scotland Yard who had granted me immunity, got the wrong end of the stick and why they set the heavy-mob onto me and who threatened I'd be shot if I was to make the BBC documentary.  It wasn't until the penny-dropped that I realised they had been ill-informed and that the documentary had nothing to do with the fraud I was alleged to have been involved, and was simply about me and another chap from the North of England. He too did a series of jobs, as in sense we both wanted to be successful in our businesses and why we agreed to make the documentary. It gave us free publicity that helped launch our careers, and it was the BBC who created the title of the programme.

Being Set-up Again!

So there I was, over the years I had been framed for GBH on that copper, and was rightly so found not guilty.  Had the police been able to get away with it, I would have also faced trial for murder and armed robbery, even though they knew I wasn’t involved in them. 

I had then moved out of the area and around that same time my then girlfriend became pregnant. On the celebration of the birth of my son, that very night I had met-up with some "friend's" – then it all went pear-shaped. I was so drunk and off my face, that in the course of the evening from a pub we were first in, we ended-up on a barge moored on the side of the River Lea.  Unknown to me at the time, on the boat were four girls age 14 to 15, and three members of staff, two females, and a male.  He was the Skipper, one of the blokes I was with punched the Skipper and insisted he started the boat. It's a long story and explained fuller in my book, but ultimately we were arrested for "Violent Behaviour" and given various prison sentences.  The bloke who punched the Skipper, got 30 months, and I got 18 months.   The other three, as there were five of us, got similar nine and six month sentences.

To me, I felt it was the ultimate sting, as not only had I walked free after being found not guilty of GBH on the police officer who framed me and my mate, I had gotten off Scott-free on the million pound fraud I was involved in.  It's almost like "they" were waiting for me to go back to the place I was born, though had agreed to stay away from, but as I was celebrating the birth of my son and I had previously met-up with my father and brother who still lived in the area.  I then bumped into my other group of "friends" that led on to getting us all arrested by being on that boat. "They" were now able to give me the criminal record they had long wanted me to have, and so that it would of course cause determent to my future.

Paedophile Connection

It was hard to recover from these life changing experiences, they went on for years and financially broke me.  Though over time I set-up fast-food outlet in Hoxton, London. I could never really get over what had clearly happened to me when I was younger. I now know that a lot of my trouble goes back to when I was a child.  I was sexually assaulted when aged six, and then again at 11 years old. The first was by an unknown stranger.  The second attempt was carried out by a local paedophile named Owen Williams.  I exposed him, and it turned out he had done this to loads of other local boys.  I knew most of them, but none of them ever said anything about it. 

In addition, some years later when I was in my teens, I insulted some local women, swore at her.  One of her sons became a police officer and he never forgave me for swearing at his mother.  He too has played an active role, though behind the scenes getting others to carry out his dirty work, and which ultimately led to that other police officer falsely accusing me of GBH.

Where I came from is the same area that a paedophile ring, fronted by Sidney Cooke was operating, and where Jason Swift was murdered, and I believe the paedophile who tried it on me when I was 11 year old, was also connected to this ring that involved local people.  

So why my life has long being targeted by several police officers, Freemasons and members of my local community, has come about for a variety of reasons.

Paid Agents, Shills & Trolls

Post 9/11, when the World Trade Centre, along with Building 7 totally collapsed into their own footprints; in a sense the "Truther Movement" was born.  Many of the people, "Admin's", whom some still presently front various website forums, YouTube, or Patreon channels, Facebook and Twitter groups etc., our paid agents working with various government and non-government entities.

Technically speaking, due to the internet being a relatively new phenomena (public commercial use of the internet began mid-1989 and around when I first got connected), a place where almost anyone in the world can almost say what they wish and upload almost anything, along with exposing corrupt governments and revealing all the deviousness that the MSM will never report-on.

And that because of this modern-day technology, online government paid "armies" have been created.   Once known as the "fifty-center's", there were 1000's of Chinese citizens-trolls, who were paid 50cents (around 7p back in 2011 and the price of Sterling) for leaving 'pro-government' comments on blog posts and group forums etc. that were perhaps being percieved as anti-government. 

Since those days, almost every countries government have similar 'armies of trolls'.  They work hand-in-glove with the intelligence agencies within their respective countries.  In the USA, it's the FBI, CIA and all their related military institutions, and it's the same here in the UK, MI5, MI6, Scotland Yard etc.  A lot more is to do with cyber-wars and where they are constantly "attacking" and attempting to hack each others government data-systems and websites.

However, as this mainly consists of "computer experts" and "hackers", that leaves thousands of other paid workers, "Spooks" living among us and whose job was once to keep an eye-out in what was happening in their local communities, and of course workplaces, that since the birth of the internet thousands of more recruits are working online.  That ironically and mainly as a result of Andy Warhol's "five minutes of fame" syndrome, there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of individuals who may or may not have some kind of connection to the many the Fraternities, Secret Societies, Workingman Clubs, Women's Institutes etc. that span the globe, that there really is no shortage of these kind of trolls who are more than willing to back the 'fake-false narratives" and attack those who are perhaps trying to expose them as being fake, - and do so for free!

And that's what any whistle-blower or "truther" is up against, and why whenever I'm trolled or someone tries to hack into my computer or email accounts, I take it with a pinch of salt as those doing it to me probably have more to lose than I do!   

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Comment by Exposure on April 25, 2019 at 7:13am

That's for sure Chris of the family Masters, and so far deeper. 

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on April 25, 2019 at 6:35am
It's a given cops, at least in ex-commonwealth countries, are run by Freemasons.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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