President Trump Exonerated

Before you allow yourself to be influenced by the lies of the majority of the US media be sure to listen to or witness the events of history before allowing them to put their warped leftist slant on what actually transpired. Such was the case with the testimony of one former FBI Director, James Comey who answered interrogatives by a combined bi-partisan intelligence panel in Washington DC on Thursday June 8th. If one actually watched the questioning and response by the former FBI Director you would easily see just why he was fired and why he would never in a sane world be anyone’s champion of conduct even if it were up to the Democrats to judge.

Even liberals agreed

Such liberal and Hillary proponents as well-known Attorneys as Allen Dershowitz among others clearly admitted that there was nothing to see here. James Comey echoes the opinions of other intelligence chiefs such as James Clapper and General H.R. Mc Masters who had long ago divulged the fact that there was no evidence of Russian collusion as well as the fact that under the corroborative admissions of the former FBI Director Donald J. Trump was not nor had ever been under investigation despite disturbing questions of illegal unmasking of thousands of Americans occurring during the Obama Administration in 2015 and 2016.

Look in the mirror

The more that the Democrats implore government assets to be put to the task of investigating the Trump Administration it is obvious that they are the ones who are drawing attention and suspicion to their own indiscretions as well as the unwholesome veil of their alliance with a US media that is deaf, dumb, and blind when it comes to the crimes of the DC establishment and the Democrats in particular! Even Democrat Warner hung his head in despair when James Comey clearly answered that President Trump had not committed any act of obstruction toward the investigations nor had he tried to direct the actions of the head of the FBI though Comey did attempt his hand at mind reading saying that “I hope” might have meant something else.


Why James Comey felt that after Bill Clinton’s illegal meeting on the tarmac with AG Loretta Lynch during a 20 minute flight layover required his reaction that the Democrats demanded his resignation over, yet when he was directed by the newly appointed Attorney General to announce the Hillary Clinton investigation as a “Matter” rather than a criminal probe was never acted upon while he actually contacted President Trump on several occasions and even informed the President that he was not under investigation has led many to see the FBI Director at the time in a very different light. There is little doubt his competence had come into question.

Shot in the foot

Now possibly facing criminal charges himself for passing intelligence information consisting of his secret conversations with the President of the United States not be treated any less legally than the property of the FBI and federal government, to his friend, a law professor, so that the New York Times could publish a totally fabricated story, James Comey, in trying to reveal himself as the sly and cunning spy he thinks he is, shot himself in the foot! Yet, this is what all Democrat traitors and turn coats continually do, always needing acknowledgement for their alleged genius so badly that they will incriminate themselves in doing do. Just like the little 25 year old government contractor who passed top secret federal documents to a newspaper and even published selfies and social media comments over her contempt for President Trump during her sycophantic deeds, James Comey has revealed himself to be, perhaps one of the main sources of leaks coming out of the Trump White House, and may likely pay dearly for such excess.

Media spin

To listen to the primarily leftist media’s spin on the whole affair, while some commentators were visibly disheartened by their lost opportunity to gloat over a Trump impeachment, other hard core fanatical entrenched ideologues wouldn’t mind making a career out of lying their way to a perpetual news job over a dead issue that will like backfire on the corrupt camp of the Democrat welfare state plantation! This action among many of the failures of the Democrats over recent years is fast paving the way toward law enforcement prosecutions and perhaps legislation to level the playing field of the unholy alliance between the media and the Democrat propaganda machinery that has poisoned Capitol Hill and enraged many Americans to the point of permanent distrust.


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