Calamity And Devastation The New Norm

February 22, 2011
Steve Quayle

Calamity is the new norm, and shrugging off life-changing events happening worldwide is the order of the day. Financial, geologic, astronomical and weather related instances are passed off and avoided as "designer coffee" is consumed, Facebook checked and mindless texts fill cyberspace with drivel. Virtual reality creates the ultimate escape mechanism providing a cyber playground with no boring interruptions such as world upheaval, famine, blood and gore, death and destruction, just playful images in the cyber world.

Images, sights and sounds, fill our eyes and ears with reality escaping pictures and great sound tracks, providing us with the ultimate no need to worry escapist games. just press the re-set button! We are at the end of the old traditional, God-fearing and God-honoring Nation we once were blessed to live in.

Traitors within and without systematically loot and sell off America's assets, farms and other treasures, not to mention our proprietary technology, manufacturing plants and natural resources with even some of the Great Lakes water now owned by foreigners!

The ruling elite even flaunt their "Skull and Crossbones" as they place their initiates and followers in the highest offices in the land and Wall Street. The most famous pirates in history no longer sail the Caribbean or even African waters, but Wall Street is now where they lurk, given clear sailing by the plunderers we have elected to represent us as the rewards of plunder are just too great. The NWO crowd flee to their underground bunkers still attempting to rape and pillager the last remaining pocket change of the "dumb unto death" mind controlled public.


Riots will start and take on an unimagined ferocity in the US which will be contained with all sorts of "new killing toys", and if you think dictators go quietly into the night before initiating mass murder and mayhem just watch the Middle East, especially Libya, for a start where the military is using all their available weaponry to mow down their own people. Keep your eyes on Italy where things will really get nasty. Sounds like a great Video game with one exception. We no longer have a reset button! GAME ON!

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