Cameron & The Pigs Head Photo "He" Don't Want You To See!

Above left shows a young naked David Cameron - almost drooling to be called to the bench to partake in the "Pigs Head" initiation into the Oxford Piers Gaveston dining society.

*Warning graphic images adult material - What’s all the fuss about a Prime Minister such as David Cameron sticking his private parts into the mouth of a dead "suckling" pig - as this type of thing is common practice by the elites and why you will find most world leaders would have too been initiated into some secret society or another and who too would have carried out a similar kind of depraved act and where in many cases the actual act is far more worse. 

Following is an extract from Trapped in a Masonic World; Apparently the other main reason certain secret societies, clubs or gangs etc. have these kinds of gross forms of initiations is so that it helps them develop a strong bond with the others, knowing none of them would dare reveal what any of them had done in secret, and that it worked both ways knowing neither party would blackmail the other as they’re equally despicable.

Keith Floyd before he got ill.

In addition to what I have already experienced and been told I also met an ex Greek fraternal member of the Alpha, Delta, Kappa like group of fraternities whom I met when in Thailand and where he came from and lives - back in November 2008 and whose name is Chanarong.  He was working as a waiter at Keith Floyd‘s -Floyds restaurant on the island of Phuket.  I got friendly with Keith Floyd and met up with his old series producer David Pritchard who was also out there.  I was at the early stages of researching this book, or I should say a book, though more on the lines of what happened on 9/11 in New York 2001.

The big argument was and still is that if it was an inside-job then how do you keep hundreds of people involved quite?  And my counter-argument is this; - it’s because only a few people were actually involved in 9/11 and not hundreds as why should there be any need for hundreds? It only required small cells of secret servicemen and that it‘s through the indoctrination, including their initiations, oaths, pledges, rituals and ceremonies, that in addition also involves heavy cases of hazing from a young enough age to start the indoctrination process and that sometimes results in death and what I cover a little further on.

This is how they can sieve out the wheat from the chaff and it‘s the wheat that gets highly rewarded as these people get involved so deeply their task-masters know 101% they‘ll never talk, inform, grass or spill the beans on any covert operation they were ever involved in. 

These highly selected people are not you‘re kind of kiss-and-tell Andy McNab‘s of the SAS.  These kinds of people know if anything their entire families would be wiped out if they so much dreamt of exposing anything, - but the indoctrination/brainwashing process of ancient practices are so precise and well proven to the most finite degree that the set-up of the Illuminati is so fastidiously and tightly controlled that it can never happen and never will.

But to get these kinds of special individuals takes a lot of sieving, initiations, trials and tests that 99.9% will fail - leaving only 00.01% to be selected for an elite squad.  The Good Shepherd is a 2006 spy film directed by Robert De Niro and starring Matt Damon, although it is a fictional film it is loosely based on real events, telling the untold story of the birth of counter-intelligence in the CIA.  

The film portrays Yale‘s Skull & Bones secret society as powerful organisation without revealing just how far their tentacles truly reach.  And in an interesting scene it shows the initiation of Damon‘s character Edward Wilson, - prior to him going on to become a CIA agent and where he‘s ritual involves lying naked and revealing a personal secret which is a prerequisite of all new bones-men and has many a sexual overtones left to the viewer’s imagination as to what else he was expected to have participated in and revealed.  

Though the film tends to incorrectly portray them as being a boys will be boys fraternity, who love a bit of old-time barbershop singing as there‘s no sign of real skulls, bones or the use of blood and other occult rituals such as an altar to the horned gods, - though they do interestingly enough show the initiates wrestling and rolling about in mud, whilst being pissed-on by another elder member of the brotherhood and much to Wilson‘s objection of being urinated on - which was more for the viewer’s sake in trying to portray his brief reluctance to surrender his dignity in the name of subserviencey to the fraternity.

But nevertheless it was good to see this procedure of being pissed on included as part of the initiation and can quite understand as to why they didn‘t want to go that one step further and see them being defecated on, [10] though subliminally the mud wrestling scene is what that is most likely meant to represent.  

I have spoken too and interviewed many nationalities of students both face to face and via emails in regards to the subject of Greek fraternities and of the problems of hazing-bullying.  Virtually nearly all of them agreed that‘s exactly what hazing is; bullying and far from being a good thing and was the main reason they haven‘t joined a Greek fraternity, as hazing only seems to happen to those who belong to such a group or society to begin with.  Chanarong admitted to me he was bullied, [what he termed hazed], so much so on an American campus in New York that he left studying and returned home to his family in Bangkok.  

A rather tame Greek fraternity initiation wearing nappies/diaper's.

He told me that he joined a Greek fraternity there and because so many of the societies have so similar sounding names such as Delta Chi, Delta Phi or Delta Psi; I will not attempt to specifically name the precise society or group that he told me of in case I‘ve written it down incorrectly and don‘t wish to make the mistake of misquoting one group or another by a matter of a Chi, Phi or Psi.  

A 'getting to know you' mass initiation/bonding session.

What‘s worthy of note is that Chanarong mentioned that as an initiate he was asked; “Would you ever dare spit, urinate or even contemplate defecating on a copy or page of the Bible (Quran, Countries flag etc.) during initiation if it meant you‘d be revered and rewarded?  Are you prepared to do this for the honour of your fraternity or would you dare not in fear of bringing our good name into ill repute?

As we know all three options are disgusting though the last two options are beyond disgust, though symbolically to the fraternity they‘re all meant to be equal to each other as it‘s said if someone is prepared to spit on the bible, then it‘s as bad as the other two alternatives, - the offence is of equal measure.

The initiate obviously wonders, ‘is this a trick question’ and many would wonder how to respond and this is the poser; what would happen to the one who took up on the first option which is to either spit, urinate or defecate as opposed to the one who would not dare do any of them?

Well in a sense the answer is they‘ll both be treated the same, however, only one will be put forward for a later-on fast track elevation.  The one who refused to do such a repulsive and despicable act will be patted on the back and told what an upright and genuine person of honour and integrity they really are and how proud they should be of themselves and what a privilege it is to welcome them into the secret world of their own fraternity.  This new obedient initiate is accepted into the fold and that is that.  And as this new initiate proudly rises knowing that in their heart they did the right thing and that they too are now ‘one of them‘, a member of the brotherhood, a frat-head of a secret society who swore on oath and pledged to be totally allegiant and until death, - they are quite content thinking they too are now part of the inner sanctum of this elite club.

Whilst on the other hand that gross despicable one whom may have had one too many brandy‘s and lines of cocaine beforehand and decides to defecate upon the holy bible is looked upon in astonishment and awe.  Little do they realise but they‘re instantly revered and have almost leapfrogged their way through the ranks of the fraternity.  This person is not one of your ‘normal herd‘ but world leader potential - a possible candidate to join the elite 1%, as they‘ve shown they really do not give a fuck, they have no belief in the Bible (Quran, Countries flag etc.) and if they do then they certainly have little regard for it.

We could not show the photo of the ISIS flag as it's far too graphic with a naked women and the above image will of course be offence to many and in no way do we condone it, it's purely to show this is for real and not invention that many will claim it is as this type of thing goes on behind closed doors; - beware - this link will show highly offence material and images.

They have shown their true colours and they can be trusted or at least show early signs as being one who can be fully confided in with the true knowledge and secret agenda of their Order, but only once they have been groomed and indoctrinated into what the Order really wants them to truly become and what’s required from them.  From the chapter “Defecting Rituals” - Trapped in a Masonic World.

Warning - Adult Content Only - 18+ Only. Trapped in a Masonic World took the author over three years to research and write the approximate 360,000 words in this thought provoking mega sized book; that’s quite possibly to be ranked among one of the most controversial and disturbing books ever to be written on the subject Freemasonry, Religion and the Occult as you have to bear in mind it’s all true and not a case of fiction. Many major publishers refused to publish the book on the grounds that it could be detrimental to their business, a statement that seems to reflect how provocative this book really is. 

Though on a note - this kind of revelation is also being put out now to "distract" us from what's really going on around us so don't be fooled - see the bigger picture;

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Comment by DTOM on November 14, 2015 at 6:00pm

Thanks Exposure, great article!

Comment by Exposure on November 14, 2015 at 3:28pm

DTOM - amended! Thanks!

Comment by Exposure on November 14, 2015 at 3:27pm

DTOM, I stand corrected, he was indeed the producer, got mixed up with Keith Floyd being the presenter. Shall amend now! 

Comment by DTOM on November 11, 2015 at 5:04am

The Latin motto of Pig Fuc...ahem...'Call Me Dave's little association is very telling: "(Sane) non memini ne audisse unum alterum ita dilixisse" which translates roughly as "Truly, none remember hearing of a man enjoying another so much".

I miss Floyd - a true gentleman, eccentric and original.

Exposure, that should read  "I got friendly with Keith Floyd and met up with his old series producer David Pritchard who was also out there." - Not 'presenter'.

Comment by Exposure on September 25, 2015 at 6:53am

Yes, the drilling out of his eyes! Very nice!! Very good, bad and ugly theme...and those alphabet soup of agencies have established themselves worldwide! 

Comment by Burbia on September 25, 2015 at 1:52am
On the topic of movies and CIA, johnny depp plays an agent in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. In it, his eyes are gouged out and he continues his operation he was sent to do. Just think of what the agency would do to him if he hasn't completed his task. Noting that we know alphabet agencies have established themselves in Hollywood.

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