Whitewashing Nazi Collaboration in the Ukraine



As we mark the 80th anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War, we discover that members of the Canadian Armed Forces, successors of those who fought against Nazi Germany, attended the unveiling last week of a monument to Nazi collaborationists.

      So what was the OUN-UPA, whom Canadian soldiers are now honouring with their presence? … they worked alongside the Nazi occupiers of Ukraine willingly and zealously and shared certain key aspects of their ideology, including anti-Semitism. They also shared many of the occupiers’ methods, attempting to ethnically cleanse Ukraine of ‘foreign’ elements, most notably through massacres of Poles and Jews.

       [The OUN-UPA was] an organization which not only committed terrible atrocities but also fought alongside Canada’s enemies in the Second World War and which Canadian soldiers therefore have absolutely no business celebrating.

      Canadian politicians … are unwavering in their support of a certain image of Ukraine, and the specific political and cultural program of a very specific group of Ukrainians, which includes rewriting history so as to portray Nazi collaborationists as victims.

      I find it staggering that the Canadian Armed Forces should get involved in such a morally dubious affair. … We shouldn’t be disgracing ourselves by laying wreaths to those who collaborated with our enemies and participated in some of the greatest crimes of the twentieth century.



Canada accused of promoting Holocaust revisionism with memorial in Ukraine


 … a controversial monument built in the western Ukrainian town of Sambir, funded through Canadian private donations and consecrated with the help of Canada’s envoy in Ukraine, opened up old wounds and raised questions about whether Ottawa is complicit in a campaign to whitewash a horrific chapter of Ukraine’s Second World War history.

 The monument is a large granite cross erected on the grounds of a derelict Jewish cemetery, where more than 1,200 Jews were shot and dumped into mass graves in 1943 by the Nazis and their Ukrainian collaborators. It’s dedicated to the memory of 17 Ukrainian nationalists executed by the Gestapo in 1944 (however, some historians question the official version of the execution, saying that it’s highly unlikely that Gestapo would have executed these fighters at a time when Ukrainian nationalist organizations had resumed collaboration with the Nazis).


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Comment by Diana on September 10, 2019 at 5:48pm

Auschwitz is crammed down our throats as the "Holocaust" and it just doesn't add up.  6 Million, don't believe it.  But there were operations that involved mass shootings.  Operation Reinhard (Einsatz Reinhard) and Aktion "Erntefest" (Operation "Harvest Festival") were carried out in Poland.  The claim of deaths seems to be high based on the size of the pits dug, as only so many bodies would have fit.  According to David Irving, there is German High Command correspondence that confirm these operations did exist, so I would not be surprised if similar operations occurred elsewhere.

Comment by James Roberts on September 10, 2019 at 4:37pm

My favoriting of this post was for the uneditorialized news. If you look into the details of the official Holocaust story, at all, it all falls apart like a house of cards. Which leaves what, mean speech? BIGGGGGG.....deal.

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