The above YouTube film does seem to expose an interesting close-up of Queen E'lizard-bith II for if you look closely its as if she is examining her prey - the children before her and seeing which one would probably be the most succulent.

Is this the Carvery?

Mmm, what have we here from French Police archives

Most folk think as cannibalism as something straight out of a B-Movie or Mayan and Polynesian ancient cultures and that the practice died-out long ago.  Though many more will be shocked to see that it’s probably as prolific today, than it was when both Queen Mary II and her uncle King Charles II first too participated in such “fine cuisine.”   

Accounts of cannibalism date back as far as Biblical times and it’s quite obvious cannibalism was common in human societies and has been taking place since “man” first stepped onto earth.   Like many others, I too have had my share of fine dining, done the Ritz, Hilton, Ivy, Kettner’s.  So I’ve tasted all types of cuisines; from sheep’s eyes to testicles, insects, snake, eel and basically most kinds of meats and fish dishes from around the world.  

Sheep's Testicles

Now I’ve never quite sat around a dining table and discussed what human meat would taste like, nor ever enquired for a ’Special Fried Leg.’  Though the conversation of eating another “person” has on occasion come up, say following watching a film about the survivors of the Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, also known as the Andes flight disaster, in South America.  When on 13 October 1972 a chartered flight carrying 45 people, crashed in the Andes. Only 16 survivors were rescued on 23 December 1972.  Faced with starvation, the survivors ate some of the dead passengers who had been preserved in the snow.   

So it’s at times like this I’ve talked about it and questioned myself; ‘What would I do in a similar life or death situation?’   

I assume, I would have done what those survivors of Flight 571 had to succumb to. It’s a hard call to make and until you yourself are in such dire-straits, then how can you possibly tell?  But hey, this is far from sitting round a candlelight table and wondering what the hell a baby’s arm or leg may taste like - and how would it be best to prepare and cook?  

Suckling pig when cooked to perfection, is indeed very succulent and tasty.  

And following on from what some folk, like William Seabrook have said about what human flesh tastes like and that the Cannibal Club recommends; “The meat we serve is selected only from the young and healthy,” - then I suppose the suckling pig route would perhaps be the best way to go.  

But that’s just discussing the matter here;  Would I want to actually eat another person, then I’m not so sure. 

‘Not so sure!’ You may gasp and ask.  

The reason I have to be totally honest and open is because this taboo subject of cannibalism - is indeed very real, so I’m putting the questions to myself to save others from having to do so.

 Cannibal Club

 Have I ever wondered what we [human] taste like? - Yes.  

Have I ever tasted one of us? -  No.  

Would I? - No, but... the particular circumstances such as those on Flight 571, then yes, I probably would.  Though I'm sure I'd feel sick in the process as it’s more in the mind than in the taste.  I understand there is a morality issue here and that's one of the reasons I decided to take a look closer on the subject.  

Though if someone cooked you a dish and told you it was pork or veal, then you’d very likely be none the wiser and enjoy it, unless of course you were a vegetarian. 

The Royals and Elites have long been famed for their love of lavish banquets and rich recipes.  Though what is less well know and according to Dr Sugg, in his book Mummies, Cannibals and Vampires, that delves into the dark world of medicinal cannibalism, the British royals loved the taste for human flesh.  As recently as the end of the 18th century, British royalty swallowed and ate parts of the human body.

However, this was not a practice reserved for monarchy only, no, as it was widespread among the well-to-do in Europe, and I take it the rest of the world, and why and when would they have stopped this practice?

It's hardly as if someone is policing this "under-world" of "fine cuisine" - and that no one has stood-up and declared such practices ought to be abolished. 

And like said; ‘Why would they stop this practice today?’

Despite they were denouncing those ‘barbaric cannibals’ of the New World and calling them savages, they were themselves feasting, drinking or wearing ground-down Egyptian mummy, human fat, flesh, bone, blood, brains or skin; -'...the finest thinnest of crackling.'  Dr Sugg, said; ‘The human body has been widely used as a therapeutic agent with the most popular treatments involving flesh, bone or blood.’  

Whilst James I had refused to take human skull, his grandson Charles II loved the idea so much so that he bought the recipe.  Having paid £6,000 for this, he often distilled human skull himself in his private laboratory. 

Dr Sugg's research was featured in a Channel 4 Time Team documentary with Tony Robinson, in which they reconstructed versions of older cannibalistic medicines with the help of pigs' brains, blood and skull, when surely all they had to do was go to The Cannibal Club.   

Cannibals of the Stone Age

 In the Channel 4 documentary - Cannibals of Stone Age: - It showed has that in the German Hamlet of Herxheim, archaeologists excavating a 7000-year-old mass grave of up to 1000 Stone Age people have concluded that the site was not a Neolithic graveyard, as previously assumed, but a killing field where hundreds of men, women and children met a grisly fate.

Scholars now believe that Stone Age Europe was much more violent than previously thought, and some scientists believe the bodies in Herxheim were murdered, cooked and cannibalised in sacrificial rites that drew participants from hundreds of miles away.

It's a possibility that calls into question much of what we thought we knew about civilisation, and forces us to face the fact that cannibalism and human sacrifice may be undeniable parts of our human history.

The creepy truth of cannibalism, is that it‘s never gone away.  Knowing that many of the elites and royalty love to tuck into a medium-rare human butt-cheek or thigh, one can't help wondering that following the French Revolution, (one must ponder; - 'did any of the royals or elites get eaten in revenge, necessity - or shear want during this period in time?) WWI and WWII, the "food" available for their banquets must have been abundant and immense, though they are hardly going to step forward and admit that’s what they have done and still do so today.  

So like most things in this world, it’s kept well secret and hidden behind guarded doors.   Until now that is and with the resurrection of places like the Cannibal Club which has already been trading for over six years.  

Rare: Some of the foods have such a hefty pricetag because they are rare or difficult to source - like the Wagyu ribeye lunch at Craftsteak restaurant in New York City (right)

We know how some folk are particular about everything in life, they want the best of this and the finest of that; that’s why the best cuts of meat of an animal can be extremely expensive.  

Splurge: The total cost of all the breakfast, lunch and dinner dishes adds up to an eye-watering $95,065

To give you an idea as to what the rich are willing to pay for "everyday" food dressed-up, here's an American example; A day spent indulging in the world's most expensive meals will set you back a stonking $95,065 more than the average American household's annual income.

In New York City it will cost a $1,000 frittata at Norma's Restaurant, made with potatoes, a pound of lobster and ten ounces of caviar.  Other items on the menu include sushi wrapped in 24k gold leaf and topped with pearls, truffle salad and 'bacon-bling' - a sandwich served with black truffles, gold leaf, gold dust and saffron.

Some of the foods have such a hefty price-tag because they are rare or "difficult to source" - like the Wagyu ribeye lunch at Craftsteak restaurant in New York City.  This expensive cut, which costs $2,800, comes from cows raised in Hyogo, Japan, which are fed beer and are regularly massaged to make their meat extra tender.

And Albarragena Jamon Iberico de Bellota, a ham that can be purchased at a London restaurant for an incredible $2,682, is made from pigs fed exclusively on acorns and roots. The pigs are then slaughtered and cured for three years before consumed by diners.  The bill for all the breakfast items amounts to $5,200, and the total cost of the five-course lunch - including appetiser, first course, soup, second course and dessert - would be $63,670.

The decadent dinner would cost you $31,395, and the total cost of all the dishes adds up to an eye-watering $95,065.  Source

Every meat has its own texture, flavour, aroma and taste.  Smoked, and it will produce a strong potent flavour full of body that can be altered in taste according to which type of wood you use to smoke it.  

Slaughtered - then cooked-smoked Gorilla Bush-Meat. 

The same must be said about “Bush-Meat” and where there’s a huge black-market for animal meat from the jungle-bush - and of every species of animal including primates are slaughtered and sold.  The Vietnamese and Chinese have long loved the delicacy of Monkey brains as much as many a African loves the taste of Gorilla or Chimpanzee meat.

So it must go without saying; if human meat is supposed to be the most sweetest and tender of all meats - especially if young, then they are going to want to prefer to eat that, as opposed to the fillet steak they have long got weary of.   

Though we can see it’s a very small sector of society who participate in cannibalism, as otherwise we wouldn’t have such mass burial site and graveyards all over the world; - and you’ll probably find it’s those who live in remote parts of the world, psychopathic serial killers or the elite who do so.    

Take Sagawa, a Japanese student completing an English Literature degree in Paris. He met a fellow student, shot her on June 11, 1981. After her death, he proceeded to cannibalise her over the next two days. Due to an alleged paperwork error, it allowed Sagawa to simply check himself out of a mental institution after a little more than a year in confinement.

He is now a free man living in Japan!

The counter argument and those in favour of cannibalism, think we should eat our loved-dead ones; - that as a direct result we wouldn’t need to produce so much meat; beef, lamb or pork, thus it will reduce carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and ozone.  

Elspeth Blake

According to the proprietor of the Cannibal Club, Elspeth Blake (above), she states; “Cannibalism, as traditionally practiced, usually shows respect to the deceased, who is desired to be reborn into the living, or offered as a worthy sacrifice to some deity. It is never our practice to debase or objectify human life. Arguments against cannibalism are typically grounded in ignorance, cultural prejudice, and nonsensical spiritual beliefs.” 

The Cannibal Club specialises in the serving-up of human flesh, described on their website; “Specialising in the preparation of human meat, the Cannibal Club in Los Angeles brings ‘the cutting edge of experimental cuisine’ to the refined palates of L.A.’s cultural elite.  We celebrate artistic excellence as the natural and inevitable expression of the unbridled human spirit.” 

Their master chefs hail from around the world for the opportunity to practice their craft free of compromise and unbounded by convention.  Their exclusive clientele includes; noted film-maker's, intellectual's, and celebrities who have embraced the Enlightenment ideals of free expression and rationalism.  

On event nights, avant-garde performance artists, celebrated literary figures, and ground-breaking musicians entertain their guests, such as Diamanda Galas (above video), whom musicologist Susan McClary writes that; “Galas heralds a new moment in the history of musical representation.” Focusing on themes of suffering, injustice and despair, her works are characterised by visceral shrieks and wails reminiscent of glossolalia or “tongues.” She has collaborated with Led Zeppelin and her work has appeared in such mainstream films as Natural Born Killer and Francis Ford Coppola’s Dracula. Galas, trained in the Wagner school of opera and calls her work; “…a very, very ancient form of Satanism”.

Sophie Laffite 

The other staff of the Cannibal Club are; Chef de Cuisine, Sophie Laffite (above), who regularly updates their menu with “new and daring dishes.” It’s said she gained notoriety in culinary circles when she prepared Ortalan, an endangered bird thought to represent the soul of France, for the last meal of President Francois Mitterrand in 1996, and one can’t help but wonder; - what was next on the menu?

Raven Chan 

Procurement; Raven Chan (above) is known as the “Service Manager and worked with Elspeth Blake and Vincent Sardi, Jr. in New York before travelling to L.A. with Blake to start Cannibal Club.  As service manager - she actually procures the bodies that will be eaten. 

Apart from Raven Chan doing her bit, according to Elspeth Blake their avenues of procurement vary.  Most of the businesses and institutions who supply them prefer to keep those relationships discreet. On the individual level, bodies are often bequeathed to them. For some, this is a way to supplement life insurance and offset funeral expenses.  For others, such as Cannibal Club member Gwendoline Fenwich, who was served to her friends and relatives at the Club in January of 2008.  

Blake said; “…being prepared as a meal, and thereby reborn into the bodies of the living, is an attractive alternative to the more than traditional practices; some folk bury their dead, others cremate them, - whereas in some pagan traditions they ate them in the belief they are reincarnated into the bodies of those who have eaten them and where they can continue to live and experience not just one life, but multiples. The more who eats you, the more your “own” life is expanded.”  

Moloch- Bohemian Grove 

Bohemian Grove comes to mind, though as Satan does not exist in Judaism, Moloch does.  Moloch was the pagan God of the Ammonites and Phoenicians to whom parents sacrificed their children; - “extra relish on that sir?”  Though I shan’t start raising the topic of Cabalist Talmudism and blood curdling rituals. This is strictly looking at the fundamentals of fine dining!  

One of the clubs regular dish is Placenta Lasagna, described as; “an otherwise traditional Lasagna with one layer of cheese substituted by minced placenta in heirloom tomato sauce, seasoned with garlic, onion and oregano.”  Without doubt full of nutrition.

Human Placenta 

Apart from Sweeny Todd coming to mind, one can only guess the contents of the country cottage sounding Mrs. Lovett's Meat Pies; “A delectable pot pie in a genuine puff pastry crust with locally-grown vegetables - and tender strips of meat.” 

Blake says; "Human flesh, the Chefs gush and blush, when prepared by them - tastes unbelievable. Of the meats you are likely to find in stores, pork is the closest match." "The club insists that they take care to ensure that all of their meat is produced legally and ethically, with some correctness in older more primitive cultures, that cannibalism, as traditionally practiced, usually showed respect to the deceased, who is desired to be reborn into the living, or offered as a worthy sacrifice to some deity." 

She further states that: “It is never our practice to debase or objectify human life. Arguments against cannibalism are typically grounded in ignorance, cultural prejudice, and nonsensical spiritual beliefs.” 

The Question of Real Procurement? 

My main question to the Cannibal Club is; Under what circumstances does a person qualify to be the type of meat you wish to serve; “…selected only from the young and healthy.” 

Cancer of the Human Liver 

After all if a person is dying and riddled with disease or pump-with intoxicating drugs or radiation, then that’s the last thing anyone would wish to digest.  The same could be said about older meat, mutton dressed up as lamb.  Old muscles would perhaps take on the same toughness and darkness as chicken legs can do and why they’re normally sold as ‘Boilers’.  

So it makes me wonder; who are these people such as Gwendoline Fenwick - making up the dishes?  I appreciate you prefer to keep those relationships discreet, though I don’t expect names. I just want to know; who are the type of people you are eating; is it a case of a “mercy killing” and whereas the person wishes to commit suicide and not due to physical illness of disease, but mental illness?    

It’s obvious you’ll not going to admit that; - some could be innocent victims such as still-births and freshly deceased babies. Though I should imagine, as you say; ‘…businesses and institutions’ - supply you; well that can surely only be places like abortion clinics-doctors, hospitals, prisons, mental institutions, morgues and funeral directors.   

It's said this first attack was religiously motivated, and admitted that he and his group battered the man because he had killed his pregnant wife, sister-in law, and her baby.  CANNIBAL: Magloire (above) told the BBC how he cut into a man's leg before eating it. He said that he and a mob of 20 other Christians forced the bus driver to stop before pulling the victim out of the vehicle, stabbing him and setting him alight before taking a bite out of the victim's leg.  

He said: "I stabbed him in the head. I poured petrol on him. I burned him.  "Then I ate his leg, the whole thing right down to the white bone."

"That's why people call me Mad Dog."


Real Life Cannibals...

Cerebral Bore - Entombed In Butchered Bodies

Three packages containing baby body parts and an adult heart have been discovered at a parcel delivery company in Bangkok.

The boxes, containing an infant’s head and foot, were bound for the USA and their grisly contents were found after they were passed through a routine X-ray.

The company, DHL, alerted police who tracked down the sender, a 31-year-old American tourist who said he found the items at a Bangkok night market, police Colonel Chumpol Poompuang said.

baby body parts

Blurred images of the seized body parts were displayed at a police press conference in Thailand Source:

'Cannibals' On Trial For Killing, Eating & Selling Stuffed Pastries With Flesh Of Victims

Three 'cannibals' are on trial charged with killing at least two women, eating parts of their bodies and using their flesh to make and sell stuffed pastries.

The man, his wife and his mistress were arrested in April 2012 in the northeastern Brazilian city of Garanhuns and police say they have admitted the crimes.

The trio allegedly lured women to their house by promising them a job as a nanny.

brazil cannibals


'Vampire Cannibal' Father Rex Eric Arrested On Suspicion Of Biting Daughter 3, To Death & Drinking Her Blood

The father of a three-year-old girl has been arrested after police say he bit her death and then drank her blood.

The man, identified as Rex Eric, was spotted attacking his daughter by two boys climbing a coconut tree in the Morobe Province of Papua New Guinea. The boys fled and raised the alarm.

“He was just laughing at the boys and continued eating the flesh and sucking the blood”, councillor John Kenny told the Papua New Guinea Post Courier.

vampire cannibal father


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Comment by Deep Space on August 13, 2018 at 2:42pm

I have this hybrid cat & he will starve himself to death if I don't feed him a certain kind of catfood. I put out other brands for like a week at a time & he just wouldn't eat for a week. I'm sure it woulda gone longer if I didn't break down & give him what he wanted before he starved to death. My point is that I'm like him in the sense that I would rather die first than eat human flesh.

Comment by Exposure on July 20, 2018 at 8:44pm

We are here to wonder.  I wonder what it would be like to be in space, yet have no intention of going there.  I've wondered what snake must taste like, like I have wondered how humans must taste as well and wondering about something doesn't mean I would take the next step to satisfy my wondering's. 

Comment by Exposure on September 9, 2014 at 3:23pm

That for sure Patriot! - There's some disturb sick folk out there that's for sure; - that I think the world ought to pay a little more attention to otherwise they too could end up on a plate! "Frying tonight!"

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He above articles are some sick diabolical shit!
Comment by Exposure on September 9, 2014 at 6:31am
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Teen Cannibals on Trial for Dismembering and Eating Their Four Friends  

“Who gave them the right to take the lives of our kids?” cried the mother of a victim in court. “Be cursed, you, monsters!”

“Our children suffered, and now we have to suffer,” cried another victim’s mother.

Comment by Exposure on September 9, 2014 at 6:27am
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