Egyptian symbols are used as a language are often described as primitive but when you take a better look around you we use it as well when we are said to be very advanced technologically.

We use symbols for road signs, DVDs (logos on them), food and food places like burger king and on keyboards, we think in pictures symbols effect the brain this is why they are everywhere.

The brain picks up on things that do not register in a part of the brain that we can access but they still affect the way think or react. This explains why on certain packages there are references to sex or other things that are irrelevant to the product.

Another type of irrelevant symbolism is on most DVDs you will see the logo on most for no apparent reason there is the certificate for which age group it is suitable for inside a triangle or pyramid as it would seem usually with an eye in the middle or something resembling an eye but this is not always the case and mostly with the capstone either missing or in some way separated brazenly showing they own us by having this symbolism everywhere they are letting us know they own us yet no one notices because people have been programmed to not question and to not notice things you would presume that if something is in plain view that it will be seen but this isn't true if something is hidden it tends to be found easily yet if you are not trying to hide something and it is an easy to see place then people won't notice because we tend to look in the harder places to find things under the misapprehension that it will be well hidden instead of blatantly exposed in clear view to the public a very good hiding place as we would not expect to find it there.

Until these things are pointed out to us there is very little chance we will ourselves notice such symbolism. On many important buildings such as banks and government owned buildings even on some recently built unimportant buildings there are symbols of owls (masonic god) and pyramids with and eye in the middle and the capstone missing this can vary from having the capstone there or not having the eye but it tends to be the main design on these buildings.

Tescos (a Jewish owned supermarket) has a triangle on the front of it at the top with a slight separation hinting the design of a pyramid with the capstone missing.

As i have mentioned in one or two articles before on an oxy on the spot cream package there is a woman's figure leaning in to a mans figure in a sexually suggestive manner sex has nothing to do with the product yet it is used as a way to store the image in the brain not registering and the symbolism goes unnoticed but it still affects brain and maybe this is why both men and women think about sex often and sex has become such a big thing everyone is off doing it with countless partners and this is seen as normal it seems to be that since sex has been used in advertising sex is no longer an act between married couples but something without feeling that is everywhere used to sell and children are off having it far too young without being old enough or able to cope with the consequences of unsafe sex.

This could be why marriage is less important and there are so many teenage pregnancies, why people have many sex partners over the course of their life and why STD'S are spreading so much also it is the reason that cervical cancer has become such a big problem seeing as it is down to having too many sexual partners and without using protection.

Marriage poses a threat to the NWO as when so many women are single mums depending on the state to survive they have you where they want you if for some reason your money stops you cannot survive and would have no food, wouldn't be able to pay your bills so they would either be cut off or just keep mounting up putting you into debt and you would eventually lose your home so you are financially unstable they have the power to give you money to survive or to take your money and let you starve to death.
If you are a working single mum then you depend on the state to look after your child so that you can pay your way in life this gives the state control of your child separating the bond between parent and child and raising the child in the fickle way the state sees fit with all the silly pointless health and safety issues that weaken each generation more and more.
For the fathers of these children they are stuck paying the CSA a large some of money of which the child will see only a small amount of (leaving the woman again depending on the state for her child's money) if the man pays £100 to the CSA the child will see only £30 of that as the CSA take £70 for themselves for just setting up the payment arrangements if this was truly in the child's interest surely all the money should go to the child?

In breaking up families they not only create dependence on the state but also destroy children's welfare married families are better for children as they need both parents in their lives it provides them with the stability they need for a good start in life most children who come from broken homes grow up angry and in some cases violent and destructive hence the age of asbos and chavs!

School another thing we depend on, to teach our children and these days in the false label that learning is never fun parents leave it to schools to teach their children although that duty should rightly fall on the parents this furthers the distance between parent and child as the child never learns anything of worth from the parents although they never learn anything of true worth at school either it is merely another form of control so that the state has your child and can spoon feed them propaganda controlling there thought this is why the state likes to get your child as young as possible believe it or not but the Zionist scum that are in control have influence over everything the media, film and TV programme industry, the government, schooling systems, banks, supermarkets, pharmaceutical companies, researchers of the medical industry basically they control everything nothing comes into public knowledge through the official media that does not fit in to the NWO.

These days if you want your child to go to school they must go to nursery but what is the problem with a parent doing there job and raising there own child? If you want your child to go to nursery they must be vaccinated and the same goes for if they go to school they must be vaccinated and if you don't want to get in to a hell of a lot of trouble and possibly end up losing your child you "must" vaccinate your child! This in my mind is control as we do not get to choose what goes in to our child's body or how to raise our own children and the Zionists use their politician puppets to push for new laws to protect them so that we have no choice but to do as they say but as it is the law people don't often associate this with control.

Health and safety and politically correct teachings whether in school or not weaken society and teach feeble mindedness leaving each generation more pathetic and hopeless than the last. If they can weaken us both mentally and physically we will be unable to fight for our freedom when the time comes that everyone finally realises that we are owned by the Zionists that are trying to wipe out humanity and what is left of humanity will remain slaves (as if we are not already their slaves) but also in keeping us inane the masses are unable to work out what is truly going on.

They also keep our attention focused elsewhere so that we do not notice things that matter through TV, fashion, magazines, advertising, silly goodies that we don't need but are convinced to want, films, sports, and propaganda news reports. These ideas were designed to keep the mind occupied so that we would not notice that we are being controlled both mentally and physically.

In addition TV uses sex to sell ideas and advertises it everywhere in programmes and movies and advertisements designed to sell unnecessary items to an unsuspecting audience, such advertising also stores sex in the brain leaving it thinking of such on an unconscious level making way for the age of slags both women and men indulging in meaningless sex no responsibility and no strings one night stands are a part of a fashion these days.

So as you see symbolism is not actually primitive and is everywhere even now as it is an effective way to influence the brain without being found out.

Once you start to notice such attempts to sway your judgement you start to become immune to it, and notice the symbolism more and more everywhere you go showing that they are expressing there control over us.
I have not mentioned every type of symbolism just the most used.

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