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Defining The One World Government That is Upon Us

The New World Order Defined

In a 1992 speech President George Bush mentioned a "New World Order" that would emerge as if this development represented a noble advancement over the individual sovereignty and individual rights guaranteed by the US Constitution. Being a former CIA Director, George Bush Sr. was well placed and informed enough to advance this concept of global government. The ultimate intention of the elite upper class of self important imperialists using their control over the banking community and currency manipulators had been working for decades to deliver the world into a Globalist agenda.

All mighty dollar

Thomas Jefferson once commented that a nation could be controlled and toppled if a foreign entity had control of their banks. President Andrew Jackson fought the European bankers who had established a central bank in America. After a death defying struggle and having to endure several assassination attempts, "Old Hickory" as the former commander of US forces was affectionately known succeeded in vanquishing a central bank controlling the US economy. Causing inflationary cycles, devaluations, and periods of market panics, America had been under the control of a relative few families who had formed a cartel of financial institutions, Great Britain included in this toxic equation, but Andrew Jackson brought an end to it. For 75 years the US was free of currency manipulation until President Woodrow Wilson resurrected the Federal Reserve and the IRS in 1913 to enforce their power!

Illusion of free press

Benjamin Franklin warned that without a free press a nation could be overthrown with rumors and falsehoods created by an agenda driven press corps. Two elements, financial and media, could manipulate the most powerful of nations and bring it and its people to their knees, and this was the ultimate intention of the elites. These elements of clandestine power were intent upon conceiving a global government, not for the good of mankind, but for the advantages of their convenience to guard  their prosperity from all challengers viewed as threats. In actuality, the threats would be free market competition that had not been ordained by the elite themselves.

The matrix

Former Senator and Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, once posed this observation-what if everything you saw on the TV news was orchestrated? What if major events that occurred were just well planned incidents? What if wars were about gold and wealth transfer rather than the emergence of complex ideological differences and status equality for the masses of regimes, third world governments, and super powers who appeared to influence world events through sheer brute force? What is this was all an illusion for the masses to buy into?

Unseen forces

The above mentioned concepts are all predicated upon the proposition that shadow governments and secret alliances of industrial moguls and banking cartels at the top of the food chain want the world delivered on a silver platter of profitable expediency? Wars could be instigated. Overthrows of governments could be facilitated from behind closed doors and amongst the privileged. Under the aegis of the greater good and world harmony the manipulation of major players through assassination, financed social unrest, control of major resources, politically fueled subterfuge, and a compliant media always doing the bidding of their masters, the world could be influenced by the insidious actions of the elites!

Thought police

Under the control of these elite cartels, bankers, nation builders, and their operatives a worldwide theater could be staged for the media to cover, confuse and mesmerize the masses in a type of matrix of untruth and deception. Wars could be waged to attain the clandestine purpose. Wealth could be kept within the grasp of a relative few. While those few could influence a large percentage of the world's populations using socialism, indoctrination of the young, and news networks spewing false narratives to brain wash people into accepting war, demoralization, violence, scarcity, loss of their freedoms, and the eradication of the individual sovereignty of nations to invoke the globalist agenda.

Brainwashing for the multitudes

Climate change, the very religious substitute for indoctrinating the clueless and disenchanted into a force to propagate  one of the most liberty robbing schemes ever concocted for convincing the gullible and naive that they are serving a greater purpose by actually accepting the loss of their freedom, movement, prosperity, and comfort all to save the planet based upon trumped up evidence fabricated  upon consensus instead of actual science. These is the incredible agenda of those who will use statism and collectivism to corral the masses into pathetic herds to be ruled like animals instead of human beings who deserve dignity and faith in God.

Reality check

Destroy man's faith in God, morality, and hope and the elite can rule through demoralization, ideological confusion, and social unrest! Look around you. it is all over our planet with few havens from terrorism, food shortages, or civil wars! These are the evil intentions of the global elites who are poised to use every horrific tool of inhumane acts it takes to convince us we don't need our guns, we don't need a nice home in a safe neighborhood, a prosperous future for our children as they erode our hopes and expectations with propaganda and half truths!

No salvation

There is no sanctuary in political parties or leaders who tell us we will achieve equality through shared poverty while telling us to tighten our belts or to sacrifice for the good of "Mother Earth". All the time we will be bombarded by fake news and editorialized commentary that supports the agenda of the shadow government, the deep state, the hidden power brokers whose ultimate goal is a fascist global rule that will use laws passed under false pretenses to legitimize their corrupt power over all who are not within the hierarchy of their ruthless power structure. There have been many accidental admissions and offhanded comments over the years that have appeared in the news or publications that expose all of this, yet the elites have become so confident in their scheme and the arrogant implementation of it they know that only a small percentage of the masses will get the message and understand what the goal of these elites is, and by that time it will be too late.


In the Bible there is a description of the "End Times" a period nearing termination of a human epoch that has failed miserably for centuries. The "Man of Lawlessness" shall reign unscrutinized by his followers to oblivion. There shall be wars and rumors of wars. There shall be widespread unrest and immorality all rationalized as progressive ideology and modern humanism while in truth it is nothing more than socialized aggression and desensitization to pain and brutality televised each and everyday on news networks. Practiced at home with a huge divorce rate, abortion, the feminization of the male role, women's liberation, and the fundamental break down of the essential family as society becomes a pitfall for decency and mutual respect.  The "Man of Lawlessness" could easily be qualified as President Obama and those unable to see the truth would be the casualties of disinformation sanctioned by the elitist moguls intent upon reducing the world to accepting terrorism as the norm as they complete their designs for the beleaguered masses.

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