Do As I Say Not As I Do: The Long Laundry List Of Government Hypocrites

Do As I Say Not As I Do: The Long Laundry List Of Government Hypocrites

(Derek Wood) -The arrest of a pro gun control state senator, Leland Yee (D-San Fransico), on charges involving a conspiracy to illegally traffic firearms, is just another rain drop in the bucket when it comes to politicians who talk "a good game," but nonetheless don't walk it.

This bucket of hypocrisy is overflowing with politicians who claim that civil liberties should take a beat seat, however, those same civil liberties politicians look to squash doesn't apply to their self-interests.
Yee, may be the latest but of course he isn't the first politician to be caught saying, or voting for  one thing and doing another.
Recently, as covered thoroughly by alternative news websites, privacy violating advocate, Dianne Feinstein,  an arrogant proponent for violating civil liberties, and a chairwoman on the Senate Intelligence Committee, who has supported NSA spying on private citizens- asked for an apology from the CIA, when she learned that the agency had removed classified documents from her staff's computers. Isn't she pulling on your heart strings? Instant Karma is going to get you, senator, it's going to knock you on your head and please do. Feinstein was also staunch about taking guns out of private citizens hands and stomping the 2nd amendment into the ground as we know it. Again, where's that bucket? Feinstein has no problem owning one herself for self protection and even sponsoring a firearms ban that exempts government officials. Oh, how nice, the very people Americans can't stand, less popular than a cockroach, North Korea, and my in-laws. Yet, you should be allowed exemption, you are important, your life is of more value than us "private citizens." You see, to conclude Feinstein's boiling water of hypocrisy, the difference between her and the people, is that she's a paid employee, that works for the American people but wants more rights than the American people, that she's supposed to be protecting constitutionally.
Growing this list to its peak are politicians such as senator Chuck Schumer (D NY), former first lady Hillary Clinton, current president Barack Obama, mainstream mayor Michael Bloomberg. These are just four examples but they all have something in common, which was duly noted during the gun control debate after the Newtown shooting, they all have tax-paid armed protection. Get another bucket out, we'll need it.
Guns were certainly part of the Davidian ranch and Ruby Ridge raids. Hillary Clinton believes we should shore up and enact tough gun legislation for our children, just as long as their last name isn't Weaver.
Barack Obama stands on stage with a line of children and preaches the same hogwash sentiment that Clinton does, but how many Pakistani or Yemeni children photos has he seen after one of his own authorized drone strikes resulting in their deaths? Just as long as those children are out of sight, out of mind - and are not politically significant. Cowards.
The vile stench airing out from the laundry list of hypocrisy is unfathomable when it comes to the "Drug war." In the particular case of Marijuana legalization, for years governors and senators, and they are still saying it, have said that legalizing it sends the wrong message to the kids. Governor of New Hampshire, where I reside, Maggie Hassan, repeats those lines, and promised to veto a law allowing recreational use. Yet, where is she on the use of prescription drugs? What about the state regulated liquor agencies she governs over? Cross the country to Colorado and meet governor John Hickenlooper. Heavily against marijuana, which is heavily favored and now legal, but when it wasn't he would echo the same lines, "sends the wrong message to the kids." Hickenlooper is in the alcohol business, and has bragged about being the "first governor brewer." So who's sending the message to these kids anyways? And why do we need these loud mouth hypocrites to send it? Busy body hypocrites need to start regulating the foot in their mouth before they involve themselves in our private lives. Lastly, legalizing something medicinally that could end the suffering  of children who suffer from epilepsy and other chronic illnesses would be sending the right message.
Steve Katz, an Assemblyman in New York, voted against the legalization of Marijuana in 2012. That same assembly man and his "unfortunate incident" was caught smoking the same green he voted against.
Representative Trey Radal (R-Florida) arrested for buying cocaine from an undercover agent.
Idaho senator, Mike Crapo (yes, it's real) pushed the war against meth and then subsequently arrested for a DUI offense. What a load of crap, Crapo.
And what about the last three presidents? Obama, Bush, and Clinton fought and fight the good fight in the war against drugs. All three admitted to using either marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and cigars on staffers.
War hypocrites: Obama, no more stupid wars, but plenty of stupid interventions.
Newt Gingrich was plenty pissed and lead the charge against Bill Clinton for his extramarital affairs, and then he, of course, had an affair.
Mitt Romney is against government healthcare and still to this day can't explain why his state government healthcare is any different.
Anti gay politicians  busted in restrooms performing or soliciting homosexual acts. Larry Craig.
The list is long, the list will get longer. So, the next time a politicians tries to tell you what is good for you and what isn't, just print off this article, do a Google search and refer it back to them and then tell them to "shut the hell up."

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Comment by D.S. Wood on March 30, 2014 at 5:51pm

I think they've been knocked in the heads enough, sir!

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on March 30, 2014 at 5:04pm

Instant Karma is going to get you....w00t!!

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