Drug Companies Lobbying To RAISE Drug Prices For Senior Citizens


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Presidents come and Presidents go promising to lower healthcare prescription drugs from these GOD ALMIGHTY HIGH PRICES people will give their last dime to get because if they don't, they or their loved ones will surely die.

Seniors are the only people on this planet that are on a strict budget they have limited funds and they just can't go out and land a job at the factory or construction site. they are Old and on Medicare and Social Security.

Our presidents know this too well, and yet not a single one ( since I've been alive) have lifted a freaki'n finger  to make pharmaceutical Drugs affordable for anyone. And I know because I'm a senior myself.

Cancer Drugs are the MOST EXPENSIVE DRUGS ON THE PLANET !Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster in Japan 2011   is still alive and spewing Radiation throughout the west coast the pacific ocean is dead or dying Fishermen report on no fish loads and the ones they catch has legions on them from radiation, West Coast beaches are radioactive and cancers are starting to thrive like wildfire. This is a Fucking GOLD MINE for the pharmaceutical Drug Companies. 

Your precious President hasn't lifted a finger and it's been 2 years into his reign. and he won't either because like all the other presidents before him IS LYING TO YOU I know that's hard to believe because you have been lied to for so long you begin to believe everything you hear. 

 YOU & I have been getting stuck in the ass for so many years but the only difference is that I KNOW I HAVE and there's not a God Damn thing I can do about it.

SO, what will it take for you to see for yourself the GOVERNMENT DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT YOU, 

these pharmaceutical Drug Companies pump BILLIONS & BILLIONS  of our hard earned dollars to the Government just to keep their prices high just at or just out of reach and it will cost you last dollar to get them. 


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Comment by jim on November 26, 2018 at 12:27pm

 Here's a scenario of the common Conservative American who's down on their luck because of Ungodly healthcare cost. 

He/ she walks up to a government building people outside protesting for" united healthcare for all" walking up and down the street. he/she looks at them in disgust and yells back at the protesters


then he/she walks into the building stands in line then they hear NEXT ! he/she walks up to the counter and says, I would like to sign up for SNAP not doing so well I need assistance.

this has happened more times than anyone can count. I know Conservatives who has had government assistance yet still screams the "socialist" word. that word is Hypocrite. 

Comment by jim on November 26, 2018 at 11:45am

I know guys what blows my mind is If people even think of universal Healthcare they start screaming

" SOCIALIST ! "  what in the hell is wrong with these people. would they prefer to give their last dollar to drug companies & have astronomical hospital bills. rather than have someone say " socialist " 

Canada has universal health care, Denmark, hell here's a list of them right here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_with_universal_heal...

Here's the REAL KICKER Israel has FREE universal Healthcare they even have FREE college  tuition YOU give Israel $38 Billion Dollars in military aid over the next ten years since 2016 https://www.politico.com/story/2016/09/israel-us-military-assistanc...

people bow down to Israel Benjamin Netanyahu takes care of his people while your government gives Israel BILLOINS of dollars and all this while we deal with Money Hungry Corporations and loved ones are dying because we can't afford healthcare or even a decent lunch for our children in school.

And people are afraid of the word socialist therefore they would rather be happy to give their last dollar to healthcare and even to go as far as letting mom and dad die because they simply can't afford HEALTHCARE. 

because someone called him/her a socialist INCREDIBLE ! 

then stop calling a ambulance if someone gets hurt, don't call the fire department if your house catches fire, don't call the utility companies if your power go out. these and many more government funded services are in the same category as a SOCIALIST system.

but I understand this word has been pounded into everyone's brain since birth meanwhile other countries are doing just fine and Some American's would rather go completely broke and give these leech companies their very last dollar because your government said it is a BAD thing to do.

guess other countries didn't get that memo. by the way this is how your children are treated by your government that screams Socialism...

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Comment by dogitydog on November 25, 2018 at 11:13pm

When I was a Durable Medical Equipment provider one company I worked for was a well established pharmacy. One day one of the billers left some papers on the copy machine. It was a list of drugs sold by the pharmacy showing the cost, the percentage of markup, and the price that they sold it for. The average markup was 700 - 800 percent. Some higher some lower. The actual profit after deducting all the handling costs etc. was 500% on the low end. That was 20 years ago. Apparently, that isn't enough profit. We have the highest cost medical system of any developed nation and the sickest population. I attribute a significant amount of that to vaccines. Doctors have become nothing but pill dispensers. Dealers for big pharma. No different than the guy on the street selling for the guy with the meth lab except they made that one illegal even though it is the CIA that is the biggest producer. That way they get their black ops money and stock the prisons at the same time.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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