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Failure of Global Socialism and the Democrats

Like most of the false narratives being thrown at gullible and misled college students and the general public, the concept of allowing big government to create a gigantic welfare state to give everyone free stuff is not only economically unsound, but pure propaganda! History clearly reveals the collapse of economic stability and the creation of totalitarian stagnation. Regimes that have adopted socialism or have been overthrown by Communist rebellion have languished in poverty just as assuredly as fascism guarantees oppression.

Consistent collapse

With the recent collapse of Venezuela under the late Hugo Chavez, a once affluent nation successful in petroleum development is now immersed in food shortages, riots, monetary collapse, and the brutal reaction of government enforcers attempting to suppress the mobs of desperate people! Under the iron fist of socialists and their occult personality dictators the deadly pattern repeats itself time and time again. From Eva Peron of Argentina to Castro in Cuba, these leftist dictatorships continually victimize the peasant masses while propping up the demagogues who must be canonized in order to deflect the failures inherent in these government sanctioned neo-utopias that promise equality while delivering scarcity!

North Korean folly

North Korea has languished in massive poverty with an insufficient GDP for decades following the war with South Korea. Even aided by China the incessant reliance upon barbaric oppression and ever present intimidation of their military, North Korea cannot allow foreign influence that could possibly awaken the indoctrinated masses to the fact that a better life awaits them where freedom exists. A country where guards are not eligible for hiring if they are not willing to drown a child in front of its mother or kill a pregnant woman if so ordered by their superiors, North Korea has descended into a Hellish existence of deprivation and state sanctioned starvation of its masses as a means of control. Yet, simple inhumanity to their own is not the only factor as socialism breeds an unsuccessful economic environment.

Evil methodology

The very implementation of socialism, or it’s many other associated anachronisms such as statism, collectivism, progressivism, Communism, or Marxism are all catch phrases for a sinister common denominator and that is shared poverty! By destroying the individual, using class warfare, and demonizing prosperity socialists begin their campaigns of government subsidy programs, free education, free medical treatment, idol worship of their great leader, and the suppression of faith in God, the process of conditioning begins. Indoctrination through biased education, consensus rather than objective reality, along with diminishing critical thinking are the symptomatic outgrowths of intellectual fallacy spawned within a controlled society whose abuses cannot succeed without the proper institutionalized lobotomy of the masses from school aged children up.

Danger of enlightenment

From early in the 1920’s as the Bolsheviks failed to erect the much needed infrastructure for utilities through-out Russia and they were forced to turn to the west for the engineering expertise of capitalistic nations in order to build hydroelectric dams. Once this feat had been accomplished the Soviets under Stalin slammed the door shut to western influence and the dangerous ideology of personal prosperity and incentivized work ethic. Time and again harsh Siberian winters caused the blight of wheat shortages across the vast steppes of Russia necessitating the charity of American agriculture and its vast farming industry capable of producing a surplus that not only fed its people but was able to nourish the desperate peasant populations thanks to the inability of the Russian economy to provide for its dependents.

Toxic agenda

While many have attributed the prosperity and abundance of American productivity to the providence of a creator capitalism and free enterprise have played a huge part in unleashing the potential of the individual, rewarding the hard working and ethical endeavors of the ambitious while providing for the needs of a growing population. Unhindered by an overbearing government obsessed with the suffocating control of the masses western capitalism will overshadow the ineptitude of the Bernie Sanders and Barrack Obamas of the world each time, who would use the economically suicidal tactics of buying votes and statist control of a society through the toxic veil of socialism! Yet, with a historically documented collapse of Communist societies and the resulting socialist pogroms conducted against the innocent perceived as threats by their Communist counterparts 100 million have died at the hands of regimes such as China, the Soviet Union, Cuba, North Korea, Venezuela, and others under the false premises of the socialist utopia that simply doesn’t exist.

Light of truth
It takes vigorous misinformation and counter intelligence to offset the truth while overthrowing governments of differing ideologies to the Marxist pathway. Yet, history will be conveniently tossed into the garbage of forgetfulness again and again as those who cannot allow personal freedom and individual choice to defeat their agenda of ultimate control! They know they can never win in a level debate. They know that the pure unadulterated results of their pathetic economic grasp will never succeed under the light of day where competition and ambition are allowed to be chosen over government controlled industry and a demonized private sector held in check by collectivists who cannot afford to be exposed for who and what they really are!

Disarticulated policy

However, the Democrats have stubbornly maintained their rigid doctrine of defeatist tactics that restrain free enterprise and use a suffocating welfare state to buy votes and influence while using strong disinformation campaigns to hide just who and what they really are! The Democrats and their like will sacrifice the best interests of their very own constituents and even the national security of their homeland to remain in power when their bungling policies consistently fail and they lose voter support as a result. The only thing left for them to do, as they see it, is to destroy the other party even when that party outperforms them, provides a better alternative to the people, and doesn’t have to rely so heavily on propaganda in order to succeed because their methods get results.

Bitter outcome

However, the Hillary’s of the world will grumble and demonize making perpetual excuses for their failures. The Barack Obamas of the world will stab their constituents in the back and endanger national security so that their arrogant disregard will create a legacy that may only perpetuate itself in their minds. To these purveyors of false promises and suspect equality based upon shared scarcity sanctioned by big government politics, the dictators whether crude or cool and calculating will continue to hound free societies to quench their thirst for power and glory at the expense of liberty. While the unwitting follow them over the proverbial abyss of tyranny and deception the unheeded lessons of history will once again prevail along with the unconscionable suffering of the masses duped by the statists.

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