Forget The Elephant In The Room, Check Out The TURKEY!!!


Sent: Mon, June 7, 2010 6:52:47 PM

We know why! They want a WWIII so bad they can taste it! They make money off of it....
We have not heard any of these stories. Why? Please send this to everyone you know so that everyone learns of the atrocity. It is sickening. Read down to the bottom.

I cannot understand why no news station is broadcasting this information!!!
Has everyone gone mad?

This video shows that during the unloading of the Marmara boat in the port
of Ashdod, behind the bags of flour were boxes of heavy weapons and
ammunition: mortars, artillery shells, bazookas, without counting a trunk
where more than one million euros was found intended for Hamas. This video
should be widely distributed as evidence of why the IDF Naval commandos were
dispatched to intercept the six vessels including the M/S Mavi Marmara. One
wonders what is aboard the Irish vessel, the M/S. Rachel Corrie, that Israel
will intercept sometime today when it approaches the Naval blockade line off
the coast of Gaza. Clearly the Turkish AKP Islamist government is complicit
in permitting this military cargo to be loaded on the 'peaceful' Free Gaza
Flotilla. Please distribute this video widely. If you had any doubt about
what was on the flotilla, here is the video. The French explains that the
arms on display w ere hidden behind sacks of grain.

Have patience with this video. First there is a commercial for Pantene! But
wait until it's over. You

Won't believe your eyes.

In addition to hiding weapons meant to kill Israel civilians, the
"humanitarian aid" workers viciously attacked Israeli soldiers. Below, a
first hand account from Amir, an Israeli soldier who was there.

"Hello Uncle Erwin,

This is Amir writing you after reading what you sent to my father, Eitan. As
you know, it was my unit and my friends who were on the ship. My commander
was injured badly as a result of the "pacifists" violence. I want to tell
you how he was injured so you could tell the story. it shows just how
horrible and inhuman were the activists. My commander was the first soldier
that rappelled down from the helicopter to the ship. When he touched ground,
he got hit in the head with a pole and stabbed in the stomach with a knife.
When he drew out his secondary weapon-a handgun (his primary weapon was a
regular paintball gun: "Tippman 98 custom") he was shot in the leg. He
managed to fire a single shot before he was tossed from the balcony by 4
Arab activists, to the lower deck (a 12 feet fall). He was then dragged by
other activists to a room in the lower deck were he was stripped down by 2
activists. They took off his vest, helmet and shirt, leaving him with only
his pants and shoes on. When they finished they took a knife and expanded
the wound he already had in his stomach. They cut his ab muscles
horizontally and by hand spilled his guts out. When they finished they
raised him up and walked him on the deck outside. He was conscious the whole
time. If you are asking yourself why they did all that, here comes the
reason. They wanted to show the soldiers their commander's body so they will
be demoralized and scared. Luckily, when they walked him on the deck a
soldier saw him and managed to shoot the activist that was walking him down
the outside corridor. He shot him with a special non-lethal bullet that
didn't kill him. My commander managed to jump from the deck to the water and
swim to an army rescue boat (his guts still out of his body, and now in
salty sea water). That was how he was saved. The activists that did this to
him are alive, now in Turkey, and treated as heroes.

I'm sorry if I described this with too many details, but I thought it was
necessary for the credibility. Please tell this story to anyone who will
listen. I think that these days you are one of Israel's best spokesman.

Thanks uncle Erwin, Shabbat shalom!


Now, I highly suspect this letter at the end may well just be heart tugging propoganda. But since I was under the impression that this had been a peace flottila, it would be peaceful people making bad men look bad. That is NOT what I have seen in those videos about the boarding my Isreali military. I had no clue they were using rubber bullets and not live rounds. The iron bars blew my mind too. I,m sure it was pure insatinty on board there for quite awhile, with both sides doing questionable bad things. But this ship WAS turkish, from Turkey, with strong rhetorec coming out of the counrty and all other MUSLIM countries joining the cry.

Then I noticed this yesterday......

Bilderberg 2010: Final List of Participants

TUR Çakir, Ruşen Journalist

TUR Gürel, Z. Damla Special Adviser to the President on EU Affairs

TUR Koç, Mustafa V. Chairman, Koç Holding A.Ş

TUR Özilhan, Tuncay Chairman, Anadolu Group

TUR Sabanci Dinçer, Suzan Chairman, Akbank

There are many other journalists, editors, and media moguls invited. But so far it seems we will have to keep an eye on this muslim agitator since the bliderbergs have such a vested interest in their future. If these videos above are true, we can now understand things as their plans unfold, and mabye counter some of the propoganda....FROM BOTH SIDES...PAALESTINE AND ISREAL, ARABS( CAANANITES) AND JEWS(ROTT-CHILDS THOUGH THEY BE!!)

luggnutz (U.N."Persons"I.D. Brian Pearce/DECEASED) - Witness

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Comment by luggnutz on June 8, 2010 at 4:47pm
I am the one adding the bilddergerg part at the end greg, it's not part of the original email. In case you can't figure it out by now, that situation is no different than OUR situation, DEMONIC MASON AGITATORS AND WARMONGERS, who enjoy the rest of us biting each other trying to take sides. They are both lying when they tell their story ( nation of palastine being ancient...NOT TRUE...they WERE called CAANANITES before....and the modern zionist jew...murderer of his own has the moon as it's symbol, the other has the star of rephaim ( saturn) as it's symbol......BOTH APOSTACIES TO THE TRUE GOD JEHOVAH AND HIS SON AND KING CHRIST JESUS).

They will destroy each other over stories and lies and astrological sun and planet worship, both dying fanatically, killing as many as they can as they go down...while banker luciferians get rich off the whole thing. Don't bother taking a side, the true god will work it out. Worry about you and your own back yard, and keep an eye out for all and any wolves and lions. Feasting is on!

"Destroying the New World Order"


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