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I've been hosting a "Good Morning Slaves!" dialogue on another web site and thought I'd provide a link to another book I just wrote and published to the internet.

More than most web sites I would expect the people here on (12.160) Destroying The New World Order to understand that we're all slaves.


Slavery never ended, it just became a sophisticated paradigm with bars that are difficult to see. In the 1800's slaves were afforded free food, free housing, free clothing and free medical care. Of course none of it was of very high quality. Today we pay for these things so in essence we pay for our slavery. Our housing, clothing and medical care are still poor and our food is poisoned from top to bottom. Although I eat a 101% organic diet we all know that the water used to irrigate and the manure used to fertilize is contaminated. In fact, the manure used to fertilize organically grown food is contaminated with Bovine Growth Hormone and the water contains heavy metals, chemical runoff and pharmaceuticals.


Nevertheless, we're all slaves to the system.


Here's a link to the first in a series of "Runaway Slave Handbooks" that I'll be posting periodically. This book contains valuable information and my books are ALWAYS free downloads. I'm an Anarchist. I've never met a government I couldn't despise so I'm an equal opportunity hater. I despise my own more than most others.

I don't believe in copyrights and my personal belief is that all books should be free.

For anyone still wondering exactly who was behind the events of 911, why the event occurred and how the event was orchestrated my free eBooks, which are admittedly complex narratives, will explain everything in great detail naming everyone involved. They're forensic financial analyses of the global economic elite as they relate to 911.


Global Murderers
Vast Financial Fraud
The Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry

I wish everyone on this web site good health, happiness and safety!



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Comment by broward burns on October 24, 2011 at 3:00pm
Governments are only about taxation (benefits). Only the live individual American is recognized by our constitution which provides protection against taxation without representation for individual citizens. Corporate welfare, the trickle down theory, bridges to nowhere, and bailouts for organizations, are excellent examples of treason against our constitution. Business isn't friendly, and jobs are everywhere, but not for Americans. The only way to avoid taxation without representation is to tax every business transaction that wouldn't interfere with our (tax benefit) birthright of all necessities associated with the preservation of our life and liberty. "free enterprise" groups must never be subsized or bailed out. Taxes were intended for Americans, not on Americans. Lobbyists plus congressmen equal treason. No group or profit, ever deserves tax exemptions or benefits.
Comment by David Kaye on September 3, 2011 at 3:21pm
Oh yes a gilded cage but the gild is peeling off now :(


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