Hitler 'had Jewish and African roots', DNA tests show

Adolf Hitler is likely to have had Jewish and African roots, DNA tests have shown.

By Heidi Blake

Adolf Hitler may have had Jewish and African roots, DNA tests have shown
Adolf Hitler may have had Jewish and African roots, DNA tests have shown

Saliva samples taken from 39 relatives of the Nazi leader show he may have had biological links to the “subhuman” races that he tried to exterminate during
the Holocaust.

Jean-Paul Mulders, a Belgian journalist, and Marc Vermeeren, a historian, tracked down the Fuhrer’s relatives, including an Austrian farmer who was
his cousin, earlier this year.

A chromosome called Haplogroup E1b1b1 which showed up in their samples is rare in Western Europe and is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco,
Algeria and Tunisia, as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews.

"One can from this postulate that Hitler was related to people whom he despised," Mr Mulders wrote in the Belgian magazine, Knack.

Haplogroup E1b1b1, which accounts for approximately 18 to 20 per cent of Ashkenazi and 8.6 per cent to 30 per cent of Sephardic Y-chromosomes,
appears to be one of the major founding lineages of the Jewish population.

Knack, which published the findings, says the DNA was tested under stringent laboratory conditions.

"This is a surprising result," said Ronny Decorte, a genetic specialist at the Catholic University of Leuven.

"The affair is fascinating if one compares it with the conception of the world of the Nazis, in which race and blood was central.

“Hitler's concern over his descent was not unjustified. He was apparently not "pure" or ‘Ayran’.”

It is not the first time that historians have suggested Hitler had Jewish ancestry.

His father, Alois, is thought to have been the illegitimate offspring of a
maid called Maria Schickelgruber and a 19-year-old Jewish man called

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Comment by Nikki on August 30, 2010 at 12:43am
Thanks Anthony, this is interesting info!
Comment by Anthony Kimbrough on August 29, 2010 at 11:30pm
Leopold Frankenberger, a Jew who, as suggested by Hans Frank, might have fathered Alois when his mother Maria supposedly worked for a Frankenberger family in their household in Graz, Austria.

Pölzl was soon pregnant by Hitler. Smith writes that if Hitler had been free to do as he wished, he would have married Pölzl immediately but because of the affidavit concerning his paternity, Hitler was now legally Pölzl's first cousin once removed, too close to marry. He submitted an appeal to the church for a humanitarian waiver, not mentioning Pölzl was already pregnant.[5] Hitler was immune to what the local people thought of him since his salary came from the finance ministry and he probably intended to keep Pölzl as his "housekeeper" if permission was refused. It came, and on 7 January 1885 a wedding was held early in the morning at Hitler's rented rooms on the top floor of the Pommer Inn. A meal was served for the few guests and witnesses. Hitler then went to work for the rest of the day. Even Klara found the wedding to be a short ceremony. Throughout the marriage, she continued to call him uncle.

On 17 May 1885, five months after the wedding, the new Frau Klara Hitler gave birth to her first child, Gustav. A year later, on 25 September 1886, she gave birth to a daughter, Ida. Son Otto followed Ida in 1887, but he died shortly after birth. Later that year, diphtheria tragically struck the Hitler household, resulting in the deaths of both Gustav and Ida. Klara had been Hitler's wife for three years, and all her children were dead, but Hitler still had the children from his relationship with Matzelberger, Alois Jr. and Angela.

On April 20, 1889, she gave birth to another son, future Nazi dictator Adolf. He was a sickly child, and his mother fretted over him. Hitler had little interest in child rearing and left it all to his wife. When not at work he was either in a tavern or busy with his hobby, keeping bees. In 1892, Hitler was transferred from Braunau to Passau. He was 55, Klara 32, Alois Jr. 10, Angela 9 and Adolf was three years old. In 1894, Hitler was re-assigned to Linz. Klara had just given birth to Edmund, so it was decided she and the children would stay in Passau for the time being. Paula, Adolf's younger sister, was the last child of Alois Hitler and Klara Pölzl.

Comment by Nikki on August 27, 2010 at 5:27pm
Great links, ORME! Either Hitler was a Rothchild or he was just their puppet but they used him to advance their agenda. Hopefully the DNA tests will put the question of his ancestry to rest. But the deniers will probably claim they're a hoax.
Comment by O.R.M.E. on August 27, 2010 at 4:03pm
This is really interesting Nikki :)

We don't actually understand Hitler's hatred of Jewish people. We think he was just choosing the most obvious scapegoat for Germany's problems during the 20's and 30's, i.e. the race that was already villified by the German people. He was just using them to achieve his own ends with a complete lack of compassion and humanity.

Interestingly enough, we have read some stuff about this, and it appears firstly that whilst Hitler was a struggling artist in Germany, it was Jewish people who actually helped him sell his paintings! We have never been able to get that round our heads!


Why did he hate them so much when they had actually helped him? One answer to this may lie in the fact that a BBC documentary suggested that Hitler may have been suffering from symptoms of Syphilis, which he caught from a Jewish prostitute, maybe this fuelled his anger towards the Jewish people?


Secondly, we read that it is believed that Hitler's grandmother worked for the Rothschild family, as a maid and it has been suggested that Hitler was the offspring of an illicit relationship between his grandmother and a Rothschild, which if this is true, would give some indication as to why Hitler was elevated to such a high status in Germany! It wasn't necessarily because of his charisma but very much to do with his bloodline.


We don't say we trust every article that we read, as we are sure a lot of people don't either but its good to debate and hopefully reach a conclussion lol

Interesting read Nikki :)

Poppy and Holly (O.R.M.E.)


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