Holocaust Eugenics coverage shouldn’t exclude disabled people

Friday, 10 August 2012

Last night, as part of the BBC’s fantastic Olympic coverage, a short documentary was shown on nature versus nurture and the triumph of black athletes in the face of racism and oppression, competing in the men’s 100 metres for the past 100 years.

I’d missed the beginning but tweeted about eugenics and the abhorrent practices of this philosophy. It was touted as science and the origins of the T4 Euthanasia project began as a way of cleansing German society of “undesirable” disabled German children. Most shocking to me is that the killing began after the parents of a severely disabled boy had written to Hitler seeking permission to kill their “defective” son and he had agreed.

Then I started receiving tweets from those who hadn’t missed the start of the film but who were shocked that this part of disability history had been overlooked.

I was able to see the film in its entirety on iPlayer. I was deeply moved by the beauty of the film, by the celebration of the athletes who struggled and who triumphed against unbelievable odds of discrimination.

Unbelievably to me though, in the section of the documentary detailing the atrocities of the Nazi Eugenics regime, disabled people had been excluded from mention. The list rightly detailed Roma, the ‘promiscuous’, gay people, communists and Jewish people but the hundreds of thousands of disabled men women and children were ignored.

This is the BBC. They have at their disposal archives and resources far in excess of mine however this untold and shameful aspect of the Holocaust isn’t often spoken about. There was no one to speak out for disabled people when their extermination was permitted, but this should make us more determined that their murders should never be forgotten, because it is from the secret legacy of the past that we gain a glimpse of the future.

As the Nazi stranglehold on Germany rolled forward, on the 14th of July 1933 the Law for the prevention of Offspring with Hereditary Diseases made sterilization of disabled people compulsory.

The Nazis so enamoured by their myth of racial purity were also terrified by the notion that disabled people were thriving and would eventually dominate, thereby “polluting” the gene pool and exterminating their myth of perfection. Using Social Darwinism in its most sickening form they began to murder disabled children by lethal injection. This was a slow process, so they perfected a method of gassing children and the mobile gas vans began rolling up to the institutions and sanatoriums special schools and clinics. Parents whose disabled children lived at home were lied to. They were told their children were going to receive dedicated treatment to help them.

Estimates suggest that 5000 disabled children were murdered in total.

Later doctors and midwives were instructed that all new disabled babies had to be registered. With a tick chart doctors would decide which babies would live and which would die. This was expanded to adults and encompassed those considered to be “feebleminded”. Originally meant to describe mental illness the criteria was further expanded.

Some records show that more than 200,000 disabled people were murdered in the Holocaust but the official record keeping halted when Hitler ended the programme after it became more widely known and objected to. However the killings continued in secret.

There is however one notorious hospital which was officially sanctioned by the Nazis. Mentally ill people entered the sanatorium at Hadamar and never left.  Its secret history estimates that 10,000 psychiatric patients were murdered here.

In the war trials that followed seven staff members were tried for killing Russian and Polish soldiers and the evidence that was revealed finally told the hideous truth about the “special measures” reserved for those disabled people who did not fit with societal norms.


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Comment by Patrick W on August 15, 2012 at 1:18am

Perfection FG! Simply perfect reply... thanks. P

Comment by Marklar on August 14, 2012 at 4:04pm

God only loves those with a massive PR department apparently.

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