How Futuristic Science Affected Our Future (Unseen Influences)

We have seen through out history how war not only hurries the invention of technology due to the emergency measures needed to meet the crisis, but the peaceful civilian application of these developments as time goes on. A most unfortunate aspect of human nature seems to be that only under the most horrifying conditions does mankind rise to the challenge and implement advancements that will be later disseminated into the private sector as everyday conveniences.

From who?

Yet, there are other mysterious questions that accompany just where these seemingly mercurial creations really come from. It seems Germany was a nation that advanced incredible concepts in aviation that are considered challenging even by today's standards. From space planes, to Ramjet propulsion, to elliptical shaped aircraft capable of being used as military platforms, the Germans could very well have eclipsed the Allies and captured the world had they more time. The acquisition of no less than revolutionary hardware and aerodynamic qualities seems beyond the grasp of anyone in the 1920's moving forward to World War II. It seems there is an inexplicable aspect to the German design capability that points to unseen influences that some speculate may have to do with extraterrestrial intervention.

From those who knew

Quotations from key figures in government, the military, and modern space programs have made the extraterrestrial theory more than plausible. When one considers the block buster admission by former legislator during the Eisenhower Administration Henry McElroy who acknowledges that the president was not only aware of UFOs but may well have been forced to enter into negotiations with hostile aliens. A corroborating event to that assertion is the fact that Ike was present aboard a US warship when Operation Mainbrace in the Atlantic was underway in 1950 when UFOs were sighted and the intelligence was forwarded to General Eisenhower who remained abreast of the situation for hours even losing sleep over the incident as reports came in from sailors on deck to Gloster Meteor jet fighter pilots who had spotted them.

Questions continue

How in the 1920's could German scientists happened upon such exotic technology as Ramjets, Scramjets, and passenger carrying space planes designed to enter shallow orbit at hypersonic speeds reaching destinations from all points on the earth in record time even by today's standards, remains unanswered. With the development of ME-262 first operational jet fighter to the Komet rocket plane, the Allies were astonished, already having to deal with V-2 rocket attacks along with the V-1 Buzz Bomb. The V-1 was already being flown under the advanced pulse jet engine. Luckily, the Germans had not the time or resources to develop more deadly platforms for weapon delivery.

Exotic design

By the 1920's the Scramjet or Ramjet was already in prototype form being test launched from rails into the air. A manned model was yet to be developed, as far as we know, even though this design showed plenty of promise as an anticipated war effort prioritized budgets toward the secret Peenumunde Base where Werner Von Braun's team was perfecting rocket propulsion based upon data from American, Robert Goddard's work. The revolutionary design consisted of a passive propulsion system without the moving parts. As opposed to a conventional jet engine needing an axial fan compressor to develop thrust. The Scramjet would need sufficient speed up to Mach 3 air speed in order to activate the turbine which would mix the air flow with gases lit by an igniter that would develop thrust directed to a rear nozzle. The problem was that from a stand still, the Scramjet could not create lift requiring a rocket to propel the advanced engine to the optimum speed that would actuate it's unique in-flight characteristics.

Silver Bird

German researcher, Eugene Sanger, dreamed of a space plane that would achieve level flight with a conventional configuration, but would extend the range of the on board rocket engine by skipping from the upper atmosphere into space. His “Silver Bird” would be a long range super sonic bomber that was intended to reach New York City, drop it's bomb load, and return back to Germany with unmatched speed. He experimented trying to find a rocket engine that would develop 100 tons of thrust. By 1944, as Allied forces were overrunning German defenses in France, Sanger's Silver Bird was never built though it would have made a formidable weapon.


Still the question of German superiority seems to eclipse typical channels of human input and points to someone or some civilization that could have placed these advanced theories in the hands of the Nazi R&D programs. To assume that Germany had merely capitalized on the resources of its own gifted personnel alone may be a mistake. In 1970 Werner Von Braun, who was now head of the American NASA space industry warned of a weaponized orbital program. Having headed the V-2 rocket team in World War II Germany it's understandable. It was clear that the Germans were so far ahead of the Allies in rocket and missile development that “Project Paper Clip” was secretly enacted in the wake of World War II, using captured Nazi scientific staff in order to ensure that such technical prowess remain in the hands of the US and not our enemies.

The truth leaked

In April of 1949 when Naval Commander R.B McLaughlin's team reported unknown high speed objects entering the upper atmosphere under apparent intelligent control White Sands testing facility in New Mexico got unwanted attention. According to Captain Ed Ruppelt in his book “The Report on UFOs” McLaughlin was ordered aboard a Navy Destroyer on patrol in the Arctic for leaking his story to Life Magazine. These kinds of sightings and the secretive actions taken by the US military seem to indicate a need to shield the public from a disturbing truth. Perhaps that truth was an alien presence.

Lunar presence

According to former Army Intelligence Captain, Phillip J. Corso, Project Horizon, a pre-Apollo Program lunar landing proposed by for a US Army operated moon base was commissioned in 1960. Due to concerns by the military that there was an alien presence on the moon that needed to be monitored in his book “The Day After Roswell” Corso indicates widespread knowledge of UFO reality as numerous federal agencies competed for the crashed Roswell artifacts that he and Army General Trudeau had ingeniously concealed the recovered 1947 wreckage right beneath their noses.

Disturbing events

All of these circumstantial events not to mention the military's careful compartmentalization of sightings, recovery operations, and use of foreign personnel once considered enemies points to an insidious reality dating back to the middle 1950's when President Eisenhower may well have been forced to negotiate a possible treaty with an extraterrestrial civilization that was not only ambivalent toward the human race, but hostile. Investigators believe that their technology had already fallen into the hands of the Nazis. The revelation that former Secretary of State, Cordell Hull took a childhood buddy who often met him for lunch for a surprise visit to an underground White House exhibit hall where 3 alien bodies preserved in glass tanks were hidden has been unearthed.

Show of force

According to pioneer Ufologist, Donald Keyhoe, in his book, “Aliens From Space” some 600 air tragedies involving military and civilian aircraft the world over occurred in retaliation for the downing of a single UFO when a US Navy missile ship knocked down an unknown aerial intruder. This incident may have triggered a chain of events that could have forced President Eisenhower to negotiate from weakness rather than strength in lieu of what the Nazi's had demonstrated in futuristic advancement that had shocked their Allied opponents during World War II.


Former NASA scientist, Richard Haynes investigated thousands of in-flight accidents that led to fatal crashes. His new designation for UFOs he trademarked as UAP's (unidentified aerial phenomena). In review of these incidents he and his staff found that many reports of UFO encounters with man-made hardware were recorded but recategorized as being mechanical failure or pilot error which concealed the air tragedies logged into official records. Did the duress that existed over UFO technical superiority and the fatal confrontations between US aviators and their alien counterparts corroborate a plausible basis for a covert exchange of technology between the US government and an extraterrestrial that had already aided a hostile nation that had plunged mankind into a global war? Consider the public admission by SAC General Benjamin Chidlaw who admitted that as of 1965 the US military had attempted 3000 intercepts over American air space and had lost many men and aircraft as a result.

Ultimate defeat of evil

Nazi Germany was a stone's throw away from capturing the world while launching thousands of V-1 and V-2 rockets at the UK, attacking the US Eighth Air Force B-17 bomber fleet with ME-262 jet fighters over Europe, and racing toward the development of the first Atomic Bomb! The bizarre aerial vehicles they were readying for deployment such as reverse wing aircraft, pulse detonation engines, and super sonic long range bombers such as Eugene Sanger's “Silver Bird” would have been impossible to overcome. With flying saucer type aerial machines on the drawing board one must reasonably ask just who or what had been inspiring such futuristic ideas. Thankfully, the incredible industrial output of the US coupled with several of the finest propeller driven fighter planes P-38, P-47, F-4, F-6, and P-51 Mustang that outclassed not only the Nazis but Japanese forces, World War II ended in a victory for mankind and for the cause of good.

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