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I Do Not want to Create Division but....

I really enjoyed Ron Angel's reports but he did kind of jump around. Then he starting signing me up for websites which could be used to get information. Still, I looked at them and they seemed harmless enough.

Well, the other day I caught him signing me up for what seemed like yet another website and I started filling out the info and noticed it was something to give him access to my Email. It was called something like the "The Box".

So be careful. Ron might be OK still, but I don't believe any of us wants another member to gain access to your personal Email.

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Comment by mrgone on August 20, 2009 at 5:05pm
OK, I thought he was just a busy guy until he wanted access to my Emails. Something like that makes me think he could be making his bread with Operation TIPPS or something. That's is a good idea Marlar.
Comment by truth on August 20, 2009 at 3:05pm
ron has been banned from this site, the dude is nuts. do not accept him as a friend and if he is on your friends list remove him now. it took me all day to remove his crap invites.
Comment by Marklar on August 20, 2009 at 2:27pm
Why is your personal email attached to anything except emails which you send to close associates anyway?

Here's what you want to do.

Sign up for an online email account with Yahoo or some other site that offers free online email. Attach fake information to that account such as calling yourself Henry Snodgrass III. Use this email whenever you sign up for something new so that any spamers/trolls will only get this email which is essentially a spam dump instead of having it make it's way into your REAL email which has your REAL personal information tied to it.

I can understand how this may not occur to those who are somewhat new to the internet but if you are not already doing this START NOW! It is the best internet security you can get - especially if you are like me and occassionaly just HAVE to sign up to find out more even when you know something is a scam simply because you are curious.

If you decide that a site you are signing up to is legitimate and you actually want to get their notifications on a regular basis or have some other reason you need them to have your real email address or other information you can always sign up a new account with real info.

Personally I've been on this site from it's inception and there are maybe six people here that I would feel comfortable giving my real email address to and not one of them will ever get it unless there is actually a burning need for them to have it such as a need to accommodate large file transfers due to collaborating on a project of some kind.

Be careful, surf safe, and surf smart. If the Feds, CIA, or even local police want your info there is no way you can keep them from getting it but there is no need to make things easy on spammers, scammers, punks, trolls, low level disinformation agents or agent provocateurs.


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